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Top 10 most visited sites on the Internet


The Internet is an important part of everyday life. Most people can't imagine a day without checking the news or social network. Some professions are gradually moving into the international network, forcing people to work online in real time. And attendance of different sites bring their owners a decent amount. What online resources have become the most popular lately?

10. Vkontakte

Launched in 2006 by Pavel Durov Vkontakte resource was originally positioned as a tool for communication students, like its big brother Facebook, which was written off the principle. The idea caught on, and at the moment the website supports 90 languages, it was half a billion people a day attended by nearly 100 million unique users. Vkontakte is today one of the most requested sites in the world. It offers not only communication, but also entertainment and information content as well as music and video.

9. Twitter

Twitter appeared in 2006 as a project for instant exchange of short messages between a group of people, and a year later he gained real popularity. Its Creator was Jack Dorsey. For several years the social network has existed only for a short communication and microblogging (entries in this blog contain not more than 140 characters), but in 2010 it was rebranded, changed the logo of Twitter and its functionality, the opportunity to view videos and photos directly from the site, and in General, the resource has become faster and easier. He is one of the fastest growing and most visited websites in the world of the Internet, in a month come to him up to 6 million unique visitors, and visit it more than 50 million times per month.

8. Yandex

Russian company "Yandex" was founded in 1997. In its name encrypted the whole phrase "yet another indexer"- "yet another indexer", and it displays the whole search technology. Today it is the most visited website in the Russian segment of the Network and in the international ranking it occupies 20-e a place. Daily to treat Yandex search queries about 300 million times, and annual revenues are tens of billions of rubles. Appearing as a search engine Yandex now has 10 of thousands of servers and provides over 50 different services. The company continues to develop by actively participating in the social life of the country, offering training to children and students, as well as an interesting and prospective job.

7. Blogger

The company Pyra Labs in 1999 created the Blogger project, a platform for conducting individual blogs, which do not require the development and configuration of special software. 4 years later the company was bought by Google, which provided free use of the resource and its rapid development. So gradually were added the ability to comment, upload photos, edit pages, archive records, and other handy features. The service segments of the authors on the topics, interests, gender, and geography.

6. Wikipedia

Wikipedia first free encyclopedia creation and editing which can take part every Internet user. Began its work in 2001, and in 2018, it is the most comprehensive encyclopedia that has ever been created. It contains more than 40 million articles, active users registered more than 1.7 million only in the Russian segment. Feature of the encyclopedia is that to participate in its filling can be anyone. All information is verified, questionable claims are flagged as unconfirmed on any information you can complain to, to send the article to the moderation or deletion.

5. Windows Live

Complex web services from company Windows, which operate through appropriate applications. Feature of services is that they are related and a personal computer, providing remote access to stored information. Services include Windows Live messenger, mail service, Windows Mail, previously known as Outlook Express photos and movie maker, writer, and others.

4. YouTube

The largest video hosting service that allows you to upload, transmit, display and watch videos and save them in "Favourite" on the site and to share on other platforms. Thanks to the speed, convenient interface and a good change, YouTube is among the five most visited sites all over the Internet. In the month the resource is visited by almost 2 billion people, including 50 million Russian users, which is only a few percent of the total.

3. Facebook

Facebook is the largest social network. The concept was invented by mark Zuckerberg in 2004 during his study in Harvard and became one of the most successful ideas in the history of the existence of the Internet. Initially, social network was conceived for the students, in 14 years of existence, the attendance reached 2 billion active users per month. Turnover and net profit of the company calculated in tens of billions of dollars. Facebook allows you to create account, chat, post photos and videos, create groups and use applications.

2. Yahoo

Yahoo! one of the oldest and second most popular search engine in the world. Was founded in 1995 and is second only to Google. The service specified by default in the search engine Bing from Microsoft. To web services Yahoo! Also includes mail, which still enjoys great popularity among users. The company's profit is about $ 5 billion a year.

1. Google

This popular search engine owned by Google Inc. It was created as a student project by Larry page and Sergey Brin, who launched her in 1998. By 2018, its performance exceeded the performance of any other company of a similar focus. Per month Google processes about 50 billion search queries and indexes 30 billion pages. The service supports more than 200 languages, he has a rather complex query language, allowing characters to expand or limit the scope of the search. Also allows you to search for pictures, documents found in search, and voice search.

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