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10 famous couples in which the man is more beautiful


Beautiful women always attract the attention of the opposite sex. It is much easier to live. Men desire to please, make them the best they can. But beautiful is not always happy. Sometimes, the most eligible bachelor meet hot girls, but marry girls with mediocre looks, but beauty of the stick. If a man is not only attractive in appearance, and rich and famous, a lot of women will not be accurate. But this does not mean that the main criterion by which he chooses his wife, will be the external beauty. There are many examples when a man more beautiful women. Despite this he loves and appreciates her feet. They are happy and when relationships bring joy, people don't think to be beauty.

10. Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shay Smith

Brosnan is a handsome man that many women dreamed about him. But after the death of his first wife, pierce did not believe that it will be happy in love. However, fate brought him with Keeley Shay Smith. With well-known TV presenter pierce met in 1994. They married 7 years later. They have two children, married very happy. But the actor who played James bond is sexy as hell. If I wanted to, could become a major Hollywood heartthrob. But no, he is faithful to his wife, who every year buys the dress a size larger. Of course, keels can not be called ugly, it looks good. Here only, whether the age makes itself felt, whether Smith is too fond of cakes, her figure is far from perfect. It is not embarrassed, he loves his wife for who she is.

9. Josh Holloway and Jessica Cumana

A tall green-eyed blonde with an excellent figure, moreover, a famous actor with a good fees. He could be a suitable match for any Hollywood beauty. Only after the filming of the series "lost," which brought him worldwide fame, Holloway married. His wife was Jessica Cumana, the waitress from Indonesia. The girl wasn't particularly beautiful: medium height, not very attractive appearance. But she took the initiative and gave your number to Josh. He called, and began a relationship. For a long time they were just friends, but then I realized that they love each other. Got married in 2004 and they have two children. Josh knows what women like, but he never allows himself too much, just a little flirting.

8. Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness

A very colorful couple. They loved each other at first sight. Hugh and Deborah met on the set of the TV series "Corelli". At that moment, she was very popular actress and Jackman had just started and was not known. Besides, Furness was older by 13 years. This did not prevent them to be happy. They married, to have children failed. The lovers did not despair but decided to adopt a boy and a girl. They are great parents. This year they celebrated the 22 anniversary of marriage. Deborah acknowledges that her husband is a sexy hunk of a man. She also knows that he has the perfect appearance. But not the happiness, when there is such a man, you can forget about everything.

7. Matthew Fox and Margherita Ronchi

Another star of the series "lost". As Josh Holloway, Matthew woke up famous after the release of the series on the screens. High brown-eyed brunette, courageous, a real macho. It is not surprising that the Italian model Margherita Ronchi could not resist the courier who brought her a bouquet of flowers. It is true then even Matthew was not a famous actor. In 1991 they married, had children. The actor was a wonderful family man. All his spare time he gives to the family and many Hobbies. Matthew is a football fan and loves sports. And Margaret, though the model in the past, but she looks quite exotic.

6. Chris Evans and Jenny slate

In 2016, Chris and Jenny met on the set of the film "Gifted". Everyone was jealous of a beautiful love story, but a year later the couple said that the relationship has exhausted itself. Some time passed, and the lovers got back together. Chris is a typical Hollywood handsome. Jenny is pretty cute, she has a charming smile and beautiful eyes, but compared to Chris, it may seem unattractive. Slate will not be bothered by such thoughts, after all, not so long ago they broke up again. Although the case went to the wedding, Evans even introduced slate with many relatives and close friends. Now Chris is back in search of the ideal.

5. James McAvoy and Anne-Marie Duff

Fate brought them together for the TV show "Shameless". Ann-Marie James for over 9 years, but it was not for a couple of obstacle. They got married, and their son was born. Celebrity couple carefully hid his personal life from outsiders. But everyone knew that it was the perfect marriage. Anne-Marie has taught James to live, she saved him from many complexes. Wise woman, can be for it fell in love with her handsome McEvoy. Here are just groupies all the time watered Duff mud, called her old and ugly. In 2016, the couple divorced. James was charged in connection with Alexandra Shipp, Jennifer Lawrence. Whatever it was, but apparently the actor was drawn to the young.

4. Amy Schumer and Ben Hanish Islands

American comedienne never was a beauty, but knew how to attract people to your cheerfulness. It is easy to communicate, she may make fun of your shortcomings. At the same time Amy does not consider herself ugly, she is confident, and the extra weight was not a problem for her. Perhaps because of this, Schumer does not suffer from lack of male attention. Her partner Ben Hanish Islands far from the world of celebrities. He works as a furniture designer. But this young man will put to shame any Hollywood handsome. However, their relationship did not last long. Amy did not have long to suffer, she is now married and expecting a child. Apparently the appearance for men is not significant.

3. Jesse Williams and Erin Drake-Lee

The famous American actor met his future wife when he was a regular guy. Few people know that Jesse worked as a teacher. Erin was a star worldwide, she worked as a realtor. When Jesse became world famous thanks to the participation in the series "Anatomy of passion", he never traded his ugly woman on the Hollywood beauty. In 2012, they got married. They have common children, but the marriage did not last long. After 5 years, Williams fell in love with the more attractive Minka Kelly, and all his words about the great and eternal love for Erin was empty.

2. Aaron and Sam Taylor-Johnson

This story is simply amazing. Young handsome and a grown woman, he's 19 and she's 42. It wasn't a fling, it's true love. They married in 2012. Also they had two beautiful daughters. The fate of Sam was not at all favorable to her, twice she was sick with cancer. The woman had beaten the disease, but still have the scars after surgery. Sam doesn't consider them something awful. She is not young and her appearance is very peculiar. So many have accused Aaron of commercialism. Everyone thought he was Dating a famous Director because of selfish motives. Taylor's family-the Joneses have long since ceased to pay attention to gossip. They're happy and they did not care what rumors will come up at this time.

1. Liza Weil and Charlie Weber

Lisa and Charlie were involved in a joint project. It was a series "How to get away with murder", where they played a major role. Unfortunately, this sweet couple is not known, they carefully conceal their relationship. To meet they started in June 2016, Charlie divorced in March 2016, and Lisa in November of the same year. It is not surprising that Weber turned his head to vail. With such a handsome man would love to be a woman. That's just lucky again not the most beautiful, the exterior of the Lisa is far from ideal. But, apparently, men are much more important than appearance, and the soul. And the example of all those pairs, you can make sure once again.

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