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10 stars who travel on public transport


We used to see them on the red carpet or on the cover of bright magazines. Celebrities earn millions of dollars and spend it on a luxurious life. Someone buys yachts and private jets, someone luxurious villas, medieval castles or even entire Islands. Every star in the presence of a car, many of it is sitting behind the wheel personal driver. And yet, in spite of the attributes of a beautiful life, there are a few famous people you can meet in any day, metro or bus. It is an amazing fact, but continue to be careful, suddenly in front of you in the morning on a crowded train sit celebrity.

10. Drew Barrymore

Drew is known that is active volunteer and constantly donates large sums to needy people. She prefers not to spend money on expensive clothes or branded bags. The woman says that she just wish to make unnecessary expenses. It is not surprising that drew is absolutely not hurt his own glory and leads an unremarkable life of an ordinary person. One day, the actress posted a photo of it painted in the subway, commenting that she had after the birth of a second child is absolutely no time to care for themselves.

9. Keanu Reeves

After his most famous role in "the Matrix", he donated about 70 % of the fee from shootings to help people suffering from leukemia, after helping your sister to overcome this disease. The rest of the money he gave to the operators, makeup artists and other members of the crew, stating that their wages are unfairly lower than the acting. With this view of life, it is no wonder that the actor chose the penthouse life in a humble apartment. Keanu rarely uses a personal car, more often it can be found in the subway, where an actor can take a picture of anyone fan. A few years ago, the network got the video, like Keanu gives up his seat in the subway car standing woman.

8. Madonna

Madonna was eagerly waiting for open pediatric center in Blantyre, and went to the opening, by car and by bus. The singer has prepared carefully for the trip and decided to masquerade as an ordinary person, wearing a wide-brimmed hat shading his face. It is really no one found out, and she safely reached the centre. And during the trip, Madonna filmed a video where he depicted the treacherous triumphant look of knowing that her cunning ploy with the hat is fully managed.

7. Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris admits that just loves public transport. He rides the subway to work every day and encourages everyone around you to do the same. The only thing that protects the actor chosen by fans demanding photos and autographs this is a tinted glasses. He says that only in the subway and the bus comes to him for inspiration. The actor loves to look at the ordinary people who travel on business. In the subway passengers and ground vehicles he sees prototypes for their roles.

6. Jennifer Lopez

Once the new Yorkers were amazed, seeing the online photo, Pestryaev a picture of J. Lo in the subway in a fluffy robe and tall booties. Later, the actress and singer admitted that he didn't plan to cause such resonance with the public. She's just in that day was shooting a music video for their song. In order to move from one shooting location to another, it was necessary, not changing clothes quickly to go down into the subway and drive to the desired station. Did Jennifer in the end it is very shocking.

5. Zoe Saldana

Fans of Zoe often photographed celebrity in the subway. Zoe says she likes to ride in the subway since childhood. When she was little, she would sit in the subway every day and always loved to watch how different people can be around. But Zoe admits that some of the passengers in the subway a very unpleasant smell, and she tries to stay away from them. The actress often focuses on its acute sense of smell, are very important to her smells around. So her love for subway fans seems a little strange.

4. Katie Holmes

The most frequent photos of subway boasts one of the smartest Hollywood celebrities Katie Holmes. In the subway she's trying to look more presentable wearing jackets and pants in neutral colors and trying to hide his face behind those sunglasses. But nosy fans is not so easy to deceive, and every day you can see fresh photos of the actress in the subway. To travel in the subway and she teaches his little daughter. Katie admits that in the subway it feels like a normal person, and this is very important for her as a actress.

3. Julianne Moore

Now Julianne can afford without too much hassle to get somewhere on a subway or bus. She says that the paparazzi and fans long ago left her alone and the latter only occasionally ask to make a photo for memory. The actress says that public transport is very convenient to get anywhere, if this day is not filming and have to pick up the kids from school or meet friends in a cafe. Julianne often repeats that her weekdays are no different from everyday life of millions of American women.

2. Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks does not hesitate to speak with stellar colleagues that he likes to ride the subway. He began to do so a few years ago, when I completely changed my attitude to life because of diabetes. The actor has said in many interviews that the resulting illness forced him to rethink a lot. Now he carefully take care of their health and often reflects on the people around him. For example, in the subway he likes to watch the other passengers do not notice, what with them riding double-Oscar-winning actor.

1. Rihanna

Rihanna generally not picky and not shy of public transport.

She often takes the subway instead of a car and justifies it by the fact that the tight schedule was incompatible with trips by car. So she rides the subway during the filming of the clips to avoid ground traffic. The singer is not averse to ride in the subway and just in order to meet up with old friends. The actress admits that subway reminds her of her past life before the fame, when she was an ordinary schoolgirl.

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