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10 stars who married their fans


Perhaps every teenager wants to be close with his idol. At least for the moment to approach a celebrity that you know only via the screen image. And what fan doesn't want to go on a date with a star? But is it possible to build a happy and long relationship with the idol? It turns out that marrying a celebrity is not a fairy tale. Many stars got married to their fans and created a happy family. Marriages of celebrities with their fans was strong and reliable, and the relationship they retain warmth and love until death.

Consider the history of romantic Dating stars with their fans, which ended in a wedding.

10. Patrick Dempsey and Jillian Fink

Nineteen years ago, back in 1999, the world-famous actor Patrick Dempsey has offered the hand and heart of his beloved Jillian Fink. At that time Patrick was already a sex symbol of Hollywood, it went crazy a beauty, Jill worked as a makeup artist and was not known to anyone. However, when you meet the girl captured the heart of Patrick, who had been in love in absentia. To this day, the couple together, they are happy and are raising three children born in marriage.

9. Vladimir Levkin and Marina Ichetovkina

Marina Ichetovkina even as a 11-year-old girl was infatuated with Vladimir Levkin. She saw Vladimir on the concert of group "on-On", where the girl came with their parents. Marina from childhood and through adult life, loved to Vladimir. A few years later met my idol in life. Mutual love came to the famous singer unexpectedly. Vladimir and Marina played a gorgeous wedding, they live in a happy marriage to this day.

8. Christian bale and SIBI, Blazic

Once once at the party, which staged Winona Ryder, SIBI was lucky enough to meet my idol – Christian Bale. A fan dared and walked over to Christian, she was interested him, and the famous actor decided to continue the acquaintance. Roman Christian and SIBI developed rapidly, soon the lovers were married. Today they admit to journalists that they have a strong and happy family.

7. Marat Basharov and Elizaveta Shevarkov

Elizabeth has always loved going to the theater, and once she got on the show, where he played Marat Basharov. Game famous actor was so impressed by Elizabeth that she decided to meet him. She wrote letters to his idol, sought a meeting with him. One day an acquaintance of Marat and Elizabeth took place, she made the actor a lasting impression. The wedding took place in 2017.

6. John Travolta and Kelly Preston

Kelly in absentia fell in love with John when I watched the movie called "Rush", at that time the girl was only 14 years old. Later, Kelly decided to follow in the footsteps of his idol and became an actress. However, it has not received the same fame as John. The actors met on the set of the film "Experts" and first for a long time were good friends. After a few years realized that love each other and decided to get married.

5. Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder

Julia was already one of the most popular and sexy Hollywood Actresses by the time she met an unknown to a large audience by operator Daniel. This event occurred during the filming of "the Mexican". The couple developed rapidly, despite the fact that Daniel at that time was already married. A couple of years after the fateful year of Dating, Daniel and I divorced and then offered his hand and heart to Julie, who without hesitation agreed. In 2004 the couple gave birth to beautiful twins. In 2007 Julia gave birth to a son. Family relationships take a lot of power, however, the family of Daniel and Julia strong and happy, the couple are incredibly happy together.

4. Igor Nikolaev and Julia Proskuryakova

Julia was raised in an intellectual family, since the childhood was fond of music, seriously engaged in singing. Often performed songs that have sung famous throughout the country, Igor Nikolaev. Julia watched the life of one of your favorite artists from Newspapers and television, were at his concerts. Julia didn't even dream about a possible relationship with his idol, but the fate brought her to Igor. A chance meeting turned into a stormy affair with a long courtship by Igor Nikolaev, soon the couple married and created a strong and friendly family.

3. Matt Damon and Luciana, Barroso

History of appointments Luciana and Matt is like a fairy tale "Cinderella". The actor met his future wife in Miami for the bar. The girl without hesitation confessed the actor in love as to him and his films. Matt was touched by the sincerity Luciani and asked her on a date. Since that day, the couple is still together, they got married in a happy marriage raising children.

2. Reese Witherspoon and Jim The

Reese met her future companion at a party with friends. Jim went to the famous actress and without embarrassment told her that in love with her and wants to take care of her. Then Reese laughed at the words of unknown men. But time has placed all in places. Jim proved his words with deeds, and Reese fell in love with him. A few were even more together, Jim has strengthened its position through several years, the pair played a wedding in 2011. Reese can't stop telling reporters about how happy she is with Jim.

1. Jessica Alba and cash Warren

Jessica met Cache on the filming of "Fantastic four", it happened in 2004. Unknown to the world, the Cache worked that time, an assistant Director, he even could not dream about the relationship with the famous actress, which, no doubt, was also the sex symbol of Hollywood. But no matter what, Cash struck Jessica with his sincerity, courage and sense of humor. In 2007, the couple got married and soon they had children. Jessica and cash are still together, they raise children and a happy marriage.

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