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10 stars who glory looked completely different


Every person is an ordinary being, nothing special. Of course, many fans tend to make idols of the favorite stars of show business, however, they are just ordinary people that proves their youth and beginning of career. Glory, a huge number of grim, exhausting diets and plastic surgery has greatly influenced the appearance of celebrities. The better formed career of the public man, the more he is forced to invest in your "presentation" (and it is now exactly consider the star look like the real product).

Sometimes it's nice to see photos of stars who were once cute children, funny Teens with glasses and braces, naive girls with a real genuine smile. It is this natural beauty is in fact like the majority of people, not mock gloss and artificiality of makeup and especially plastic experiments.

Consider the appearance of any 10 stars of show-business glory was completely different.

10. Jennifer Lopez

Famous latina Jenny in his youth looked like a mischievous teenager, and this "image" has contributed to the protruding lugs and open look. With the age of the woman, like good wine, has become much better look. She knows how to use high-quality workouts to keep the body fit and sexy. J. Lo also understands how a good makeup to emphasize your strengths and hide weaknesses. And hair allow you to hide protruding ears. Of course, on the way of becoming a diva is not just experimenting with looks, and sometimes made mistakes: too thin eyebrows, vulgar red lipstick, etc. But we also love the luxurious Lopez for her charisma, talent for dancing, songs and acting.

9. Snoop Dogg

Cordozar since childhood was a member of the Church choir and regularly played the piano – that's such a positive child. Already a young man Snoop began to learn the streets and even became a member of a gang distributing drugs. Several times he was arrested for possession of weapons and drugs, but this has not stopped talented guy to realize themselves in show business. Of course, this was reflected in the style of African-American stars. Of the sloven and the robber, Snoop Dogg has become a stylish sporty man, who shines on stage and in music videos thanks to a well-chosen image. The power of the Snoop accessories and bright clothes of free style "sport" and "casual".

8. Nicole Kidman

In their debut movies redhead Nicole appears to us a charming, chubby girl with a shock of curly hair on his head. Of course, a woman is unlikely to become a sex symbol, but she is at the beginning of your career and have not sought for it. The talent of the stars and a quick rise in career ladder made Kidman match, with the result that she resorted to the drastic change of image and even plastic surgery. Especially red hair actress that she replaced straight blonde tresses.

7. Megan Fox

Many men drool over a young actress, and not surprising, because Megan used all of that power to create an image closer to their ideal. Sexuality and comes from Megan – cat eyes, seductive full lips, haughty expression. For this effect had to radically change and shape the face, not once resorting to the services of a plastic surgeon. Has been redesigned and the nose, and Breasts removed konopaske cute, typical teenage face of the young Megan. Judging by the further efforts of the stars on these changes, it is not going to stop.

6. Madonna

Diva show-business is completely different from myself in my youth. At the dawn of a career lady Louise Ciccone something like the famous Marilyn Monroe, even the mole near the lips was noticeable. Madonna in her youth was a wonderful model, and dance classes and aerobics kept to old age chiseled figure. Over time, singer was fascinated by the suspenders and plasticity has drastically changed the hairstyle and the shape of the eyebrows.

5. Kylie Jenner

Younger sister Kim Kardashian is not going to keep up with the popular luxury sisters, so thoroughly took the changes in their appearance. Already 20 years in the list Kylie had surgery to increase buttocks and breast. Also the girl took the so-called "lumps bisha", and cheiloplasty (the operation to increase lip volume) is not even talking. Whether still will be, because the girl has not given his delicate skin and figure to enjoy natural flexibility and youth. I'm afraid such changes damage the biological data and can lead to health problems.

4. Lady Gaga

Flamboyant and extravagant, the singer only does that experiments with new images and their appearance. Perhaps this is due to inner complexes, it is the same young Gaga life was unremarkable ordinary girl, however with a firm and decorated body (which allowed her to earn a living). As soon as the singer "Dorval" to show business, then literally stopped to shoot a variety of fashionable wigs and crazy outfits, which sometimes do not tally with the logical idea of the style and image of the stars. And rumor has it that the star resorted to plastic several procedures.

3. Kim Kardashian

In his youth, Kim was very attractive and cute girl, which did not need any other resources to please men. And yet she felt that natural data is not enough, so I started to invest a lot of time, effort and money to purchase the desired image. Kardashian made a series of plastic surgery (buttock augmentation surgery, breast, nose reshaping, General plastic face). Kim also changed her hair line and hair, regularly uses a heavy layer of makeup just to stay at the peak of popularity.

2. Marilyn Monroe

In his youth, the future sex symbol on the planet was just a normal girl with a Normal slightly plump with the most ordinary appearance. Complexes have always been, so work was aimed at a radical change of image. So, Monroe early in his career became a bright blonde with a characteristic elegant hairstyle and spicy mole. This appearance at that time was considered extravagant and dazzling. Actress and singer claims that plastic never used, and we can readily believe her.

1. Marilyn Manson

Another Marilyn, the only man who rarely appears in public "without makeup". We don't know what inner demons and contradictions made the very ordinary young man, a teenager to radically revise their appearance – to grow and dye your hair, apply a ton of makeup on broken skin, paint on a face sad and shocking emotions. Interestingly, in Hollywood Manson is eligible bachelor and a heartthrob, can not be said, looking at his teenage pictures. It also became known that Marilyn had removed her teeth, putting in place a frightening platinum dentures. Fans get scared and happy at the same time, because the image of the singer is the key to its success.

Some stars had to radically change the appearance for the scene, others simply feel self-conscious of imperfections and with the money decided to get rid of the problems, and the third likes to shock the audience a variety of images. In any case, we value them primarily for the talent, not "marketable".

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