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10 stars who are drug dependent


On the way to fame famous people often have to overcome obstacles, and sometimes himself. Many stars started their career from scratch, and the conditions for life and the environment left much to be desired. Someone was in his youth an unhappy marriage, while others have been abused by relatives, while others were in the company street with their typical lifestyle.

It is not surprising that some celebrities ran away from problems, using alcohol or drugs. Some even still could not overcome his dependence on chemical substances and preparations, which greatly affects the health, the appearance of a star and her career.

Consider what ten talented people know firsthand what addiction is, and are willing to be honest about it to themselves and the enthusiastic audience. But the recognition of their own mistakes, and even such serious, requires a lot of courage.

10. Fergie

Bright performer of hip-hop attracts a huge audience – she looks great, has a rich voice and an interesting style of performance. However, from glory Stacy was hiding in the alcohol and meth “world.” Work in the group "Black Eyed Peas" just saved a girl from addiction, but the first vocal girl group, by contrast, became addicted. The singer confessed on Oprah that before going on stage experienced jitters, so calm down using methamphetamine or ecstasy. As a result, the girl began to weigh only 40 kg and decided on rehabilitation, which was successfully.

9. Brian Welch

The singer known as the founder of the band Korn – fresh breath in the world of nu-metal. Amid the glory of the man was involved in the world of business, money and an integral part of the dissolute life of drugs. And it was at the height of his career and the popularity of Welch began to drink alcohol, abuse drugs drugs and Xanax. Later in 2005, the man decided to become a real Christian and was able to overcome all addictions.

8. Eminem

For anybody not a secret that the actor and singer was addicted to antidepressants. On the set of "the Eighth mile" because of the crazy schedule he has earned insomnia and depression. Eminem shares that could take daily for 30 capsules for 60 vicodin and valium, but also zolpidem. The singer has strongly gained weight up to 100 kg. So there was a serious overdose – the actor has denied the organs, and doctors predicted death. But the man got out and a month later returned to work. According to him, to come back to life could only because of responsibility and sense of duty towards his native and adoptive daughters. The fight against dependence on methadone artist began after 2007, as reflected in their later albums.

7. Angelina Jolie

It is hard to imagine that an idol for many women and the goddess for men could lead an impartial lifestyle. It turns out that back in 1999, Jolie densely sat on heroin and looked bad that cleverly concealed make-up artists on the set. Also, at the time the actress was doing coke. Depending on the women, we learned, thanks to the movie, which made the drug dealer in the apartment of celebrity, bringing her another dose. The video was leaked to the press and was published by the British edition. Angelina herself says that survived the dark times and managed to survive, having overcome thanks to my husband and children relationship.

6. Drew Barrymore

Charming actress managed to try drugs even as a little girl. During adolescence (13 years old) drew already sitting firmly on the chemistry and also smoked and drank. According to the actress, she first tried cocaine at the age of 12, quickly got hooked, so a year later she was put in a clinic for drug addicts and alcoholics. A year after therapy, drew made a suicide attempt, and then again went to the clinic. His entire career, the actress was tied up with drugs, then returned to him and was on the loose. At the age of forty a woman settled down, got married for the third time, gave birth to a child with fear remembers a time when it was wound on rehabilitation centers.

5. Elton John

The greatest performer of classical pop music were once drug addicts. He admitted this only a few weeks after the death of Whitney Houston, which was a known drug addict. Sir Elton confessed that excessive used cocaine and often was on the verge of life and death. Even after the seizures could easily rise up and form a new track. To undergo therapy to the singer has helped the current husband, David furnish. In 1990, Elton was a nervous breakdown on the background of the death of the teenager, which held a guardianship. He realized the value of human life and checked himself into a rehabilitation center where he was treated not only from drug addiction but also from bulimia and alcoholism.

4. Robert Downey Jr.

Oh, and the disturbance of the popular actor by their antics associated with drugs. It is known that the man had used just a huge dose of heroin and cocaine for 5 years. He carefully hid his addiction and continued to work on the set, even while "stoned". One day after work in this state, he fell into the hands of servants of the law, with the result that he was sent to rehab. After prison and hospitals Robert was able to return to the film industry and achieve unprecedented heights.

3. Oprah Winfrey

To the show's famous businesswoman, TV presenter and just strong women many artists have confided about their lives, talking about different types of addiction and methods of its overcoming. Winfrey herself admitted not once, that also had problems with drug addiction back in the 80-ies. Perhaps the reason was the environment – the brothers of the girls consumed hard drugs and used against her physical abuse. It is not known that he had used Oprah and for how long, but now we can confidently say that she defeated your dependence.

2. Samuel Jackson

Famous African-American actor until 1991, had used hard drugs, including heroin. With him not just cases of overdose, which could end very badly. Then Jackson decided to undergo rehabilitation in new York, but a few times ran away from the clinic. After the movie "jungle fever," where the actor played cocaineseeking character, he decided to reflect on the real life, decided to be treated independently. In its 67 years, the actor remains assistentom.

1. Lindsay Lohan

That's who admits his addictions, since it is a known socialite and the scandalous Lohan. The actress became a regular in American prisons for possession and use of drugs. Star at least 6 times in rehab trying to overcome addiction. On "Oprah" Lindsay confided that she suffers from kleptomania and subconsciously want to go to jail, which guarantees her peace of mind and protection. Maybe that's why the actress did not hide his alcoholism and drug addiction, allowing himself to drive in a state of toxic intoxication behind the wheel.

We are categorically against the use of narcotic drugs and urge you not to follow celebrities. Not drugs and the subsequent "cartoon" inspire the stars on an incredible game or creating musical masterpieces. All in natural talent, which is best implemented through sober thinking and the head.

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