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10 movie stars that hid from fans and colleagues your health problems


Famous people are always in sight. No matter how they hide their personal lives from the ubiquitous paparazzi, but not always they do it. About all the important events in their life fans can learn from the pages of Newspapers and magazines. More fans will find on the Internet. But some secrets of the stars store particularly anxious, all that concerns their health. This is understandable, even ordinary people do not always tell you about diseases relatives and friends, and especially strangers. Celebrities especially don't want about health problems know their fans. They want to be popular and impress the audience with their talent, they don't want this information leaked into the media that all around sorry for them. So many tragic cases, fans will learn too late. Below is a list of 10 movie stars that hid from fans and colleagues their health problems.

10. Kathy Bates

In 2003, a popular actress learned about ovarian cancer. She was amazed about the disease but only found out the closest. Then she had to give up good suggestions, but this is the point at stake was her life. All ended well, the actress has beaten the disease. In 2009, she told the public she might have intended his story to encourage other patients. However, in 2012, Katie again was hard, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Bates went to drastic measures, she removed both Breasts, but more her life was not threatened. The actress has repeatedly offered to restore the breast but she refused, explaining that their absence does not prevent her to realize themselves in the profession. This time Katie did not hide health issues from fans, they, in turn, is very strongly supported by Bates.

9. Michael Douglas

Michael began to actively act in films in 1980. But in 2010 he had to take a break, he was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx. Michael began severe depression. It can be cured, but in the course of the operation was the risk of losing speech. Douglas anyone not devoted to their problems. And hardly anyone wanted in this situation, communication with the media. Fortunately, this story had a good ending. Michael not only cured, but has retained his ability to speak. In 2016, there are rumors that the cancer was back, and the actor left to live for six months. Michael Douglas has denied them.

8. Charlie Sheen

Charlie led a fairly dissolute life of alcohol, drugs, promiscuity. He was several times expelled from the set and was even suspended from work. In 2017, Charlie sheen made the confession, which shocked absolutely everyone. The actor spoke about his HIV-positive status. He wanted to keep it a secret, but it began to blackmail. Shin kept his secret for quite a long time – 4 years. This news shocked the public, for Charlie was filed several claims cases. Female victims wanted to receive compensation. Now the feel-good actor to provide the doctors, they've got him on the latest drugs, which protect the immune system and fighting the virus.

7. Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Fox became known after participation in the trilogy "Back to the future". But in 1991, at the peak of his popularity, he disappeared. Michael recently became addicted to alcohol, and its interruption, many associated with this hobby. In fact, the actor began to have serious health problems. His diagnosis – Parkinson's disease. The doctor promised him a speedy recovery, moreover they are said to live Fox there are not more than 10 years. Michael never told anyone about his illness, only seven years later, he decided to open. He said he was forced to end her acting career, and all their forces put to fight the disease. However, he thinks not only about himself, the actor takes part in public life, for him it is important to prevent illness and to help other people.

6. Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine was married to Michael Douglas. He was her closest person and all his problems she experienced as their own. It is not surprising that her psyche could not withstand the load, and the actress started to have problems. Manic depression – a consequence of her experiences. But the woman did not tell about their illness to others. She successfully completed a course of treatment. Later, she finally decided on a desperate step, the actress convinced her husband. Catherine went for it just for the sake of the people are not afraid of mental illness, depression, and understood that they can be cured.

5. Alan Rickman

Alan began acting in films for more than thirty years ago. The older generation remembers for his role in the blockbuster "die hard", and the new fans know from the films of Harry Potter. In early 2016, fans were amazed by the news of his death. Alan died a little before their anniversary, he would have been 70 years old. The actor was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Alan asked his relatives not to tell anyone about his illness to the last minute nobody knew that he left quite a bit. Nobody even suspected about this terrible disease, Alan behaved, as usual, was optimistic, smiling and joking.

4. Michael C. Hall

After participating in the TV series "Dexter", Michael has become very popular. Not surprising, since the series is recognized as the most successful in the industry. However, fate was not so kind to the Hall, as it seemed at first glance. In his family there have been cases of serious illnesses, his father died of cancer at the age of 39 years. Michael also failed to avoid the disease. She was diagnosed in 2010 with Hodgkin's lymphoma – it was the sentence. However, Michael showed courage, he didn't panic, and continued shooting in "Dexter". About his health problems on the set, no one knew. Only when Michael went to the hospital, the public learned about his illness. Michael was able to overcome the disease, but from his pictures taken by the paparazzi after a course of chemotherapy, has "walked" in the network.

3. David Bowie

In addition to his musical career, David Bowie has been successful as an actor. The main roles he was given, but a cameo role and a secondary role, he played great. He had a very active life, from 1960 to 2000, he starred in films, musicals. Then the actor began to feel not very well, David retired. Atherosclerosis, heart attack, everyone knew that Bowie was sick, but didn't know how serious the disease after him. Everyone thought that this is a common age-related ailments, David was no longer young. Only when he died, his family said that the actor had liver cancer. He unsuccessfully fought with him for two years. Unfortunately, the disease won.

2. Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke became famous thanks to the participation in the "Game of thrones". In many films, she played a brave and strong women. Actually the girl prefers the tranquility, adventure and extreme sports do not involve it. But her life can not be called peaceful and calm. In 2015, the actress had an accident, she had a rupture of the aneurysm. This disease often occurs in people over 40 years old. The girl at the time was only 26 years old, diagnosed carefully concealed. Only after a while on this case out of the surrounding, colleagues and fans. Now Emilia is feeling well.

1. Robin Williams

Robin Williams committed suicide in 2014. This news stirred the public. No one imagined that the actor serious health problems. Robin was diagnosed with Parkinson's. This diagnosis was not disclosed, but the actor had no idea how it will exist with this disease, he didn't want to close saw turned his brain. The actor did not survive the disease, prolonged depression, bouts of disorientation and decided to go. His family are proud of this act, they find him very brave.

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