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10 stars who plastic surgery did not go good


Plastic surgery is designed to change the appearance and make a person more attractive and relevant standards of beauty. However, it helps to realize dreams, only when the patient can refrain from abuse of operations. For stars of screen appearance means a lot, contributing to my career, therefore celebrity has been under the surgeon's knife to improve the shortcomings of figures and faces and try to prolong youth. Someone such operations are successful, and the result looks so seamlessly that no one ever considered plastic surgery. However, not always the resulting changes are encouraging. Will talk about those celebrities who encountered unsuccessful plastic.

10. Sylvester Stallone

Brutal "rocky" for a long time remained silent about their plastic surgery. But in the mid 90-ies he noticed a scar at the hairline that is a sign of facelift. And in 2009, during a break in the film career to reveal the truth about the many changes: injections and facial plastic and stretch the tissues of the face, which eliminates the sagging. Stallone repeatedly resorted to Botox, his face beginning to fade, there was swelling. Despite all the problems associated with the plastic, the actor continues to resort to braces, beauty shots and a check-lifting and does not consider it something shameful.

9. Jennifer Grey

Not always a successful operation – the key to a successful career. Actress with unconventional looks and a hooked nose, which is known primarily for her role in the movie "Dirty dancing" could become extremely popular. However, she didn't like the facial features, far from the accepted ideals of Hollywood, so gray decided to ask for help to plastic surgeons and rhinoplasty. The operation was a success, now she had the perfect nose. But the appearance of the actress has changed so much that it did not recognize any relatives, nor the fans nor the producers, and the invitations to play stopped.

8. Kim Novak

Career of the actress began in the late 50-ies of Hitchcock's film "Vertigo". Gorgeous blonde then affects now only the unfortunate results of numerous plastic surgeries. Kim Novak vainly trying to regain lost youth: at first, she did some facelifts because of which the skin gradually thinned. The most negative result, however, is a "dull" smile on the face of the actress. The tips of the lips is poorly defined and loose end hollows on the cheeks. Novak changed and the shape of the nose, shortened but the tip also looks not too well.

7. Mickey Rourke

Actor and boxer who has a star of fame in Hollywood, known for his passion to visit a plastic surgeon. Most of its operations, in the words of Rourke made in order to fix the traces of the Boxing of the past and allow the person in order. Only on the nose there were five operations, but this has not led to the desired result. To restore the shape of lips and nose has failed, the efforts of the inexperienced surgeon, the situation has only worsened. After that, the actor made a circular facelift and blepharoplasty, but it still did not help to restore youth.

6. Meg Ryan

Young Meg Ryan was considered one of the most beautiful Hollywood celebrities. With age facial features began to change, and the actress decided to change. After surgery to increase the lips smile, Ryan looked like a clown. Then followed a series of changes using gel fillers that braces the lower part of the face, contouring, narrowing at the tip of the nose and change the size of the eye. But to achieve the effect the actress had failed: the face was lifeless, there was excessive tension of the skin, and then puffiness. After a while the face became more fluid and recognizable features, while remaining to some extent unnatural.

5. John Travolta

Jot Travolta was loved by the audience for its classic style and a dimple on my chin. So his appearance in the TV series "American crime story" surprised fans. Plastic surgery began vigorously debated on the Internet as prettier than Travolta did not look, and the features become unrecognizable. Eye decreased, and the nose has increased. Also to remove wrinkles and tighten sagging skin, the actor has used Botox injections, and now his face looks like a lifeless wax mask. In addition, the hairline has shifted, and it means that Travolta had a transplant.

4. Melanie Griffith

Famous American actress always admired by fans. But age-related changes and plastic surgery to curb these changes have led to what is now Griffith is hard to learn. The first failure was the nose: the actress has decided to tweak its tip, however, this operation might have ruined the shape of the entire nose. After that was an attempt to make lips plumper, but instead they now look twisted and blown away. Recent facelift, according to the actress, was supposed to fix all the errors of previous operations, but when you smile at the cheeks still show through the wrinkles in the form of an accordion.

3. Courteney Cox

The star of the television series "Friends" have been told that he's at peace with the natural aging process and it will no longer abuse the beauty shots, Botox injections and facelifts. However, the obvious not so long ago the changes in appearance says otherwise. According to many experts, the actress has adjusted the lines, moved the injection of hyaluronic acid restore skin, made the forehead lift, middle and lower areas of the face, and also took the blepharoplasty. At the same time in pursuit of youth, having lost the natural beauty she still like herself.

2. Madonna

Fans believe that the natural beauty of the Madonna, and the singer claims that never turned to plastic surgeons and has no plans to do so. Your lovely appearance, she explains that leading a healthy lifestyle, watch their diet, sports and always trying to be in a good mood. True or not nobody knows, but many still believe that the singer did a facelift and rhinoplasty, not to mention the variety of injections on the forehead as she didn't see any wrinkles. Also rumor has it that the bust of the Madonna increased, which in women of her complexion does not happen.

1. Lisa Rinna

Lisa rinna – another famous actress TV series "Melrose place" and "Days of our lives", claiming that she was "on the wagon" and never go under the surgeon's knife. It ruined my lips, making them shapeless and too big, but it is nothing it is not taught. She continues to do a circular lift, than brought his face up state mask: skin tight-smooth on the frontal part, but in the area of the chin are still visible wrinkles. In addition, surgeons made a "new" face doesn't quite match the slack skin on the décolletage. Procedure permanent shaped dependence Lisa Rinna from plastics, from which she can't or doesn't want to get rid of.

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