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10 Golden rules of attraction health


There exists no such person who at least once did not hurt. Acute respiratory infections, sore throat, runny nose, diarrhea is still the most innocuous diseases. Because we all know that there are diseases which cannot be cured. But for some reason some people get sick regularly, diseases like chasing them. Others visited the hospital very rarely. Of course, an important role in maintaining health play proper diet, exercise, no bad habits. It's just not always working. You can draw health to a higher, intangible level. Physical condition is dependent on the human mind from its sensations and level of inner peace. Look at the others. Surely you will notice that happy people get sick less often. We present to your attention the top 10 Golden rules of attraction health.

10. Create your own that meets your desires a scenario of age-related changes

You have to imagine yourself in 30, 40, 50 years. Of course, healthy and young. Don't be afraid to dream, think about how you will look and how to feel. Better write down your thoughts in a notebook, and make a plan that will help you achieve what you want. For example, you want to have a good figure, you have to go to the gym, eat right, a lot of walking. Don't set yourself unattainable goals. It is clear that in 40 years your health will not be the same as 20 years ago. Adequately assess yourself and your physical condition.

9. Laugh as often as possible

Surprisingly, the effect of laughter can be compared to a walk through a summer forest. It helps to cleanse the upper respiratory tract, blood circulation increases. This is the best tool in the fight against cardiovascular diseases. Scientists still are unable to fully understand how laughter affects the human body and fights many diseases. But experiments have shown that people who frequently laugh and usually have good health. The case when the American scientist Norman cousins was suffering from severe pain in the spine. Every night he had to take painkillers. Everything changed when in the evening he was watching Comedy shows. Norman felt much better. Since then, he prefers to replace pills and injections, a large dose of laughter.

8. Be kind and forgiving people

Good people have good health. The thing is that they treat others with warmth, they can forgive mistakes. They never hoard a grudge or irritation. But negative feelings bind a man to his attackers, he loses energy and becomes ill. Even if you don't believe in spiritual causes of disease, try an experiment. At least for one month try not to be offended by people who treat them kindly. You'll immediately feel the changes you will feel easy. You will no longer be burdened by negative emotions, and your health will improve.

7. Avoid stress

"All illnesses from nerves" — cliche. Everyone knows it, but still nervous. Stress can be a cause of diabetes, reducing the level of natural protection level of the body, destroying muscle cells and tissue. You can still long to enumerate the effects of stress, but the meaning is clear. It is unknown how it will affect your physical state, one thing is clear – not very good. Therefore, if you want to be healthy, avoid stress. Stop being nervous for nothing. In this situation, you will help one exercise. Consider whether it is important for you in 30 years? If not, then now you should not worry. If the situation is too serious, you just have to pull myself together.

6. All that you undertake, try to do calmly and confidently

Modern man always in a hurry. It seems that he had many things to do, and he did not have time. The rush promotes the production of adrenaline, man is in constant tension. Close to stress, and its consequences – not the most pleasant. Learn how to manage their time, prioritize, plan your day. Barely awake it is not necessary to run to the computer and check emails. Get yourselves cleaned up, have Breakfast, and then get to work. Take care of yourself as soon as you notice that once again began to hurry, stop and translate the spirit.

5. Minimize the most harmful feelings

People interested in spirituality, I can tell you about the dangers of negative emotions. Hurt women a man can lead to diseases of the reproductive system. Pain in the heart, they explain the lack of love for themselves and the world. It may seem strange and stupid, but this is partly true. Illnesses often have spiritual causes. The most harmful feelings: resentment, anger, irritation, sadness, fear. They make the energy body to vibrate at a low frequency. Consequently, the body's pathological processes. Don't want health problems – control your emotions.

4. Try to get as much positive emotions

But positive emotions, on the contrary, very useful. Thanks to them, the brain produces endorphins that boost the immune system. Chat with friends, walk, see good movies. The human nervous system is affected by external factors. The state of the whole organism depends primarily on the condition of the nervous system. Learn to enjoy every day. You should strive to get positive emotions, finding good in the little things. Another plus: they slow down the process of aging.

3. Analyze your own disease

Analyze their diseases. Diseases don't appear out of nowhere, they feed on negative emotions, resentment, anger, discontent. If you suddenly felt ill, then you did something wrong. It so happens that evening, a man falls ill, and in the morning feels great. He just thought about his actions, realized that does not. If you are a realist to the bone, just observe your condition. Soon you will find confirmation of this theory.

2. Fight a bad mood

Bad mood is also adversely affect your health. But when I feel sick at heart, many people absolutely do not care about their physical condition. On the contrary, disgruntled people in a bad mood will be visited by such thoughts: "Well, I may get sick and even die. Maybe then others will realize who they have lost." Is still possible to prevent such thoughts at a young age. But if you are an adult, throw them away. You must learn to control their condition. Rise up your mood for yourself, for you nobody will do. If all else fails, go for a walk in the Park or do some shopping.

1. Learn to relax

From the above, you've probably realized that in order to be healthy, you need to keep track of your spiritual condition. You must rest not only in the physical sense of the word. If for you to relax is to lie down on the couch with your phone or tablet, so you don't give your brain rest. Every day allocate some time for yourself on a relaxing holiday. At this point, it is better to engage in contemplation. The state of mind positively affects water. If possible, go out to the river or lake, go for it. If not, fish – your all. In any case, every day go out into the street, away from multistory buildings and noisy streets. You will feel the peace, connection with nature, your physical condition will change for the better.

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