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10 stars with imperfect legs, which have succeeded


Very often girls are worried about appearance. One does not like the nose form, someone is dissatisfied with small, sagging Breasts, protruding ears. Not in last place in this rating are the legs. Curves, thick or thin, to correct them can only be done through plastic surgery. Very few people will dare. But maybe those who are complex about it, you should pay attention to some famous women. Their legs are not perfect, but it does not prevent them to develop a career and drive crazy thousands of men around the world. We present to your attention the list of stars with imperfect legs, who have achieved success.

10. Paris Hilton

Feet the stars are far from ideal. She is not very beautiful shape of her knees, big feet and x-shaped feet. But the girl does not worried because of this. Of course, she's a rich heiress, but Paris in the career of highly successful, not only because of the money. She was, for a time a model has shot for magazines. The girl tried herself in the world of cinema, she has several main and bit parts in movies. She participates in talk shows, produces music albums. Besides Paris Hilton is doing business. Some time she advanced her collection of bags, and then participated in the creation of jewelry. The celebrity was not finished and released his own line of perfumes. With such a busy schedule Hilton just no time to think about their feet.

9. Sarah Jessica Parker

For a long time the actress was hiding his legs from the fans. In the TV series "Sex and the city" with the "right" shoes and the efforts of the stylists and they looked quite decent. On the red carpet Sarah was also superb. However, when paparazzi caught the actress by surprise, they saw that her legs and curves are o-shaped. In addition, from the constant wearing of shoes with high heels, the actress had developed varicose. Sarah had admitted the most non-sexual and very ugly actress. Of course it upsets her, however, so consider not all. Real fans recognize Parker is a very attractive woman. Sarah starred in many films, and she is President of cultural Affairs.

8. Whitney Port

Whitney Port is an American actress and the designer-time. Known not only for his roles in famous films, but also to participate in many TV shows. The girl tried her as a model at Fashion Week, which took place in Los Angeles, despite the fact that her feet are shocking many. That's just not beauty, and the alarming thinness. Also, they are not entirely smooth. However, the actress is not concerned about it, she's wearing mini and short shorts. She doesn't care about the judgmental looks she wears short outfits so that many already do not pay attention to her legs-matches.

7. Keira Knightley

The actress cannot be called petite, her height is 170 centimeters, but the legs of the star is much shorter torso. Therefore, Kira is not a mini, but the length of her dresses does not rise above the knee. However, these clothes don't help to hide the curvature of her legs, but some believe that it's all in the pose. The actress simply chooses the wrong position, in which the legs always seem to be curved. But it doesn't matter, even with those legs girl has had a great career. She starred in many movies and earned many awards. By the way, in the privacy of Knightley either. She had never felt a lack of male attention.

6. Kelly Osbourne

The British singer has long been a butterball. But my legs have always been her problem, not only from an aesthetic point of view. The girl had surgery because the extra weight gave a greater load on the feet, and Kelly was fond of dancing. In the contest "dancing with the stars" she even danced in high heels. After surgery Osbourne took myself in hand and lost. Her feet now look much better, but beefy calves have not gone away. The girl appreciates myself and joking that her feet are the same as the players in American football. Activities Kelly is very diverse. She not only sings, but also in films. Also Osborne tried his hand as a TV presenter and fashion designer.

5. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie was so interested in losing weight that her legs have turned into matches. But nature has endowed a girl perfectly smooth legs. The fans are horrified and write to her in the social network, that would be nice actress a bit better. But Angelina love yourself for what it is. Jolie is a popular actress, winner of many awards. In addition, she is a film Director and screenwriter. Angelina has performed many times as a model. Recently, the actress is actively involved in charity, she is a goodwill Ambassador for the UN, and legs are the last thing thinks Angelina.

4. Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes knows all the flaws of their figures, they do not confuse. The lower part of the body of the girl looks much more massive than the upper, her feet overweight. But above the waist she gives the impression of a very fragile young lady. And knees the stars as if turned inwards. The actress pays no attention to it, regularly wears short dresses and skirts. She starred in the movies, and her filmography is quite impressive. Katie was married to a handsome Tom cruise. If he liked her legs, then Holmes should not even think about the imperfections of their legs.

3. Christina Aguilera

The singer's legs are o-shaped. This is especially noticeable in the scene when Christine stands in tight tights or short shorts. Aguilera's not shy about her legs, though some call them carrots. Anyway the girl does not care she doesn't care about the opinions of others. She had a successful career, her many awards. It was called the most popular singer. But that's not all the talents of Christina. She, like many stars, has tried his hand in movies, was a coach and a mentor in the musical show. Aguilera also released several lines of perfumes.

2. Jessica Simpson

Nature has endowed Jessica long legs. After having children she seriously took up her figure. Soon, fans began to complain that Jessica ruined her beautiful slender legs, they all blamed the sport. Indeed, Simpson overdone, and her feet look pronounced. Again, the followers of the sport find her figure very sexy. Jessica Simpson to study music, periodically you can see it in the movies. She is a very successful businesswoman. She's got her own clothing line, and her brand is one of the most successful. Most likely Jessica did not even realize that her legs is recognized as imperfect.

1. Alicia Keys

The upper body of the singer is not proportional to bottom. Hips and legs her massive enough. Besides, the singer repeatedly noticed in a bad way. The paparazzi does not make concessions to anyone. And now Alicia shocked everyone with his short shorts and thick legs. In addition, there is clearly visible the cellulite and stretch marks. But the star decided to fight the standards of beauty. It promotes natural, comes to social events without makeup. So her feet soon, no one will amaze. 15 awards "Grammy" give her confidence, she can look the way you want.

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