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10 stars who look scruffy in real life


For many people stars are not only heroes, but role models. Especially in terms of style. Celebrities are constantly under the gun cameras. One bad shot – and the career can go downhill. But as for appearance, everything is not so categorical. And many celebrities go outside in sloppy form. Or with dirty hair. But the stars are the same people and can't look at 100 twenty-four hours a day. They also want to take out of the closet first thing and not to bother about how they will look.

10. Vanessa Paradis

Famous French model, singer and actress Vanessa Paradis is famous for its unusual appearance. She repeatedly appeared on the covers of fashion magazines. But work is work, and there Vanessa need to look stunning. But in ordinary life it is the same person as all. And she doesn't want to stand for hours near the wardrobe to choose an outfit for a basic trip to the store. Vanessa just takes some clothes and puts on her. And let it not always looks nice, the main thing that the girl was comfortable. Vanessa shines on the red carpet, and in life prefers simple and lax images. Not always it looks beautiful, but it is safe to say that the girl in such clothes very convenient.

9. Mila Kunis

Mila kunis has Ukrainian roots. And even bad talking in Russian. Because of this, the actress seems to many so dear and clear, unlike other American stars. On the red carpet she looks amazing always. Her beautiful figure and attractive appearance. But in ordinary life Mila regularly forget to wash and iron the clothes. In and out in a bad way on the street. And it does not bother. Well, actually, there special? Mila doesn't want to dress up in real life – it is her right. In the end, if Mila was all happy, then who are we to judge the actress. Better once again to watch movies with Mila kunis than to condemn her for her carelessness in everyday life.

8. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan's problems are not with the style, and with alcohol and illicit substances. At least it used to be. Because of this, the girl had often appeared in public in dirty clothes, with dishevelled hair and not the most attractive appearance. But now that the crisis lyndsey's life is over, special cleanliness, it is no different. She occasionally puts in instagram pictures where you can see a terrible mess in the apartment of the actress. As you can see from the pictures, the girl hasn't brought a General cleaning of the house. The room scattered debris and dirty clothes. Lindsay prefers not to bother cleaning and appears on the street in wrinkled, stretched clothes. But all this seems to be quite satisfied.

7. Julia Roberts

The star of the films "Pretty woman" and "Runaway bride" Julia Roberts has long been recognized as one of the most attractive and talented women. The actress numerous awards, including an Oscar for "Best actress". Julia Roberts always looks perfect on the red carpet, shining in dazzling outfits. But in the life of Julia – a very ordinary man. The actress, like most people, do not bother about their appearance. The most important thing is comfort. So often allows itself to appear with disheveled hair and stretched clothes. In such clothes, can not know the actress, because everyone was used to seeing her in full dress.

6. Matthew Perry

The star of the legendary TV series "Friends" Matthew Perry early in his career was a very attractive man. Due to injury the actor was attributed to strong painkillers. After that, Matthew started to have problems with alcohol and drugs. In an interview, the actor admitted that due to the function he does not remember shooting about three seasons of friends. Addiction has an effect on the appearance of the actor. He has visibly aged. During the filming of the series "the Kennedys" make-up artists had to put Matthew on complex make-up to hide his unhealthy appearance.

5. Britney Spears

A few years ago, Britney Spears was the star. She was loved around the world and wanted to emulate. But at one point, the singer had a nervous breakdown. Britney managed to get in shape and even start again to make albums, but the consequences of a nervous breakdown have not gone away. The singer can often be seen on the street, sloppily dressed and with disheveled hair. This files most often on the street Britney appears in old tracksuits. Yes, in the appearance of the effects of a nervous breakdown negatively. Skin sagged and bought rough painful shade. The singer even turned to return to the stage, but the former appeal was recovered.

4. Jennifer Garner

Problems with appearance, Jennifer garner started after the marriage with Ben Affleck and the birth of a child. The actress became less likely to act in films, and increasingly appearing on the street in worn and faded things. Of course, Jennifer can understand. She had a baby and focused on his education. And, like any young mother, the actress was less time for myself. And while the baby is much easier to walk in the old tracksuit. But it lasted as long as Ben and Jennifer decided to divorce. After a divorce, the actress has again started to monitor their appearance and no longer appear in crumpled old things.

3. Kristen Stewart

Despite what many people think Kristen is a bad actress and not the most attractive woman, she is still considered one of the most beautiful Actresses in Hollywood. Kristen has some amazing personality that it is impossible not to fall in love. At official events the actress prefers to wear tight dresses that accentuate the figure of a girl. But in real life she prefers a casual style. Kristen loves the stretched t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. In ordinary life, the comfort, and the slim dresses best reserved for formal events. Kristen is Holy adhere to this rule and seldom departs from it.

2. Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten dunst prefers to lead a secluded life and rarely appears at social events. The actress does not like excessive attention to his person, tries to be less likely to catch the eye of paparazzi. But Kirsten is not always possible to remain unnoticed. It is often "caught" on the street. Although at first the actress is difficult to know. She often appears with dirty messy hair, stretched things. And one day the paparazzi managed to film an actress walking down the street, barefoot.

1. Madonna

Madonna has long been a style icon. Her stage images are still copying a singer. Madonna has always been famous for his extravagant style. But in real life, the singer takes a break from his image. The street singer can be confused with a bum. Although this style was a few years back in fashion, Madonna he liked it so much that she now wears the same thing. Important thing is to be practical. And can off and on the stage. It adheres to this principle Madonna, going to the store or just for a walk in the Park.

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