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5 simple ways to become much more attractive in the eyes of women


To find a mate is very difficult for both men and women. Especially if you at heart consider myself an introvert and afraid of rejection. You must think before you can find cheerful and attractive girl, you need to prostorovy all the forums about the truck and several years to spend on studying female psychology. But actually all is much easier! Recently, scientists have found five proven ways that will make you sexier to most women.

1. Brutal grow a beard

Men (and some modern women) have a remarkable gift, which gave them the very mother nature. It is, oddly enough, about the beard. Some prefer not to shave and just for her not to follow, why do these people on the face often grows something terrible and sloppy. It is something very often collects leftover food and (usually) makes your host very similar to the bum.

Others use an electric trimmer to give your beard a beautiful and symmetrical form. And still others just shaved the hell out of trying all the time to stay smooth. But not everything is so simple! Scientists say that shadow may play into our hands when it comes to finding a sexual partner.

Recent studies conducted in Australia, found that women are much more likely to believe a man with a week's stubble more Mature, wealthy and confident that on a subconscious level gives the woman to understand what this male is better than the others suitable for posterity (even if in fact the woman doesn't want a serious relationship). Why a man with a stubble, not a beard or gladkovybrityh seems the most attractive to the ladies? Apparently, it's all about the balance between masculinity and aggressiveness.

A guy with a week's stubble looks more confident, courageous and Mature. And the guy with the bushy beard some girls may napominal crazy cannibal who just came down from the mountains. In turn, guys with stubble (or gladkovybrityh) girls associated with adolescents who have not ended puberty.

2. Do not smile (unless you're a woman)

Admit it, what's your reaction at the sight of very attractive girls, which throws at you your hot look and genuinely smiling? There may be two options – either you sheepishly begin to look directly at the floor, trying to hide their emotions, or try to answer her with the same wide smile with all his teeth, in order to win the attention. It turns out that the first option is much better. Now let us tell you why.

Canadian sociologists have conducted research on this topic and found that smiling men seem women less attractive than men with a thoughtful expression on his face that leave your look some mystery.

Thus, in women there is an inverse rule. Smiling woman think men are much more attractive, but the woman, which tries to show pride, samovolnoy and inaccessibility, by contrast, discourages men all desire to get acquainted.

3. Get a dog

According to recent research, men with dog, women seem to be more caring and attractive.

During one of such studies, the men tried to ask money for travel and rent a room at girls on the street. When they tried to do it, walking with dog, girls with great pleasure (often three times) left their rooms and shared a trifle. This is a very impressive figures. It turns out that approximately every fourth woman can easily give your number out to a guy who went for a walk with his beloved dog.

4. Start talking more manly voice

Have you ever had that when you were listening to your own voice from the recorder, you suddenly feel bad for all those who at least once had a chance to chat with you?

Without a doubt, absolutely everyone listening to your voice recording, amazed at how he is different from his usual voice. This is a fairly common phenomenon associated with the fact that we hear our own voice differently because the sound varies with the structure of our skulls and ears.

Despite this, our voice can and must do better. And better to start right now, because scientists have found a direct impact on attracting the fairer sex. As it turned out, the girls really like it when men have a low and deep voice. Instinctively women believe such men are much bigger stronger and more impressive. Voice should be mild hoarseness, but it should not sound aggressive.

5. Dress in red

At first glance this may seem complete nonsense, but the advice based upon scientific evidence, so we can safely say that it still has some truth.

During the study, women were shown various photographs of men on the red, on a white background. And more than 90% of women said that photos on a red background seemed to them much more attractive, even when we were talking about the same man. When the subjects men were shown the same photographs, they are unable to find any difference, which suggests that the red color is really directly associated with sexual attraction to the opposite sex.

The men in red many women, among other things, said that those are likely to be more successful and occupy a higher social rank. So the most important rule here is to have in her wardrobe at least one item of clothing is red and constantly combine it with all the others.

As you know, the woman in red, in turn, is also much more like men. According to statistical research, waitresses in red get bigger tips than the waitresses dressed in any other color.

The most important thing in all this that the red color has an effect on the level of the subconscious. Therefore, please note that red blazer, red pants, red shirt – all (important not to put all these things together, otherwise you can seem the girl funny and sloppy) will definitely help you in seducing girls, and will make your appearance much more noticeable, stand out from the crowd.

Source: cracked.com
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