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Top 10 Best books by A. S. Pushkin


Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin is known not only as a poet but also a novelist. He is one of the founders of Russian realism in literature. He is the author of hundreds of poems and dozens of pieces of art. Best books by Pushkin, the list of which is located below are a list of required reading in school and higher education.

10. The stationmaster

The stationmaster opens the list of the best works of Alexander. The plot revolves around the daughter of a stationmaster Dunya. It looks incredibly beautiful. It falls in love with wealthy hussar by the name of Minsk. To linger at the station he refers to the fact that ill. Thus, he wants to buy time and get to meet with Dunya. He fraudulently takes the girl with him and she becomes his kept woman. Unable to bear the loss of her daughter, the girl's father becomes an inveterate drunkard and die.

9. Boris Godunov

"Boris Godunov" is one of the best books of Pushkin with a historical twist. The creation of the play the author pushed the reading "the History of the Russian state". The work is dedicated to the whole period of the reign of Boris Godunov. The writing of the tragedy was a turning point in the work of the writer when he moves away from romanticism to realism. The main character of the play stands the common people, on which depends the fate of the whole state. One of the main themes observed in the work of the government and people.

8. Prisoner of the Caucasus

"Prisoner" is included in the list of the best poems written by Alexander Pushkin. The plot revolves around a young hero, which is characterized by indifference to everything around him Prisoner despite his age tired of living, have lost their former love. But no matter what he yearns for freedom. The second main face of the poem – a Circassian woman who falls crazy in the young prisoner and is ready to go for him at all. All events works unfolds against the backdrop of an incredibly beautiful Caucasian landscapes.

7. The tale of the dead Princess and the seven knights

"The tale of the dead Princess and the seven knights" − a work written by Pushkin, inspired by Russian folk tales. The king is out. At this time his wife dies after giving birth birth to a daughter. After grieving for a year, the king finds another Queen. Externally, the new wife is beautiful but inside is very cruel and treacherous. She has a magic mirror with which she speaks. The Queen is constantly looking at himself looking at it and asking about whether it is all the more beautiful in the world. The mirror tells her that there is none better in the world. But there comes a moment when the mirror says that there is on earth a more beautiful person than she is. The Queen is enraged and ready to do everything to ruin her.

6. Dubrovsky

Dubrovskiy − Pushkin's artwork is included in the list of the most popular. The plot revolves around a loving couple – Vladimir Dubrovskiy and Mary Troyekurov. They belong to the landed families, who are together a feud for many years. Masha's father is going to marry her off to Prince Vereisky. Dubrovsky is trying to prevent this marriage. Vladimir and Masha collude and build a plan to avoid this. A young man arrives for a sweetheart at a fixed time, but is too late. Further events develop not in favor of Dubrovsky.

5. Peasant girl

"Peasant girl" is on the list of most famous books written by Aleksandr Sergeyevich. The plot revolves around the daughter of a wealthy landowner, Liza muromskaya that hefty likes to popocatpetl. She's pretending to be a peasant maid to become closer to Alex Nesterovo, with whom the girl's father do not get along. Lisa far-fetched to me gives the impression of uneducated girls, with education which begins to engage Alex. It comes in awe of how capable and quick learner his ward. A young man falls in love with the young maid, and has intentions to marry her. Alex is surprised and comes to an even greater admiration of his sweetheart when he finds out about her origins.

4. The Queen of spades

"Queen of spades" − one of the most popular novels written by Alexander Pushkin. The work was repeatedly screened. In the story the writer reveals the theme of fortune. The protagonist of the book Hermann is of German origin leads everyday life and gradually collects savings. One day his friend tells a story about his grandmother, who lost all his property at cards. She wanted to take the money borrowed from the same graph, but that instead of financial support reveals to her the secret of three cards which are sure to win. Thanks to them, the Countess returns to her all his property, left in the Navara. This story played with the main character a fatal joke. The desire to see what this card is for Herrmann obsession and leads to a madhouse.

3. The tale of Tsar Saltan

"The tale of Tsar Saltan" is a book written by the great master of Russian word. The book talks about the marriage of Tsar Saltan and the future birth of his son named Prince Guidon. Due to the machinations of relatives aunts Guidon is on a desert island. There he meets a powerful witch, known as the Swan Princess. Thanks to her, the main character is once again next to his father and becomes a powerful ruler.

2. The captain's daughter

"Captain's daughter" − one of the best books of Pushkin. The genre – historical romance. The actions in the book are connected with the period of the rebellion of the don Cossack Yemelyan Pugachev. Protagonist of a literary work stands Pyotr Andreyevich Grinyov. The elderly landowner tells about the events of his past life. The father directs him to the service. At this time, the fate of his drives with Pugachev, when he was not famous and was known as an ordinary Cossack. He agrees to hold the landlord in bad weather to coaching. In gratitude for this green award of the coat. Arriving at the service, Peter met with Masha Mironova, who is the daughter of the commandant. Further events of the novel largely tied to the relations of young people.

1. Eugene Onegin

"Eugene Onegin" heads the list best books by Alexander Pushkin. The most popular work by the master of words has been recognized not only in Russia but also abroad. This is the first Russian novel, written in verse. The work was carried out by the writer for the last seven years. The work describes the events, covering the period from 1819 to 1825. This time period was marked by such incidents as the defeat of Napoleon's army, and then the Decembrist revolt. The storyline connected with love story. A feature of the work of criticism to point out what each of the chapters has a complete sense and could well be the last in the novel.

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