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10 famous couples who survived infidelity


Watching the luxurious life of stars and their memorable holidays, events, red carpets, successful projects and a crowd of fans, Willy-nilly, think that their lives are just the same, sugar. It would seem, emerged among the celebrities must on all fronts, because they can afford to choose anyone from a huge number of ardent fans, colleagues on the platform or stage and so on.

However, we are again faced with the fact that celebrities are ordinary people with their problems, emotions, loneliness and problems on the personal front. For example, many star couple appeared several times on the verge of breaking because of the infamous adultery. Yes, even beautiful, successful and popular stars can change, sometimes preferring younger, slimmer or more modest in terms of lifestyle. But imagine that the people of show business cannot afford long to sit at home with a bucket of ice cream to the sad songs of Celine Dion. Public life requires to hide his tears and deep suffering, to put an artificial smile and try to grin and bear asking the paparazzi about his personal life the nuances and details.

We present you 10 famous couples who have gone through infidelity and have managed to keep their relationship in one form or another.

10. Sergey Zhigunov Vera Novikova and

While the younger children lovingly watched the TV series "My fair nanny", more adult fans vehemently discussed the affair that happened at the site of the main actors Zhigunov married and cute Zavorotnyuk. Sergey 4 years led the project, playing a major role, and in the end, like in the sitcom, charming brunette won a modest producer. Sergei left a legitimate spouse to the glittering new star Nastya and I lived with her for two years, thinking about getting married. Faith went to a psychologist, hopelessly believing in the return of her husband. After playing in a family with Zhigunov, Anastasia had committed adultery and went to the skater Chernyshev, who has a broken leg and Sergei was left alone. And then came to the rescue loyal friend of your life – ex-wife Faith, which was able to melt again extinguished "hearth" and officially issue.

9. Nicole Kidman and Keith urban

It would seem that the beauty of Kidman should bathe in male attention from a girl, hardly anyone wants to go. Yeah, her husband urban remains together with my wife, but she constantly continues to change, as regularly trumpeted by the tabloids. Windy musician takes their tour the young singer, openly flirting with groupies, do not hesitate stellar wife. Journalists see that the actress known for the adventures of a despicable husband, she just closes her eyes and does not want to destroy the current marriage.

8. Nonna Grishaeva and Alexander Nesterov

Nona gained real popularity after the cult TV series "Daddy's girls", where she played the role of windy mom left daughters at the father-deadhead. In life the actress is not loyalty and constancy, as the tour of the play "Warsaw melody", held in Sochi, she was convicted of adultery. Grishaeva was kissing a scene partner Isayev that was filmed and distributed online. Interestingly, the lawful husband Alexander Nesterov did not respond to the eloquent rumors and actual confirmation and left with my wife.

7. David and Victoria Beckham

An enviable couple in the Western world it was considered a model of style and family values. However, about 10 years ago, the couple has fallen on hard times. At a time when the couple already had two sons, the tabloids said that the footballer was having an affair with his former assistant, as the latter has announced to the whole world. Victoria has stated publicly that he believes my husband, but to stop rumors assistant Beckham had to go. Next Wiki has fixed marriage with an enviable groom, and close up the third son and later a daughter. Isn't the model family? They stand up to regular criticism of the paparazzi, which tend to breed durable pair.

6. Bill and Hillary Clinton

You think Royal and presidential marriages just have to be exemplary? Whatever. Bill Clinton turned the notion of state families, when for the sake of the affair with the Intern Monica Lewinsky was willing to betray years of marriage and jeopardize the career of the politician. It is noteworthy that the would-be husband publicly confessed to the people and his wife, asking her forgiveness. Hilary is not only wise to have forgiven her husband, but also announced the news about the affair just vile gossip that has political implications. Although lady Clinton confided to reporters what he knew about the many mistresses of her husband, but closed on the adventures of the eyes in the name of preserving the visibility of a model family that was important to her and her husband's political goals.

5. Fergie and Josh Duhamel

Fergie could have any man at the peak of its popularity, but the chosen one it became a popular actor and playboy Josh Duhamel. Hubby did not play in the family too long, and after a couple of months after marriage, cheated on wife, not with anyone, and with a stripper, the sad singer said in an interview. It is unknown what forces she could save a celebrity marriage, and even to seal it first.

4. Leonid Agutin and Angelika Varum

All have long heard about the cheating yesterday – was trumpeted many magazines of the CIS, as someone whose, but their pair was considered the most faithful and honest. Unfortunately, the news about the affair was not just a dirty rumor, the network posted a video where a drunk singer kissing an unknown brunette on the occasion of the festival "New wave". The rumors after the public betrayal Angelique even left the house, but for the joint tour schedule had to put up with. Now it seems that the pair has experienced adultery and could again live in perfect harmony.

3. Beyonce and Jay-Z

This hard-working, luxurious and vibrant woman like Beyonce would be a sin to change. The more he Jay-Z barely considered a handsome man. However, the producer, despite a long affair with lady b, has managed to change her and not just what we learned from Frank biographical album "Lemonade". Curious media were considered to be possible mistresses rapper Rita Yell, and Rachel Roy. The singer does not wish to comment on their personal drama with Jay-Z relationship, but in the visual imagery of the album is seen through the kind of suffering she passed. The pair has done together, having given birth to three children.

2. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

Sarah is one of the most charming, open and interesting Actresses of our time, which is not troubled with their appearance and even were able to adequately present in the work. However, her husband Matthew Broderick became a little actress, and 10 years ago he basely cheated on her with the usual waitress. For the sake of the family, the pair went to the family therapist who, apparently, was able to help. Now the couple live in perfect harmony, making conclusions about the consequences of adultery.

1. Will Smith and jada Pinkett

Smith tries in his family to create an image of ideal marriage and fatherhood, however, all is not so clear. Daughter periodically gets to scandals in the tabloids, Jaden is also asserting itself in spite of his father's wishes, and she couple is free specific relations. It is known that will and jada live in a marriage for over 20 years, but rumor has it that everyone has a regular lover. On what then the values kept their marriage we can only guess.

Here's the news about star marriages show business. Appreciate your family, and encourage the concept of loyalty to their children, as only tandem capable of productive work and amazing achievements.

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