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10 stars who traded his body in the past


No matter how good and talented man, this, unfortunately, is not enough to succeed in show business. Modern fans bring the glamour and gloss, beautiful (even artificially made) appearance, athletic and sexy shapes. The sexual revolution has led to the fact that the business listed is the bright representative of the more published erotic and alluring photos, shot bright candid clips or lascivious scenes in a movie, the better for the crowd. Therefore, the "trading entity" for representatives of Hollywood and other such concerns it is absolutely familiar.

It turns out that for some, such a trade is far from the first experience. There are famous celebrities that are in front of fame and success in his career earned a living in the porn industry or strip, showing a review of their teles. The reason was it money or connections, and it can sincerely liked the young ambitious people – is not known.

Let's look at 10 celebrities who know how to the "right" to sell your body.

10. Courtney Love

Now a famous rock singer, a faithful and loving wife of the late Kurt Cobain surrounded by a crowd of fans of her work. Musical talent, however, for a long time was not implemented girl. Before meeting with Cobain (eighties) young Courtney were at a strip show in a club in Los Angeles. What do you think – is the revenue from this unconscionable activities of Love spent in a private mini-van and music equipment, which it transported. Such investments are aspiring stars paid for itself already in the early nineties after her marriage with Kurt, her own band released their first album, which sold a wide circulation.

9. Margaret Cho

Popular actress, playing charismatic characters in Comedy films, three years ago decided to admit to the public that worked in the sex industry. The girl was young and naive, and the work was a hard but well-paid. Cho believes such activities are fair, because people do not hide that offer the service in return for funds, so do not be ashamed of wild youth.

8. Diablo Cody

The girl did not just do realize the "devil" attractiveness of their appearance, so could not use it for work in the adult industry. Yes, the writer of the famous movie "Juno" in his youth acted as a stripper at a popular nightclub. And at the same time she wrote and published his article in a local publishing house. After gaining popularity Cody released his own memoirs without shame talks about a specific experience at a strip club.

7. Channing Tatum

Everyone looked so confident and courageous, but also intelligent, so do not really believe that he ever danced with male strippers at a local club in Florida. Maybe that's why the young Tatum was always taut and textured figure used to make the body and to keep it in shape. The star of comedies and militants had even his stage name Chan Crawford. After the acquisition of fame, the man threw a dubious activity, but his former boss decided to earn some money on the famous actor and sold the tape of his past performances to the editor of a magazine. The shocking news quickly spread among fans, but Tatum himself was not ashamed of the past, reacted calmly and with dignity.

6. Suzy Favor Hamilton

In our list of Hollywood celebrities wormed and a real athlete. Susie Hamilton was famous as the famous runner, who declared themselves at the Olympic games in 92, 96 and 2000. And if in other cases a celebrity at the beginning hunted by the trade body, Susie decided after a career in sport to become a prostitute. Married and financially a woman 7 years ago, started providing escort services. The reason for this according to her was a deep depression and dissatisfaction with their life.

5. Chris Pratt

Now the famous actor, able to transform into various characters, there's a lot of promising suggestions in the movie. The star of blockbusters such as "Jurassic World", "Guardians of the Galaxy", etc. today can afford to run the figure in favor of the next roles and even gain a lot of extra pounds. But before the beginning of the stellar career of the body literally feeds him, as Pratt worked as a stripper. The actor does not like to recall the past tense, but not because of modesty and shame, but because he considered himself not a very talented dancer.

4. Javier Bardem

Oscar-winning actor less others lit up in the adult industry. Once Javier noticed the amazing action – he danced a Striptease under the famous for the dance song "You can leave your hat on". Yes, the actor had the need to spend a whole day in the role of a dancer without clothes. Surprisingly, moral support man had the most close and native people – a sister and a mother.

3. Roseanne Barr

Popular American actress, comedian and politician began his life with a difficult financial situation. Back in the late eighties girl discover they have a talent to amuse the people, therefore, laboring as a waitress, began to participate in local stendebach. She was already married and had 3 children when the financial situation became very difficult. This has forced the future President to prostitution to make ends meet. Against this background went through a divorce with her husband, and she gradually channeled the energy stand-up, after which it began to call in various TV shows and even invite to the shooting in American comedies.

2. Lady Gaga

Flamboyant, eccentric, talented and bright singer left the parental home immediately after coming of age, abandoning financial support. I had nowhere to go, normal operation Gaga not found, so I decided to make a living by Stripping. The girl I remember how the dancer in black leather clothes. When the artist finally got in show business, her behavior has changed little. The singer can seem a very Frank clothes, exposing part of the body. Yes and Gaga's videos are often blatant sexual innuendo. Whether it is professional deformation of the past, whether Gaga really believes that the fans of her figure are interested in more than the obvious musical talent.

1. Al Pacino

The famous American actor in his youth was quite attractive, had an interesting masculine facial features and good figure. Awareness of the appeal and the lack of money forced a man in the 60-ies to provide services of an intimate nature elderly ladies. Pacino recalls that in the 20 years he lived in Sicily and traded the only thing he possessed – his own body. The actor says that adult lady provided him with shelter and food, for which they received a sex – everyone was profitable. Through time Pacino returned to the States and was able to make an acting career.

No financial difficulties and other explanations of the stars do not justify immoral behavior and trade their body. In any case, we are ready to accept them for what they are, because they showed the world the real talent and creativity.

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