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10 stars you wouldn't recognize on the street


Life of celebrities is always under the gun cameras of the paparazzi. Wherever star went, it always will follow the pesky journalists. Hardly anyone likes that kind of attention. When I want to relax and feel like a normal person, behind you there will always be another journalist. But for some celebrities to stay undetected is not difficult. Looking at a person and it is difficult to assume that this is a known actress or a musician. Just in life, these people try not to draw attention to yourself and choose clothing for walking, which they are exactly nobody knows. A star very much succeeded.

10. Adele

British singer Adele and multiple winner of the prestigious music award "Grammy" knows how to stay unnoticed. On the screens, she always acts with perfect makeup and beautiful clothes. But in life, she tries to be normal and not draw attention to himself. So many people met the singer on the street, not even acknowledging it. This plan is easier for women. With makeup and without it many of the girls look very different. And sometimes it is difficult to assume that this is one and the same person. This rule works in the case of Adele.

9. Irina Apeksimova

Theatre activist, actress and singer Irina Apeksimova at social events always looks amazing. In addition, in 2015, she became Director of the Taganka theater as an official representative of the theater, can not afford to look bad. Beautiful dresses and stylish styling – without this it is difficult to see on the official parties. But in the life of an actress the same person, like everyone else. And not spend a lot of time on collecting on the street. Sometimes it is even hard to know. So differ the manner in which it is used to see how it appears on the street. Probably, Irina everything is at hand, because nobody's bothering, and the actress can safely go about their business. After all, nobody likes, when they begin to stick. Stars including.

8. Katy Perry

Katy Perry almost never misses one. On the red carpet Katy Perry prefers to appear in bright outfits. What can be said about the simple life. Passing of the singer on the street, you can not even understand that it was Katy Perry. So much of her everyday and official images vary. In the life of Katie prefers to wear a gray tracksuit, comfortable shoes. In addition, the singer never uses makeup. On the street it can be taken not for the world-famous singer, but for the common American. Perhaps Katy Perry is very glad. After all, journalists don't follow her every move, but fans do not bother with questions. And she finally can feel like mere mortals, wearing the usual tracksuit and sneakers.

7. Tom Hanks

World thank to Tom Hanks came after the legendary role in the movie Forrest Gump. The actor numerous awards, including two Academy awards in the category "Best male role". Tom Hanks has long been a favorite of not only America, but all over the world. It is difficult to imagine how often the actor was very popular on the street if he knew absolutely everything. But this is not so simple. On the streets of a Volume you can not even notice. The actor tries to dress so as not to involve the person too much attention. He calmly goes to the metro and walking the streets. In General, lead the life of an ordinary person.

6. Victoria Lopyreva

In 2003, the model Victoria Lopyreva was Miss Russia. It is not difficult to assume that such a status requires the girl to always look your best. At least until a new Miss Russia. The girl really always looks amazing. Stylish clothes, beautiful makeup and elegant styling – without this it is hard to imagine Victoria. But even she gets tired of the image of the ideal beauty, and allows himself to relax. The girl uses in everyday life makeup, and prefers to dress in comfortable clothing. And the heels she doesn't even remember. Why to dress up, because this is a formal event. Therefore, in ordinary life, Victoria many people do not know.

5. Ekaterina Klimova

Ekaterina Klimova has received wide recognition through participation in the films “We are from the future” and “We are from the future 2”. The actress starred in a huge number of films and is a frequent speaker on the stage. As befits a well-known actress, Catherine always looks great. But, like most celebrities, in real life, prefer not to attract undue attention. The more modest and homeliness of clothing, the better. So on the street it is almost impossible to know the actress. But so you can walk around and relax. To be a famous actress well, but the constant attention can annoy anyone. Therefore, Ekaterina Klimova prefer that it did not recognize on the street.

4. Mila Kunis

American actress of Ukrainian origin Mila kunis long been known to the world. The most popular patterns, featuring Mila became “friends with benefits” and “Black Swan”. Like most celebrities, Mila kunis suffers from the increased attention of the paparazzi. But to know the actress in the street is not so simple. She tries to choose for walking a simple tracksuit or jeans with t-shirts. In this form of Mila look more like the average American than a Hollywood actress. Especially after having children, the Mile is unlikely to wish that she was tired of journalists.

3. Michael Schatz

Russian viewers know who Michael Schatz firsthand. Probably will not find the person who would have watched or heard about the show, “Thank God you're here” or “33 square meters”. Especially a few years ago, the popularity of the Michael Schatz you were on top. Now the buzz around his person had died down. Many do not even recognize on the street. But this is due more with the fact that Schatz is trying to get dressed to go unnoticed. On the street you can get past the actor and not even know that it was Michael Schatz.

2. Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon has long earned the status of America's sweethearts. Many like it because of the way the neighborhood girls. Reese Witherspoon appears frequently at public events in luxury designer dresses and beautiful styling. But in real life Reese is impossible to know. She doesn't wear makeup and prefer not to wear flashy outfits. And when you consider that the actress loves the privacy, of course she prefers not to attract much attention. Therefore, the media and the fans often don't recognize the actress on the street.

1. Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is one of the most extraordinary actors of our time. He lives in a luxury apartment and a large portion of their fees spent on charity. In addition, the actor almost appears at social events and prefers to live a life of a hermit. Keanu modestly worn is not out of a desire to remain unnoticed on the street. He just considers himself an ordinary man and does not like to spend huge amounts of money on clothes. On the street, even Keanu Reeves can be confused with a bum. The actor does not consider himself a star and leads a normal lifestyle of the common man, occasionally acting in film.

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