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5 simple ways to boost your self esteem


Confidence is everything. Our level of confidence determines how we are confident in their abilities to succeed in any activity.

For this reason, our level of self-confidence is perhaps the most important thing we have. Our confidence is linked to how happy we are and how well executed what we do.

There are many ways to increase the credibility. Quite possibly the most effective way to do this is by expanding your comfort zone. The comfort zone can be expanded, forcing yourself to do something that scares you or do not want to. So the big tip for those who want to enhance their self-esteem, to transcend themselves, and then to do things that scare you But there are other ways to achieve this goal

One of these ways is to adopt the correct set of daily habits. Habit is what we do every day, how we think about ourselves and how we perceive the world around us. Changing these habits can effectively improve our confidence and self-esteem.

Here are five key ways that will help to increase the level of confidence.

1. Meditation

Meditation is a wonderful way to reduce stress, anxiety, and can help reduce blood pressure which tend to increase in an unpleasant situation. Date in the factthat stress and anxiety are two of the biggest killers of self-esteem in humans. When you began to worry about something, very hard to feel comfortable. It's hard to believe in yourself and love yourselfwhen something 's eating you up inside.

Meditation is the answer to this. Meditationas medicinethat instantly absorbs your negative state, and you will be taken to a place of calm focus and confidence reappears.

2. Reading

We often get caught up in the interplay of negative thoughts in our minds, and this can cause a lot of anxiety. Reading compels you to dismiss all the negative thoughts and stop worrying about pointless things and focus on something else, like meditation. Reading is one of the types of meditation.

Very useful to read popular science books and books on self-development. They are motivated, on the one hand, and on the other, allow you to draw Parallels between the life of the author and himself. And these Parallels can often lead you to changes in your own life.

3. Lifting weights

Lifting weights makes you stronger and helps to increase self-esteem, especially for men.

First of all, when you tense up to the point of exhaustion, any tension or stress tend to evaporate. But most importantly, lifting weights develops your muscles and physical strength. And it makes you feel stronger, both mentally and physically, which in turn increases your confidence. Besides, you look betterwhen you have more muscle mass.

Guys with wider shoulders and more ripped chest is the epitome of health and virile power. For women, having a strong and slender legs, is a sign of femininity and attractiveness. And these things make other people perceive you in a more favorable light And this means that we feel more confident when our bodies look better.

4. A cold shower

Medicine provedthat xHolodny shower actually has an antidepressive effect on people. Pagrogas in cold water, we produce a variety of hormones and neurotransmittersthat make us feel happier.

In addition to these hormonal changes, a cold shower forces us to breathe deeply and feel less tense.

5. The recognition of the reality

This method is less effectivethan the previous four, but it is all the same important. Too many people get bogged down in desire to it was different. They want to learn how better to talk to the girls They wantto have their boyfriend or girlfriend behaved differently in some situations They want to get high-paid jobs, is another failure , They want not to spend all the money on buying stupid jacket that they will never wear the list is endless.

WELA, change the past, people deny reality. And it never ends well. It only leads you to further regret, anxiety, anguish and All positive emotions are completely killed.

You need to stop living in the past, no matter how dark it is. Only when you throw thoughts about the problems, you can focus on solutions or just change your way of life.

Source: lifehack.org
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