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10 famous women who flourished after a divorce


Divorce is a difficult period in a woman's life. But if she's famous, she's double tough. After all, every move is watched by paparazzi, fans and curious people. It is not easy to force myself not to think about the bad, when all the media there is information about their "broken love boat". Very often, women take time to recover after a divorce. They forgot themselves look bad, stars is no exception. Still there are among them strong women who were able to take himself in hand and with dignity to survive this period of life. You can say the divorce went to their advantage. Someone has become more successful in their careers, and someone turned into a real beauty. Yes, so too, a woman who was not distinguished by the perfect appearance, suddenly changed. We present to your attention the top 10 women stars that blossomed after the divorce.

10. Maxim

The singer got married in 2008. Her choice was a sound engineer Alexey Lugovtsov. Maxim was hoping it was forever, but after the birth of the child relationship with her husband deteriorated. He began to control her, to suspect cheating, bad attitude toward their common daughter. Soon she filed for divorce. Surprisingly, after the divorce, the singer began to look much better. In another interview she admitted she felt free and happy, like back to life. This, of course, reflected in its appearance. It may be the case that during the quarrels with her husband, the girl didn't care what she looks like. By the way, after a while Maxim again survived the betrayal of the man she loved. Her husband left her when she was pregnant. She was very upset by the breakup, but found the strength to move on.

9. Hilary Duff

The girl was married to canadian hockey player Mike Comrie. Their marriage lasted for almost 6 years. They had a son, but a child couldn't save their relationship. Hilary was very fond of Mike, she tried to keep the family together. But they had very different views on life. Comrie loved to drink. In a state of alcoholic intoxication, he often committed acts that his wife had to blush. The actress broke down and filed for divorce because I was very worried that Mike will be setting a bad example to their son. Despite the experience, Hillary has not lost its beauty, on the contrary she was very beautiful. The girl spent a lot of time with my son, thanks to him, she was able to survive this stage of her life. In 2017 she met her new love.

8. Anastasia Makeeva

First marriage, Anastasia broke up a few months after the wedding. The second lasted longer than 6 years. She was married to actor and composer Gleb Matveychuk. After a divorce, the actress shared with fans their experiences. She wanted children, and Gleb at this time went to the mountain quarry. In addition, they had a lot of disagreements on other issues. But, after parting with her husband, Makeeva has changed a lot. Many said that the divorce of her face. She began to look younger. Noticed it all: friends, and fans. Experiences Anastasia chose to travel and communication. She even opened a women's club where women share their secrets.

7. Polina Gagarina

The singer got married in 2007 with actor Peter Kislov. Soon they had a son. Pauline and Peter briefly lived together only 3 years. They broke up because of the similarity of the characters. Both were stubborn and did not want to concede each other. After the divorce, Pauline was not found. She got rid of the extra weight gained during pregnancy. The girl changed her image, made a stylish haircut and has turned from the brown-haired blonde. This image has taken a liking to Pauline, that's how she looks now. By the way, Gagarin got re-married and quite happily married with the photographer Dmitry Isakov.

6. Eva Longoria

Eva was married to basketball player Tony Parker from 2006 to 2010. It was not her first marriage, but life together and Tony turned a sexy woman in a solid set. He cheated on her, and instead of Longoria to file for divorce, worried and felt guilty. It is believed that not good enough for my husband, and compared herself with other women. No wonder the divorce went Eva only good. It took a while to recover, with it psychologists work. When she came to, she felt the taste of life. The actress began more carefully to look after itself. She's happy, and happy women always look good.

5. Irina Bezrukova

Irina and Sergey have lived together for 15 years. They were too different. Irina led a healthy lifestyle and is attached to it husband. Bezrukov didn't always share her point of view. But the main reason for the separation was the weakness of Sergei to women. After a divorce, the actor got married again, but Irina had worried about it. But when the actress came to, she completely changed their way of life. Before she was always in the shadow of a famous husband. Now she works a lot. Irina is very beautiful. She went back to her natural hair color and began to look much younger.

4. Gwyneth Paltrow

In 2003, Gwyneth is married to musician, Chris Martin. Their marriage can be called happy. But after the birth of her son, Gwyneth began postpartum depression. Chris also added fuel to the fire, he was dissatisfied with his life, did not support Gwyneth. Their relationship deteriorated day by day. In 2014, the couple broke up. There was neither conflict nor mutual accusations, they separated in a civilized manner. After a divorce, the actress was able to cope with all her issues, she regained composure. Gwyneth has blossomed, has become a real beauty.

3. Kate Hudson

Kate married musician Chris Robinson when she was just 21. By American standards it is very early. Their marriage lasted 7 years, the couple had a son. On the causes of divorce, they do not spread, but we know that Kate and Chris parted without scandals. They maintain a friendly relationship. The actress could never be too far alone. As soon as one relationship, and soon began other. Therefore, even the divorce was knocked down Hudson. She admits that her attractive appearance is the result of her hard work. She eats right and exercise regularly.

2. Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe were together for almost 9 years. The reason for the divorce was the employment of both spouses. They have little attention to each other, and the relationship is gradually eroding. Besides, Witherspoon was more successful in his career, Philip is hurt. Reese suggested a divorce, hoping that her husband will pay more attention to her and care. But he agreed. It was a great shock to her. The actress was able to handle it, not in its rules to retreat. She went to work and quiet life could not affect its appearance. She realizes that it was better than before, and it's not just appearance.

1. Sandra Bullock

The story of Sandra's trivial. She lived with Jesse James 5 years, until one day found out that her husband is cheating on her left and right. Bullock is a strong woman, immediately filed for divorce. She mourned her fate, she just had no time to do it. The actress worked a lot and was raising an adopted son. After the divorce, Sandra was very beautiful. She soon met her new love, but this relationship too didn't last long. The important thing is that it does not allow itself to be discouraged, as the motto of an actress is only as: "Always forward".

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