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10 stars who don't learn without make-up


Celebrities all the times. Their appearance of the matter discussed in the media. Someone got fat on a few pounds, someone went outside without makeup. Although in the latter case, to know some can be difficult. After all makeup artists are not only putting on makeup, they completely change the faces of some celebrities. Even every girl knows that makeup can change drastically. What can we say about the stars, which have at their disposal the best make-up artists. Fans often can't imagine how their idol in real life. Below is the list of celebrities, which you just don't recognize without makeup.

10. Conchita Wurst

Conchita – stage image Austrian singer Thomas Neuwirth. He looks pretty shocking. The perfect smooth complexion, glossy lips, vividly painted eyes, long fluffy eyelashes and beard. Yes beard Thomas also wears before the performance. All the makeup goes from 1.5 to 3 hours. But without makeup is an ordinary young man. He looks very attractive. Fans believe that without a beard he's much better. Beard Thomas Neuwirth own. But Thomas goes on about the fans, because without the beard, the way Conchita will be unfinished. Having met this young man on the street or in the store, you can hardly see in it a similarity with the outrageous pop diva.

9. Heidi Klum

The German supermodel is not shy about his natural appearance and sometimes allows himself to go out without makeup. After that her photos without makeup freely "walk" on the network, and cause very mixed reviews. Some say 45-year-old celebrity looks much older than his years, even calling her a lady. Others find her attractive without makeup. Maybe fans are just used to seeing the star "on parade". It is very brightly painted, often focuses on the eyes. So no bright colors, her face seems expressionless. That face ordinary women. And you need to give credit to Heidi, for the skin she is caring, no obvious wrinkles or circles under the eyes it does not.

8. Marilyn Manson

But the famous rocker Marilyn Manson without makeup is very difficult to catch. Scenic image of Marilyn is very loud. Dark lips, different eyes, an excess of black eyeliner, black circles under the eyes, lifeless complexion. The paparazzi have long tried to capture it in its natural form, but none have succeeded. Until one day at the airport, he is not "caught" one lucky photographer. But in 2016 Manson starred in the series in the role of a waiter. There he looked humble, almost without makeup. No one could learn in a normal brown-eyed man with red hair a shock-rocker.

7. Rihanna

30-year-old beauty is very bright and sexy looks on stage. Bright lips, heavily painted eyes, causing outfits. But lately, the girl stands up for natural beauty. And then she appears without makeup at different events, on the street. But according to experts, the natural is a fake. The girl just applied as close to natural makeup. Photos where Rihanna is really no trace of makeup, is not encouraging. Grayish skin tone, dark circles under the eyes. But fans of the singer love her and such, they claim that the girl is good in all images.

6. Rupaul

Rupaul became the most popular broadcaster in the United States. This six-foot man dressed as a woman. He has 11 albums of his own television show. Of course, that, having met him without makeup, no one recognizes him as a drag Queen. In addition, the way it changes all the time, he is in the role of attractive blondes, bright brunettes. Rupaul was due to the gloss and glamour. The image of the sexy Queen with the perfect makeup and hairstyle was his gold mine, rupaul began to earn good money. Some were not even aware that they face not a woman. In everyday life this dark-skinned bald man a little like a Queen

5. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga called the Queen of monsters. The girl and then shocking the audience with her strange outfits and unusual provocative makeup. She is always bright and unusual painted eyes, and the shadow used the most unimaginable shades. So no one had imagined what a star looks like without makeup. But a few years after appearing on stage, the singer finally showed his face. This is a common girl. On the photo where she is without makeup, you can see skin imperfections and shadows under the eyes. But lady Gaga is just a stage image, and it does not require a celebrity in life apply to face tons of makeup.

4. Mila Kunis

Mila kunis, a famous actress, one of the brightest girls of Hollywood. But in the press there are often pictures of her without makeup where she, to put it mildly, not like himself. She has very expressive eyes, when they painted, the girl looks amazing. Without makeup attention is drawn to the imperfections, not the beauty of the eyes. The actress looks like she walked all night and did not sleep. Or is it just a coincidence, and all the Nice photos taken when she was not on the form. Anyway, no one can learn in not enough sleep this girl with gray skin tone hot beauty of Hollywood.

3. Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl regularly appears without makeup in public. You can tell she's not really abusing makeup and on set. But to know her without make-up will not be easy. Katherine is a very pretty woman with regular features. It turns out that the attractiveness of its artificial. When fans saw photos of the actress on the beach, they were shocked. Expressionless eyes, pale face, freckles. Whether fans are too hard on the actress, or she really looks without makeup is not very good, but to recognize it at the time famous actress nobody could.

2. Uma Thurman

The Hollywood star also impressed his fans with a picture posted on the social network. The star for 48 years, but she looks great. She's got amazing blue eyes, good skin. A woman does not need tons of makeup to look. But of course, this is completely different from stage. Without makeup she is an ordinary young woman, which are many. Still, the star has not escaped criticism. Someone says something about her paleness, someone is just unhappy with her appearance.

1. Miley Cyrus

The star of "Hannah Montana" is a shocking way of life. She posts a Nude photo, demonstrates the habit, the whole world declares his bisexuality. So perhaps a picture of this girl without makeup does not attract much attention. However, few will be able to see her without makeup. The star regularly uses it, painted brightly and defiantly. By the way, looks like a girl without makeup is pretty good. Logical, because she's only 25. A few years of this lifestyle, and her beauty will not remain and a trace. Some stars are predicting her fate Britney Spears. Although maybe she would mind, and will continue to delight fans with her attractiveness.

Considering another photo of stars without makeup, can not forget that they are people. On stage they always look great, it's their stage persona, their work. It's hard to find someone who without makeup looks great, even if we search among the stars.

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