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10 stars who walk with Bryl on the face and not in a hurry to the surgeon


The stars are always the standard of fashion and beauty. It is their preference we orientirueshsya when considering what kind of cream for facial wrinkles purchase for the winter season or what coat to buy for the spring. The appearance of our idols is their calling card to the world of show business. We used to see on the red carpet, or the covers of trend magazines are flawless beauties, who can boast a perfect figure and a fresh face. However, with age, we all get older, and there are celebrities who do not struggle with wvedeniami skin. Every star that we see with Bryl on the face, there are reasons why she never corrects imperfections with surgical intervention.

10. Jennifer Aniston

Actress full-bodied, and we remember that since the days when she starred in "Friends". Jen in the nineties could refuse and not to give the role of the famous Rachel, if she hadn't dropped about 10 pounds. And aniston were such significant steps throughout his career. Now, as she says, she can afford to no longer worry about the extra weight and imperfections. Therefore, the plastic and the micro-operation, which she was fond of in his youth, in the past. Many experienced stress, 2 divorce and age make themselves felt ever-young aniston now looks at your lawful age 49.

9. Kate Middleton

Royal Protocol dictates that Kate regularly visit the beautician. However, apparently, the Duchess is limited in the treatment room are pretty standard things peeling, facial massage and cleansing. We can see that Kate doesn't use surgical services and is in no hurry to inject into the cheeks Botox. Meanwhile, the habit of constantly smiling, left the Royal person of the furrow of the lip, thin skin made itself felt saggy cheeks and shadows under the eyes of the royals. In any case, the British managed to love Kate and consider her an icon of beauty, femininity and naturalism. And the fact that Middleton is not going to go under the knife and make numerous braces, even gives people more respect for the Duchess of Cambridge.

8. Meg Ryan

What plastic surgery has not done in his entire life with the person Meg! However, all this she did in his youth, when, by and large, surgical intervention was not necessary. And now, when the face began to fade, Meg somehow limited to cosmetic procedures and moving away from the Botox. Now the actress doesn't come sensible suggestions about movies, and in the press, she began to appear much less frequently. Perhaps the time has come when she decided to take pity on the face after years of operations and not to go under the knife for the career.

7. Kate Moss

Recently on Kate barrage of criticism over what was once incredibly popular top model has ceased to follow him. Fans noted the constant fluctuations in weight, crow's feet around the eyes and flews. The reason for such a drastic change in Kate's life is on the surface more recently, moss suffered from severe alcohol addiction and finally beat it. The illness and long period of treatment left its mark on the face of the model and actress, but now the celebrity is no longer worried. The most important thing for women is now it's own health and personal life. And visits to the surgeon can be postponed.

6. Kate Winslet

Kate is very active facial expressions, she always plays diverse roles and without a trace motivation. All of these factors very affect the face, which Kate looks very tired. That is why the actress is often hinted that the time would come to grips with the face and make the last lift. But Kate, apparently, did not want to change. The actress a few years ago, became again a mother, she is happily married, and the closest love her for who she is. Plus, Kate flews on her face did not stop to cherished a good role, so the Oscar-winning star isn't rushing to plastic surgeons and continues smiling radiantly fans with screens.

5. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz has always been an active supporter of natural beauty. She even spoke out against women's shaving hair. It is not surprising that the actress is very easy to own withering skin. She always said that distrustful of plastic surgery, which can cause the skin to tragic consequences. Bryli Cameron had noticeable a long time, but they did not interfere career Diaz. And now it's been a year after the statement of the actress that she is leaving the world of cinema forever. Now she doesn't have a reason to visit plastic surgeons.

4. Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian in the series about his family are often seen guzzling the food. Because of this, many accused the girl of overeating. But Courtney always knows what to answer critics. She says she eats a lot, but only the right foods. However, she does not resort to surgical intervention and tends to keep a good figure through exercise. And as for the face, the last time fans noted the girl flews, but Kardashian said that takes in the morning collagen supplements that will make the face look smoother.

3. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is only 26 years old, but her face is already noticeable flews. Most often it is the problem of the girls are older, but it's hard to blame Selena for this. The girl is a real workaholic, and irregular sleep, irregular meals and constant work has led Selena to such consequences ahead of time. In addition, she is known for her tendency to gain weight. Selenium can dramatically gain weight, and also cutting it to drop, and her skin is not elastic enough to adapt to such frequent changes.

2. Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci is aging really nicely. She openly declares that he is not afraid of age-related changes of face and figure, so not in a hurry to an appointment to a plastic surgeon. The actress is taking advantage of wrinkles and flews and treats them with humor. Monica laughingly said that are expecting their own menopause because critical give any woman a lot of discomfort. Fans have great respect for the actress for her choice to be natural and not to feel embarrassed about your own age.

1. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman with youth is known for her "bags" under the eyes. And it's not aging, but a simple structure of the orbit of the actress. As soon as in the life of Natalie, a period of active shooting occurs, or one or the other stressful situation, these "bags" become more visible. The problem can be solved very simply, it costs only a couple of times to visit the surgeon. However, Natalie, apparently, feels good and is in no hurry to go under the surgical knife in the pursuit of the perfect face.

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