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11 of the best Soviet cartoons


Do you like cartoons made in the USSR? And how can you not love them? Of course, their creators had the technical capabilities that today are the Western multipliers. But they were talented and really had a big heart. The cartoons created in the Soviet Union, are kindness, humanity, raising the child the best quality.

In these cartoons, you will not see scenes of violence, fights and scary monsters, but they teach man to do good deeds and strive to develop the best quality. Here, good always triumphs over evil, and usually does it without the help of fists and violence. And even if they are sometimes less dynamic, compared to Western animated films, but Soviet cartoons did not lose.

And, of course, these cartoons have caused a huge number of people nostalgia, because with the heroes of these films connected their childhood. We have created a list, which included the best Soviet cartoons.

11. The kid and Carlson

The cartoon, which was filmed in 1968. Director: Boris Stepantsev. The world famous story about the Kid who dreamed about the dog and about the world's best Karlsson living on the roof.

This cartoon is based on motifs from great works of the Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren. In 1970 it was withdrawn, the continuation of this story.

This well-known story about the boy who often had no one to play with, and once it arrived fat man with a propeller on the back. It was Carlson. The Kid has a new friend.

After the appearance of the Carlson Baby's life became much more interesting. Once it even had to be removed from the roof to the rescue. After this, parents hire him a teacher, Bok, and in a boy's life began a new page.

This cartoon is very loved by both adults and children. The phrase, spoken by the main characters, have become the quotes and "went to the people."

10. Mowgli

This Soviet animated film, filmed in 1973. The Director of the cartoon – Roman Davydov.

Originally this cartoon consisted of five parts, but in 1973 it was edited into a single feature film.

This is a story about a human boy who was grown wolf pack. About his life and adventures in the Indian jungle. Mowgli managed to find many friends and defeat the terrible enemy – man-eating tiger Shere Khan.

Soviet cartoon came out the same year with disney cartoon about Mowgli. American cartoon designed for younger children, there is much dancing and singing, no fighting, violence and blood. In this respect, the Soviet cartoon deeper, there are a lot of conflicts before the main characters often faced with a choice, he has a more tense atmosphere. In this he is much closer to the works of Kipling. This cartoon raises a rather deep and very adult questions. About friendship and loyalty, about honor and dignity, about what on earth we are all one blood.

This animated film is one of the most beloved in the USSR. It is popular in our days, it is often shown on TV.

9. Mystery of the third planet

This animated film was made based on the works of Soviet science fiction writer Kir Bulychev and was released in 1982. It immediately fell in love with Soviet children.

This cartoon tells us about the wonderful world of the future and the adventures of it girl Alice Seleznyova, her father, a scientist, a biologist, and commander of the ship, phlegmatic Green. And funny creatures Gromozeki and poultry talker, which is distinguished by its intelligence and wit. This story has a pretty dynamic plot, the main characters experience many adventures, traveling to distant planets and find new friends.

The film is directed by Roman Kachanov. This cartoon raises questions of the relationship between man and environment, shows us the beauty of the world in which we live. You can add that this is one of the few Soviet cartoons, shot in the genre of science fiction.

8. Hedgehog in the fog

It is a cult Soviet cartoon, filmed in 1975 by Director Yuri Norstein. He became the owner of numerous national and international awards and was loved by the audience.

The cartoon tells that the Hedgehog comes every night to the Bear to count the stars. They sit down on a log, drinking tea and counting the stars. One half of the sky the Hedgehog, the other a Bear.

In this animated film shows the first contact with the mysteries of life, the mystery of our world, its tragedy. Besides, this cartoon is very kindness. It is possible to consider a large number of psychological nuances of human feeling, which so successfully managed to show the Director. You can still add that this cartoon is quite controversial viewers. Some love it and some don't. But he does not leave anyone indifferent.

In Japan, this animated film recognized as the best in history.

7. There once was a dog

This cartoon was released on wide screens in 1982, it was created by Director Eduard Nazarov. Is one of the most popular cartoons in the Soviet Union. Many of the replicas of his characters have become a popular expression. You can also mention the brilliant galaxy of actors, who participated in the scoring of the cartoon.

The main character is a Dog who has become too old and can no longer perform his job. The dog wasn't able to save property owners from robbers, and the owners decided to drive it away.

The dog goes to the forest and there he comes to the aid of his old rival Wolf. They make the move, after which the Dog shows the previous owners of their necessity, he saves their little child. As a result, the Dog returns to the old life.

In gratitude, the Dog leads the Wolf into the master's house, to feed him. Languished from a hearty feast of a Wolf starts to howl, and gives himself up. After this incident, the Wolf leaves again into the forest, saying this phrase has become a cruise: "You come in, if that...".

The wolf was voiced by a great actor Armen Jigarkhanyan, a Dog – Georgy Burkov. The wolf had to be redrawn, because the original image did not match the voice Dzhigarkhanyan. The basis for multfilma became a folk tale. In the cartoon a lot of humor and the Ukrainian national colors.

6. Adventures of Leopold

A very touching story about the struggle of good and very intelligent cat Leopold and two very rowdy mice. It's a cartoon series, the first of which was released in 1975 and last saw the light in 1987.

The Director of these cartoons – Anatoly Reznikov. The story of Leopold can be called a classic of Soviet animation.

In the USSR made 11 of cartoons about Leopold and mice. In 1993 there were still a few series, but they no longer enjoyed its former popularity.

Good cat Leopold lives in apartment number 16, in a quiet provincial town. His attitude to life is expressed in one sentence: "Guys, let's live together". But the two mice together do not want to live and are constantly trying to ruin Leopold's life. The cat was voiced by such a great Soviet actors as Andrei Mironov and Alexander Kalyagin. Their favorite phrase was: "Leopold, vile coward."

5. Last year was falling snow

This cartoon refers to plasticine animation, it was created in 1983 by Director Alexander Tatarsky. This Christmas story made in the form of stories, it tells about the man's wife, on the eve of the New year was sent to the forest for the tree. Was very funny and interesting story, and most importantly very kind.

Cartoon well done technically, and the main character is voiced by a great actor Stanislav Sadalsky.

The main character of this animated film is very greedy, lazy, slightly stupid and constantly gets into funny situations. It has a funny problem with diction: some of the letters he utters. New year forest, where it gets transformed into a magical place and cut a Christmas tree in it — very difficult. Instead, he falls into an enchanted place, where he undergoes various funny wonders.

He comes back home without a Christmas tree and goes to look for her again, but finds the right tree in the spring.

4. Plasticine crow

This is a classic Soviet cartoon, filmed using plasticine animation. It was released in 1981, took its Director Alexander Tatarsky. The cartoon won numerous state and international awards.

The creators of the cartoon showed that using clay can make miracles happen. The film is based on children's drawings. He was so sweet and kind that almost immediately became very popular.

This cartoon, in fact, is a version of the famous fable "the Crow and the Fox". At the same time in song form viewer tell you about the types of painting: still life, portrait and landscape.

Songs for the cartoon takes the well-known Soviet bard Eduard Uspensky.

3. Cheburashka

This whole series of the famous Soviet cartoon about the adventures of crocodile Gena and Cheburashka.

The first part of this puppet animation appeared on the screen in 1971. She began with the history of the crocodile and Cheburashka. Then came the story about the adventures of friends. Together they built the house, looking for friends and fought with the harmful old woman Shapoklyak.

Today Cheburashka can be called a symbol of Russia, this image has finally entered our popular culture. Image of these characters are often used in advertising products.

Characters voiced by great actors: Vasily Livanov, Klara Rumyanova.

2. Treasure island

This lovely cartoon, released in Kiev in 1988. It was created by Director David Cherkasskiy. Cartoon made based on the works of Robert Louis Stevenson. It's a pirate story, with musical elements. It was a rather unusual project for the time.

This story tells about the search of the treasure of the famous pirate flint on a distant and mysterious island. In the film, the game episodes are great songs that immediately after the cartoon became hits. The main characters and the events of the cartoon correspond to those described in the book of Stevenson, but they all made very original with a great sense of humor.

This is a very funny cartoon, in its sound involved a great Soviet actors.

1. Well, wait a minute

This animated film can be called a Soviet cartoon No. 1. This hand-drawn animated series, which launched in 1969 and its last edition was made in 2006. The Director of the Soviet cartoon was Vyacheslav Kotenochkin, and then his son.

This cartoon tells about the adventures of a Wolf and Hare, this cartoon movie grew several generations of Soviet people. Bad Wolf trying to catch up with an intelligent and kind Rabbit but it did not work out.

The wolf in the cartoon is voiced by Anatoli Papanov, and Hare Clara Rumyanova. The wolf is a bully, who destroys cultural values, Smoking, litter, loves those who are weaker than him. The hare is his complete opposite: he plays sports, polite, very tidy, participates in performances, reads books and visits the Palace of Pioneers.

This cartoon and its characters are firmly entrenched in popular culture. Based on this cartoon made computer games, they are very often used in advertising. The original Wolf had to voice the famous Vysotsky, but he is not allowed.

But, unfortunately, this cartoon was banned for showing to children under 18 because of the numerous scenes to promote Smoking. Here is an excerpt from series one of the best Soviet cartoon.

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