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10 famous women who pathologically unlucky in love


Every woman wants to be happy. Whatever is said about the importance of a career, financial stability, but is still an important component of female happiness is love and family. Famous women are no exception. They also want to be with a beloved and loving man. But some of them, despite the world fame, high fees and a perfect appearance, never found her soul mate. Of course, this does not mean that they never had relations. Was. Only that if men were unworthy, whether the women acted like something was wrong, but the relationship did not work out. We present you 10 famous women who pathologically unlucky in love.

10. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore just 43 years, and she has already had three divorces. Her first husband, bartender Jeremy Thomas was able to keep near her a young beauty of only a month. Then they got divorced. Second marriage to actor Tom green lasted almost six months. The third marriage was record-breaking in duration. 4 years lived Barrymore with will Kopelman. It is not all relations of the stars, she never led a puritanical lifestyle, relationships, drew was more than enough. She dated men with some quite long. In the life of the actress, as in the lives of ordinary women were quarrels, separation, reconciliation. She admits that she often cried because of love. Drew's friends say that the actress is not suitable for family life, so unhappy in love.

9. Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan had been married. Her marriage lasted 10 years, but after the divorce, Meg has never met her man. Novels were numerous, but they were all fleeting. She dated Russell Crowe, Matthew Perry, Graham king. But in 2011, Meg was lucky enough to meet a new love. Her choice was a rock musician John Mellencamp. It would seem that the couple has all chances for a long term relationship. But no, in 2014, they broke up. Said that John cheated on Ryan, and she was unable to forgive him. In the accident some time they were again seen together. The actress admits that, despite his age and experience, have not learned how to communicate with men.

8. Taylor Swift

The singer has composed many songs about unrequited love. All because she knows firsthand what it's like. Taylor is only 28 years old, and her men is pretty impressive. Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, Jake Gyllenhaal, Conor Kennedy, Harry styles is not the whole list of beloved swift. Relationship with DJ Calvin Harris had to put an end to this list. Young people have already started to prepare for the wedding, but again the breakup. And again a series of short novels. Friends of the singer think of parting help Taylor in her work and that she does not seek a serious relationship.

7. Britney Spears

The American singer has long been a sex symbol and a dream for many men. Beauty even met Justin Timberlake. Their relationship lasted for 4 years. But when the couple broke up, the life of Britney has changed dramatically. Pop singer began to behave immorally. One day she got drunk and married a childhood friend. The truth is after 55 hours the couple divorced. Second marriage stars lasted much longer. Her husband Kevin Federline was not ready for family life. He drank, walked. He was not even stopped by the presence of children. Britney is very upset by the divorce, and besides, Kevin did what Britney felt worthless. Then it was only worse: drugs, alcohol, short novels. In 2011, Britney announced her engagement with Jason Travicom, but the wedding did not take place. Now Britney is again changing Boyfriends like gloves.

6. Paris Hilton

Despite its appeal and multi-million dollar fortune, a socialite, too unlucky in love. Some time she met ex-husband of Pamela Anderson. Rick Solomon after a breakup published on the Internet "home videos". Paris did not expect such a meanness from a former lover, but still disappointed in the men. However, happy did not become. The girl was even called "the eternal bride". And then she talked about their engagements and upcoming weddings, but marriage never came. Now Hilton again in the relationship. Her boyfriend Chris Zilke proposed to her, and the star again preparing for the wedding. Date set for November 11, 2018. Maybe this time the girl will be lucky.

5. Charlize Theron

Charlize is called the main beauty of Hollywood, but married the actress never visited. And yet she is already 40. Of course, she had Affairs. Stuart Townsend dated her for 8 years. They even lived together, Charlize was waiting for her boyfriend decisive steps, but did not wait. The couple broke up. Then a whirlwind romance with Sean pen. It lasted about a year. However, Sean has a reputation as a brawler, he returned to his former life. Charlize did not tolerate the antics of men, and they split up. They say that Charlene has difficulty communicating with the opposite sex due to childhood trauma. Her parents had a difficult relationship. The actress does not give up, she adopted two children and lives for themselves.

4. Sandra Bullock

Sandra was married to Jesse James. The man cheated on her, the actress could not forgive betrayal. They divorced. But before marriage personal life bullock was not prosperous. Tate Donovan, Matthew McConaughey, Bob Schneider – that's not all, who met the actress. The Sandra didn't think she was unlucky in love. She said that on the contrary, in her life too much love. The last time talked a lot about the affair of the actress with a man who is far from the world of Hollywood. This is the usual photographer. They were Dating for about a year. The paparazzi even spotted on his arm wedding ring. Only Sandra hid his hand, the fans never found out if she's married.

3. Rihanna

The sultry babe enjoys a big popularity among men. But they are not in a hurry to make her happy. The singer dated rapper Chris brown. Their relationship ended tragically. Young man severely beat his girlfriend. Perhaps after this incident, Rihanna did not trust men. She still had Boyfriends, but nothing good came of it. Later she forgave Chris, and again they tried to be together, but the couple waited again parting. Not long ago, Rihanna broke up with her last boyfriend. It was a billionaire from Saudi Arabia.

2. Irina Dubtsova

Participant of the TV show "star Factory" famous for not only his talent, but also a beautiful love story. At the final concert she did offer the participant of group "Plazma" Roman Chernitsyn. Some time later they divorced, despite the fact that they had a child. On the causes of divorce Irina and the novel did not spread. After the divorce, Irina was met with businessman Tigran Molazem, DJ Leonid Rudenko. However, these relations did not last long. Irina is not upset. She has a man that she would never leave her son.

1. Anna Sedokova

Anna Sedokova was twice married. First husband sexy Babes became the footballer Valentin Belkevich, the second – businessman Maxim Cherniavsky. There were a few fleeting novels. The latest from Anna a third child. With businessman Artem Komarov Sedakova broke up after the birth of her son. Anna is a very beautiful woman, wonder why all her relationships don't work out. But the girl did not lose heart, it is a career and children. Recently, Anna said she is ready for a new relationship. But the singer said that she doesn't need an ordinary man, so fans have a chance unless they have a good status.

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