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10 stars who are not shy of his age


Old age is the worst thing that can happen in a woman's life. Society puts pressure on members of the fairer age, and natural process, namely, aging is considered something shameful. Many believe that the woman after 45 years, or even after 35 years – already anything is not good. And anyway, the old woman. But some of the stars refute this stereotype. Even a woman of 70 years can be wonderful and interesting. Jennifer Lopez celebrated this year its 50th year anniversary. But look at this woman. Men still go for her saddlebag. Age is just numbers. No need to pay attention to those who say that woman should be ashamed of your age and all by hook or by crook to hide it.

10. Larisa Dolina62

Singer Larisa Dolina was born in 1955. In September of this year the performer will be 63 years. But these numbers does not confuse the Valley. It seems that she's not even paying attention to them and still believes that she is still 30. The singer was born in Baku. Larisa Dolina sings pop jazz songs and sometimes plays the role of the actress. Valley decided on his future vocation in his early childhood when at the age of 12, first came on the scene. Then she decided for himself that he would dedicate his life to singing and music. In 1993, the singer was awarded the title "people's artist". Despite the fact that Larisa Dolina already wears the title of grandmother, she does not feel old. Valley loves tight outfits and shows off your figure.

9. Lyubov Uspenskaya63

Famous Patriotic singer 24 Feb 63 years. But, like all the celebrities in the ranking, Lubov Uspenskaya does not believe that she became old and already anything is not good. For the life of the singer, you can write novels and scripts. The fate of the assumption was filled with passionate romance, betrayal, immeasurable happiness and suffering. Love followed in the footsteps of his grandfather. He was a professional musician. The mother of the singer gave birth to her in jail and soon died. He brought up his daughter's grandmother and father. To teenage years Love was considered a grandmother to your mother. The assumption has always been a spectacular woman and she had a crowd of admirers. Even in the 63 years she looks fine. Slim trim figure and radiant smile – all the secrets of youth of the performer.

8. Irina Allegrova65 years

Irina Allegrova was born in the southern city of Rostov-on-don in 1952. On 20 January this year she turned 65. Allegrova was born in the family of the Director, the honored artist Alexander Sarkisov Allegrova and singer and actress Seraphim Sosnovskaya. It is not surprising that Irina Allegrova has linked his life with the scene. Irina always wants to be on top and look great. At 65, the singer is not shy about plunging necklines and short skirts. And it looks very organic. Is it possible to say, looking for a singer that age for women is hell.

7. Alla Pugacheva68 years

The Russian pop diva Alla Pugacheva has two young children and does not believe that it is time for her to retire. Pugacheva, despite 68 years old, likes to wear short shorts, skirts and mini dresses. Of course, age takes its toll and the singer is getting harder and harder to hide the wrinkles on the face. But even this does not bother the diva. Alla feels still young. She wears sneakers from Rihanna and trendy tracksuits. After all, the real age is not in the passport, present age in mind. How a person feels, as he looks.

6. Cher71

May 20 this year, the legendary singer and actress cher turned 71. For many, cher is still an idol and role model. It's hard to believe that such a striking woman in her youth, does not consider herself a beauty, and was critical of their appearance. Now cher has finished her musical career. But, despite the fact that the singer had gone to "retire" to call her the old lady did not turn the language. Their outfits cher shows off your figure and the plunging neckline and short skirt it does not bother. On the contrary. Cher is one of those women who are always young at heart. And most importantly.

5. Susan Sarandonis 71

World fame came to the actress Susan Sarandon after forty years. During this period, her filmography began to appear the most important role. In his youth, the actress was a model and frequently appeared on the covers of magazines. But now Susan Sarandon have something to show. The actress clearly does not feel his age and is not shy about his body. She appears on red carpets in skimpy outfits. That is to say, the actress a great figure and age is not a hindrance to look impressive. Those women who are afraid of old age, to take the example Sarandon. What age Susan was not exactly afraid.

4. Helen Mirrenin ' 72

British actress Helen Mirren is half Russian. Her real name is Elena Mironova. Helen's father was Russian, and English mother. In my ' 72 Helen is not shy about his body. Although the official events, the actress prefers modest, but elegant dresses, where her figure almost invisible. But if you find paparazzi pics of the actress, taken on the beach, very surprised. In 72 years to have a figure like hers is a dream of many women. Some 40 fails to look like that.

3. Goldie hawnin ' 72

Goldie hawn can give odds to many young girls, including his daughter actress Kate Hudson. In my ' 72 Goldie loves to surprise the public in a Frank dress, which shows the maximum naked body. In ordinary life, the actress wears ripped jeans, short shorts and skirts, sneakers, high heel shoes and tracksuits. And it is all the same, she's not a girl. Goldie hawn still feels young and beautiful. Goldie can serve as a great example for those girls who are still afraid to age.

2. Svetlana Svetlichnaya77 years

The deserved actress of Russia is known to many for her role of Anna Sergeyevna in the movie "the diamond arm". One of the most beautiful Actresses of Soviet and now can boast with its beauty. The actress is 77 years old, but she is not averse to show off shapely legs. That is why Svetlana often chooses attire without cleavage, but with very short skirts. Why hide what nature has awarded. This rule is guided and Svetlana Svetlichnaya. Indeed, let all see that age does not spoil a woman. And even at 77 years old wearing a mini skirt can look chic.

1. Sophia Lorenin ' 83

About Sophia Loren dreamed of millions of men all around the world. And millions of women wanted to be like her. Hot Italian Sophia Loren is still considered one of the most beautiful and sexy women. Even in his 83 years, Sophia Loren is very attractive and sexy. Looking at her it seems that time has stopped. And she wants to show the world that you are still young. Sophia Loren can afford deep cleavage, short and tight dresses. It is unknown what is her secret, but I guess every woman dreams to 83 years look like Italian actress. Sophia Loren has destroyed the stereotype of the aging woman.

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