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Top 10 best books of 2015


Modern literature is not static and is constantly evolving. Each year readers choose the best books and 2015 is no exception. In the ranking of the readers were the most interesting literary works, which are best delivered and sold in 2015 and have become real bestsellers in different countries.

10. Jaume Cabra. I confess

This book also ranked in the top 10 most widely read works of 2015. Although this novel Jaume Cabra was published in 2011 and had already been well-received by critics and won the hearts of readers. But only in 2015, this work was translated into Russian language. The novel tells about a creative and gifted man who in his old age learned about Alzheimer's disease. This illness forced him to rethink his life. He was afraid that all his memories which are so dear may disappear in a jiffy. That's why he wanted to capture all the bright and significant events in his life, yet the memory has not left him.

9. David Cronenberg. Used

The debut novel by the famous Hollywood Director David Cronenberg was also included in the ranking of the readers. It is interesting and mysterious and exciting and unpredictable plot. Naomi and Nathan are working in the media, they are successful journalists, and also lovers. In search of sensations they travel around the world, so intersect in hotels, at airports. Nathan tries to write a story about an underground surgeon, who lives in Budapest, and Naomi knows the fate of interesting and extravagant spouses, torn between Tokyo and Paris. As a result, their stories mysteriously intertwine. Mystery, international conspiracy, sophisticated sex games, intricate plot – all of these elements made the novel a bestseller.

8. Narine Abgaryan. From the sky fell three apples

Without this interesting and a little sad novel has not done the top 10 most interesting books published in 2015. In it the author Narine Abgaryan says about Armenia, life and death, about an abandoned village, in which live some of the Starks. Their fates are intertwined, they are riddled with unfortunate events. The villagers have a strong spirit, each of them interesting in its own way. Despite the tragic events that took place in my life, they have not forgotten how to laugh both at themselves and over events that do not change.

7. Sally Green. Half code

This book took a decent seventh place in the ranking of readers, because it was the most-anticipated fiction of Sally green, who fell in love with not only teenagers but also adults. In this novel a mixed bag: people and witches, good and evil, hatred and sacrifice. Some even compare it with the "Harry Potter". It really is a fascinating fiction, which did not deceive General expectations.

6. Robert Galbraith. Career of evil

This work, included in the top 10 of the best works of 2015, is the last part of the detective trilogy of the author, who invented the world famous "Harry Potter" by J. K. Rowling, and co-author Robert Galbraith. The detective, the detective is taken for a complicated case with his assistant. She gets a strange package someone sent her a severed human leg. A detective takes on the case and investigating it in parallel with the police. In his mind there are several suspects. Together with his assistant he tries to get on the trail of ill-maniac and prevent his evil plans.

5. Boris Akunin. Planet water

The book included in the ranking of readers, 2015 is the last of the series written by Boris Akunin, which is dedicated to the famous detective Fandorin. Particularly this work will be interesting to those who have read other books from this series. They received good reviews and this detective could not remain unnoticed.

4. Frederic Beigbeder. Una and Salinger

Another product under the tag "18" entered the top 10 best books of 2015. In it the author Frederic Beigbeder talks about the beautiful novel of writer Jerry Salinger and Oona O'neill, she is the daughter of a famous playwright. Their passionate love lasts very long. A young writer is forced to leave his sweetheart and go to the front, and una, meanwhile, not only gets the lead role in movie Charlie Chaplin, but also becomes his wife. The writer returns home, but there is no one waiting and he begins to write his most famous work.

3. Paul Hawkins. The girl on the train

In the ranking of the readers got a wonderful debut work Floors Hawkins, which became a bestseller in many countries. The novel is written in the style of Hitchcock thrillers. A girl sits from day to day in the same train and passes by beautiful country houses. She loves to watch having Breakfast in one of these cosy houses a couple that seems perfect for her. But once the illusion is crumbling, she sees something shocking and said to the police. After that in her life begin to occur terrible events.

2. Haruki Murakami. Curu of colorless Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage

Novel of famous writer Haruki Murakami takes the second place in our ranking of the top 10 most interesting works, released in 2015. In the piece we are talking about a man who is very lonely, he tries to understand the mysterious past, because she can't understand why 16 years ago, his fate changed and turned away from him. Many years later he decided to go in search of truth, he will meet with his past life face to face, but only so he can find himself.

1. Chuck Palahniuk. To the tips

Book the bestselling author of "Fight club" by Chuck Palahniuk is recognized as the best for the year 2015 by readers. In the novel, tells about a girl who works in a law office and devoid of personal life. But suddenly, at dinner with the continuation of her invites a billionaire. They do unforgettable in her life sex. All is good, but the girl learns that she was only a Guinea where he had sex toys, which plans to release for sale. Girl wants to break the insidious plans of pervert, but how to do it?

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