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10 star couples that look odd together


They say that couples who are perfect for each other, should look harmonious together. However, in reality, the case history, fundamentally refute this rule. Among the stars of show business many examples of happy family unions who by the fact of its long existence, completely destroys all the standard ideas about the ideal, most often based on stereotypes. They are not confused nor a significant age difference or the discrepancy in social status, no clear difference in physical data. And rightly so, because all this is secondary, if there is most importantly love.

Here is the top 10 famous couples, whose unions at the time caused confusion among fans, who still look very strange together.

10. Hugh Jackman and Deborah-Lee Furness

Despite the fact that nowadays Western society is much calmer looks at the relationship in which between lovers there is a significant age difference, yet, sometimes, such unions are regarded by the public as very fragile. Especially if we are talking age the superiority of the woman, which in the case of the star of X-Men and van Helsing Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborah-Lee Furness is 12 years.

At first, many fans of this Hollywood hunk with Australian roots, had no idea how this brutal guy go crazy millions of young girls worldwide, was chosen to marry a woman considerably older than him, and possessed of very ordinary appearance. However, Hugh himself in all the interviews does not get tired to thank fate for giving him the gift of his beloved wife. Well, such stories inspire

9. Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa

This star couple is the same story. Famous model and actress Lisa Bonet older than his wife of the actor Jason Momoa for 12 years. However, for evil to all the haters, this couple has not parted since 2005. In addition, during their marriage they had two young beautiful children-pogodak.

8. Mary Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy

Connection small slender 31-year-old Mary Kate Olsen, whose height is 160 cm, and 48-year-old six-foot giant, the brother of ex-President of France Olivier Sarkozy, has struck the public in the spring of 2012. Even if not to take into account the almost 17-year age difference, mini Mary Kate, who is remembered by the audience due to the role that she played in a pair with his sister Ashley, and conservatively tuned Olivier along more like father and daughter-teenager. However, this oddity does not prevent the lovers to enjoy each other, despite the gossip of the envious.

7. Peter Dinklage and Erica Schmidt

Peter Dinklage and Erica Schmidt a very unusual couple who inspired many people with serious physical disabilities to believe in something that you can build your own happiness in spite of the prevailing stereotypes.

The star of the show Game of thrones, whose height is 135 cm, of course, inferior in growth to his wife, however, this feature does not harm their feelings. On the contrary, their Union like no other proves that true love has no obstacles, because his wife living together in perfect harmony for over 12 years and in marriage they had two children. By the way, Dinklage absolutely no complex about their appearance, moreover, he repeatedly photographed for the cover of Playboy, and was voted Stallion of the year 2011.

6. Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin

Love is completely unpredictable phenomenon, it happens that it connects completely different people who, by all laws of the genre, should have no common ground.

One of these pairs initially was considered a Union of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin. Their relationship began with gossip, because then the Diva was still married with her previous husband Philip Kirkorov. Fans of the singer took the news about the new creative and loving Union of the Queen of Russian pop stars and budding parodist as another hobby Pugacheva, which will be held as quickly as it began, because her biography is not the first case when she has an affair with a man much younger than himself. This time the difference between the lovers was 27 years old.

They rained a barrage of criticism and ridicule from all sides and their Union predicted the imminent break-up. However, evil envious, Galkin and Pugacheva has more than 10 years of living in a happy marriage and raise two children together, shattering all the stereotypes.

5. Woody Allen and soon-And Previn?

80-year-old Hollywood's master, who throughout his career was famous for his stormy romances, married his own stepdaughter soon-And Previn?. Moreover, she's younger than Oscar-winning Director almost half. Relationship with sun was the reason for divorce woody with his previous wife, MIA Farrow, who adopted soon-And in the previous marriage. After a difficult divorce Director in 1997, Allen and Previn still married, and since then is an example of a strong family. In addition, in marriage, they adopted two children.

4. Sam Taylor-wood and Aaron Johnson

History of the relations of these two men, many perplexing. It seems that they may have in common? He is a young handsome man who has managed to stand out in memorable roles in the movie Vronsky and John Lennon. She is an artist, the filmmaker, who in the past suffered a severe illness and dramatic separation from the previous spouse. But despite criticism of their relationship — they're together. And this is considering the fact that Taylor-wood's older than his current wife for 23 years.

3. Shaquille O Neal and Nicole Alexander

This pair, appearing in public, gives others the opportunity to clearly imagine the meeting between Gulliver and Thumbelina. A famous basketball player almost half a meter above his ex-girlfriend, with whom he in 2012 broke up.

2. Priscilla Chan and mark Zuckerberg

The wedding of billionaire and founder of the famous social network Facebook Mark Zuckerberg at the time, shocked the entire community, because it went against all possible standing societal patterns. First, his future wife was not an actress and not a model with long legs and silicone lips. This time did not give rest to many hunters for millions. Secondly, she's not Jewish. This fact angered the Jewish community, but is in love with Zuckerberg spat.

The couple met in 2003, when Facebook did not exist, and the name Zuckerberg still no one knew. They met at a party at Harvard, judging by their words, standing in a queue to the toilet.

1. Robert Pattison and Waist Barnett

The star of the most famous vampire Saga, from the beginning of its output on the screen, was the object of desire for millions of young girls around the world. He was called one of the sexiest young actors in Hollywood and, of course, fans expected the next to him to see someone who matches him in all respects. However, to the amazement of the audience, he's a Hollywood beauties chose Talia Barnett, which can hardly be called typical beauty, which she still is subjected to ridicule from the fans of the talent of Pattinson.

Waist, no matter what, I'm sure she can withstand a lot of criticism for the opportunity to be near her beloved. In turn, Sam Pattison urges the public to respect his girlfriend and not to let sarcastic jokes concerning her appearance.

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