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10 stars who gave birth from husbands


The birth of a child from another man is not uncommon among celebrities. Men are willing to change their wives with whom they have lived for many years, young Actresses, singers and models. In most cases, nothing good is not finished. But there are couples who, despite condemnation of society, remain together and create a strong family. But this is the exception rather than the rule. Still, betrayal is always betrayal. But even this does not prevent the star to seduce other people's husbands, to give birth to them, and to withdraw from the family. And the star men can not resist and not to have affair with other women.

10. Albina Dzhanabaeva

The novel Valery Meladze and his ex-soloist of the girl band VIA Gra Albina Dzhanabaeva started long ago, when the singer was still married. The affair lasted many years and he lived for two families. When dzhanabaeva gave birth to her first child, many have suggested that the father is Valery. The boy was named Constantine, as was shown later, after the eldest brother of the contractor. But neither the singer nor dzhanabaeva in any way did not comment on the rumors about the birth of the child. Only 6 years later, after the birth of his son, he acknowledged his paternity publicly. Followed by a scandalous divorce from his first wife. And in 2014 Meladze and dzhanabaeva got married. In 2014 the couple had a second son.

9. Oksana Grigorieva

Russian pianist took the famous actor and Director Mel Gibson Robin Moore, with whom he lived for 31 years. After Robin saw the divorce papers, she filed a lawsuit and sued the ex-husband half of the state. But Mel himself is not much upset of this loss and continued an affair with a pianist. After her divorce from Robyn, Oksana and Mel were married. In 2009, Oksana gave birth to Gibson's daughter. But the marriage did not last long. Shortly after the birth of a child, the spouses filed for divorce. According to Oksana, the reason was the explosive nature of the actor and his love for the budding owner. And after the recent scandals associated with his name, not that hard to believe Oksana.

8. Svetlana Ivanova

Russian actress Svetlana Ivanova in 2012 for the first time became a mother. But parenting a girl for a long time silent. However, before the birth rumors that Ivanova's relationship with Director Janik Fayzieva. When information about the father daughter Ivanova began to leak to the media, the Director was married and had two children. In 2015, the truth was revealed, and Faiziev acknowledged. But for many, this news came as a shock. In one interview she admitted that Janik is the best man in the world and it combines only noble quality. He's smart, kind and honest. That is what Svetlana loved him. Ivanov and Faiziev met in 2011 in the movie "August. Eighth," where the actress played the main role. After this, and began an office romance between Him and Svetlana.

7. Eva Polna

Singer Eva Polna long concealed, who is the father of her first daughter. And all because of the fact that a few years ago she spun a passionate affair with a married man and gave birth. But the truth was revealed when singer Denis Klyaver invited to transfer "Let speak" where he live admitted that he is the father of daughters of eve. The singer found out about it the next day when her phone started ringing off the hook from journalists. She even said that the Denis it was a betrayal, because they agreed to hide paternity. But despite this, the dipole and the Klyaver has maintained a friendly relationship.

6. Anastasia Slanevskaya (Glory)

Businessman Anatoly Danilitskiy and singer Slava met in 2001. The singer is so strongly attracted to the businessman that he has long tried to get her location, despite the fact that he was married. In the end, the Glory of the surrendered, and in 2011 gave birth to Anatoly daughter Antonina. Fans of the singer began to hope that the pair finally get married, but danilecki and Glory continued to cohabit. It was the fact that the businessman is still not divorced from his first wife. But in 2017, the Glory that is for the businessman to get married next year.

5. Svetlana Khorkina

Athlete Svetlana Khorkina met with the father of her child Svyatoslav in 1997. He became a businessman Cyril shubsky. When I first met the businessman was married to actress Vera Glagoleva and raised her three children. After meeting with the athlete Cyril lived for two families. Khorkina he repeatedly promised to divorce his wife and marry her. But it never happened. In 2005, Khorkina flew away to give birth in an American clinic. It insisted Sumska, in order not to provoke rumors about his infidelity. The athlete gave birth under a different name. He subsky did not recognize the child and the relationship came to an end. Only many years later after the birth at the insistence of Svetlana businessman had to admit that he's the father Svyatoslav.

4. Yuliya Snigir

In 2015, the media started to actively discuss the personal life of actor Yevgeny Tsyganov. He left a pregnant seventh child wife for an unknown girl. First thought it was Julia Peresild, which they starred together at the time. But the other woman was another actress Yuliya Snigir. As it turned out, she was already pregnant by him. Snigir birth in 2016. While many doubted that my father is Roma, although the employees of one of the Registrar is confirmed. And recently began to spread rumors that the actors are going to get married.

3. Yevgeniya Dobrovolskaya

Yevgeniya Dobrovolskaya can boast that she has four children. But every child she had with different men. The third son, Ian, had a baby girl a married man the actor Yaroslav Boyko. Acquaintance with the man occurred during work on the painting "the Suspect" in 2011. Then the partners began filming the novel, in which Eugene became pregnant. The actor is linked marriage with the Lithuanian dancer. In 2002 the couple had a son. Shortly after birth Jaroslav was done with Dobrovolskaya and went back to his wife.

2. Yulia Peresild

The actress of theatre and cinema Yulia Peresild two daughters. For a long time she was silent about who is the father of her daughters. But recently, the actress admitted that the father of Anya and Masha – the Director Alexey Uchitel. Some time later the Director confirmed the information and acknowledged paternity. The girl met up with Alex after the approval of role in his painting "the Prisoner" in 2007. Between Yulia and Alexei immediately established a warm relationship that could not fail to notice colleagues. At the time of meeting with the Teacher actress was married to producer Kira Sachanski and raised along with her two sons.

1. Yelena Shanina

Actress Yelena Shanina met the father of his daughter with Alexander zbrueva while working in "Lenkom". Their romance lasted for many years. At the moment of meeting the actor was married and had a daughter Natalia. But despite giving birth to an illegitimate child, the actor did not divorce his wife. And Elena did not insist on the divorce. She claimed that she accept this relationship. In fact, the Zbruev lived for two families. But illegitimate daughter Tatiana, he never gave up, and the girl lived, surrounded by love and attention of parents. Tatiana walked in the footsteps of parents and became an actress.

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