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10 stars who never got plastic surgery and look great


More and more women in the pursuit of youth and beauty go under the knife. And if ordinary people engage in this, what can we say about the stars. They always have to look perfect, to be young and beautiful. But not all famous women adhere to this point of view. Some of them prefer not to hide your age, and accept it with dignity. For them, the youth with the help of plastic are unacceptable, they do not argue with nature. However, always look great, though, and his age.

10. Cate Blanchett

Not so long ago the actress turned 49 years old, but her beauty did not fade with age. She's tall, slim, plastic. Although it is recognized that to maintain the figure she doesn't really stand out. In her life there is no place for diets, sports she enjoys. The only thing I like to engage Kate is Pilates. For the face and body she looks carefully. Her faithful companions – beach umbrella and sunscreen. Blanchett does not accept plastic surgeries and artificial implants. It condemns those who dare. In her opinion, an actress should be able to show feelings, if put on a mask, it is unlikely to succeed. Even her husband joked that if Kate settled on the plastic, he will divorce her.

9. Julia Roberts

In all the interviews the actress admits that the plastic would make never agreed. She can afford dessert, love sports, but not make it mandatory conscription. And slender body and beautiful face – the merit of genes, so says Roberts. Besides, with the appearance of Julia watch the beauty they find her a suitable cosmetics for body care and face, and as she says "whispers the secrets of beauty." These tweaks help her to remain attractive. There are still a few beauty secrets – yoga, pleasant thoughts and positive emotions. Although often the actress reflects on what she jeopardizes his career. Many Hollywood stars lose their jobs, if not agree, at the next facelift. Julia will never agree to plastic.

8. Eva Longoria

Plastic surgeons recognize that the body of Eva Longoria among the top three most copied. But she plastic never used. Her path to the ideal figure was not easy, she had a lot of work. She is actively involved in sports, dieting also does not neglect. For Facials, the actress uses all kinds of masks, creams, mandatory procedure – oil face massage. The actress often shares his fear of wrinkles. But while they successfully fight of photorejuvenation. Eva regularly visits beauty salons.

7. Brigitte Bardot

She was a sex symbol of an era. Many celebrities would be in its place decided on plastic surgery. But not Bridget. She prefers to age with dignity. Brigitte Bardot refuses, not only from surgical intervention, but also from many salon treatments, "beauty shots". She looks natural, her face is covered with wrinkles. Some accuse her that she failed to preserve the beauty. By the way, Bridget 83. And for her age she looks pretty good. The actress prefers to spend their money not for the mythic youth, and to help the animals.

6. Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore also chooses naturalness. In its 57 she looks attractive and sexy. She does not judge people who decide to prolong youth, but the use of such methods will not. The woman is going to live to be 100 years old, the aging process takes normally. She has her own program of care for face and body. She enjoys Pilates and yoga. Cosmetics the actress chooses a natural. In her wash bag in the first place sunscreen. Another beauty secret from Julianne is the love of ourselves.

5. Jodie Foster

This smart and beautiful woman refused to do plastic surgery when the first wrinkles. She remained true to her principles and now and admits she would not have gone to a plastic surgeon, even for advice. In her eyes clearly visible wrinkles, Jody loves to smile. Their beauty it supports the normal ways, the actress eats right and loves physical activity, caring for face and body. For her to make a plastic surgery, it means to admit that you feel dissatisfaction with himself and ashamed of their appearance.

4. Sigourney Weaver

The actress is 68 years old, but she as before charm. She admits that she supports the appeal of natural means. Her secrets: vitamins, nutritional supplements, sport, nutrition and sex. What love life this list is not in last place. Sigourney weaver says that sex is important for health and beautiful appearance. For surgical procedures it is quite negative. She doesn't understand people, who decided on them. According to her, their faces look like masks, do not Express emotions. Although estheticians she has advised to address to anti-aging treatments, the actress is adamant.

3. Sharon Stone

Sharon stone at 60 still has beauty. It is often accused that she did plastic surgery. But the actress says the opposite – she's a supporter of natural beauty. When she was 55 years old, she began to receive many proposals from plastic surgeons for improving facial contours and its rejuvenation. Stone agreed. Sharon has their tricks for beauty of body and face. The actress regularly sports, practiced separate meals. Completely abandoned the bad habits. Keep your skin smooth helps a daily care and careful use of decorative cosmetics. The skin should rest. The proprietary secret of the actress is bathing in sea salt, milk and honey.

2. Monica Bellucci

At 53 Monica Bellucci looks young and attractive. Its appearance does not give the age. The secrets of her youth in the turbulent sex, peaceful sleep and proper nutrition. In a press interview Monica admitted that she will never go under the knife. But the actress is actively using cosmetic procedures, so the youthful face: full lips, high eyebrows, no forehead wrinkles and the corners of his eyes. Of course age changes did not pass by her: hernia of the eyelids, sagging skin on the neck. But for her it's not scary. She's not shy about his appearance and still posing for a candid photoshoot. The main secret of beauty Monica calls the love of life.

1. Salma Hayek

The actress is focusing more not external, but internal beauty. She's not afraid of age-related changes and ready to accept it with dignity. The aging process is inevitable and Salma Hayek understands it. No doubt she wants to look good and struggling with age. It does not believe in Botox and plastic surgery. Salma calls them "uniform generation" and admits that it looks ugly. She herself does not use such services, but no one will give her more than 40. The actress has a whole Arsenal of tricks to improve the appearance. These are simple techniques that any woman. She can train when she brushes her teeth. For hair care uses the means at hand: what makes the masks from mayonnaise and egg yolk hair rinse Apple cider vinegar. According to the actress, the elasticity of the skin depends on nutrition, you need to include fats. All of these tricks Salma in childhood taught my grandmother.

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