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Antuco a rating of smartphones 2017


Check smartphones on technology of the An Tu Tu is to test the capabilities of the mobile device with the help of special programs. These programs can be totally free to speak from the Play Store. Presented to the readers Antuco a rating of smartphones in 2017, which gives you the opportunity to know what the model represented on the Russian market is the top in its functionality and performance. The location of each device has been predetermined by the total accumulated points in the application.

10. Huawei P10Price 40 000 rubles

Huawei P10 deservedly included in the top ten smartphones of the year. The flagship is the Android platform 7.0, chipset HiSilicon Kirin 960 and 64-bit Quad-core ARM Cortex-A73 and ARM Cortex-A53. Trendy modern device has an unsurpassed design and is available in different color category. However, the popularity of this company is earned not appearance, and due to its high performance and powerful stuffing. Indicators on the An Tu Tu made 147800. The cost of this gadget is between 40 000.

9. Xiaomi Mi 5sPrice 15 000 rubles

5s Xiaomi Mi located on the ninth line in the rating of the An Tu Tu, typing 85100 points. The smartphone has a metal body and a 5.15-inch touch screen. The gadget is based on Android 6.0 and is equipped with a powerful Quad core graphics processor Snapdragon 821. The model has an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, as described above, and gadget this rating. However, the advantage over the 5s Xiaomi Mi Huawei P10 clear and it is relatively low in cost, which is about 15 000 rubles.

8. Xiaomi Mi MIXPrice of 30 000 rubles

Xiaomi Mi MIX boasts a top filling and a stylish design. The gadget is equipped with a powerful processor chipset Snapdragon 821, which also gifted the predecessor of this list. The front panel has a 6.4-inch touchscreen display that boasts a resolution of 2040х1080 pixels. New device 2017 managed at the scale of An Tu Tu score as much as 153323 points. This model is much more expensive than its predecessor because of a few characteristics with regards to the screen size and configuration. Buy Xiaomi Mi MIX is currently about 30 000 rubles.

7. Xiaomi Mi 5s Plusthe Price of 18 000 rubles

Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus is an improved version of Xiaomi Mi 5, which could be the An Tu Tu. New Saami has improved performance and aluminum housing. It is equipped with the Android operating system 6.0 and is designed to use two SIM cards. OCTA-core processor powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 821. Top iron, high performance, improved appearance and other features make this smartphone one of the best presented on the Russian market. According to the An Tu Tu the model scored 153323 points as the previous smartphone. The cost of the gadget at the moment is 18 000 rubles, which is a clear advantage over the Xiaomi Mi MIX.

6. LeEco Le Pro 3Price 18 000 rubles

LeEco Le Pro 3 is a new product in the smartphone market, which could be ranked the An Tu Tu, typing 156240 points. Like all members of the top tens of this device is equipped with a powerful filling. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 821 and the graphics core Adreno 530. EUI 5.8 firmware and operating system Android 6.0 are also the advantage of this model. The number of points scored, the gadget is amounted to 160000 points. Is LeEco Le Pro 3 is roughly in the same price category as the above model: the price of the smartphone is about 18 000 rubles.

5. ZUK Edgethe Price of 18 000 rubles

ZUK Edge was able to enter the top ten due to high scores on the An Tu Tu. It has a Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 821 and a graphics processor Adreno 530. The operating system of the gadget — Android 7.0. The internal memory of the smartphone is 64 GB. Ultra-modern and stylish design makes this model very attractive for lovers of beautiful smartphones. More attractive makes the gadget the points in the ranking, which amounted to 160,000. Currently, the cost of ZUK Edge is about 18 000 rubles. Affordable price and high performance have made the device one of the most popular on the Russian market.

4. OnePlus 3TPrice 33 000

OnePlus 3T is one of the best smartphones of the year, who managed to score a whopping 164305 points. The device has ultra-high performance and high degree of protection. It has heavy-duty metal housing, which protects the filling from the blows. Juicy and realistic image is achieved through a 5.5-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1920x1080. Quad-core processor and 6 gigabytes of RAM provide speed and performance. The cost of this gadget at the moment is 33 000.

3. Nubia Z17Price 40 000 rubles

Nubia Z17 opens the three top smartphones, according to the An Tu Tu. The flagship 2017 is equipped with the powerful Snapdragon processor 835 and the most powerful version of the RAM LPDDR4X. The model has maximum functionality, among which one should highlight the fingerprint scanner, fast charging, Dolby Atmos and more. The device is equipped with metal case, front panel protects the heavy-duty glass Gorilla Glass. The gadget is scored on a scale of the An Tu Tu 174305 points. The cost of Nubia Z17 is about 40 000.

2. Apple iPhone 7Price of 50 000 rubles

Apple iPhone 7 is located on the second honorary place, because 178397 scored points. Apple A10 chipset, Quad-core graphics processor with Apple's iOS operating system make this model one of the most fast-acting and high performance. Flagship gadget has a 4.7 touch screen with a resolution of 1334750 that allows him to convey a very bright, vivid, clear and realistic picture. Cheap this model is not called, but fans of Apple devices. ready to pay him a tidy sum. The cost of the gadget to date, an average of about 50 000.

1. Xiaomi Mi 6the Price of 25 000 rubles

Xiaomi Mi 6 deservedly moved into the lead thanks to score in ranking the An Tu Tu. He could get as much as 184292 points. The flagship is equipped with top-end Snapdragon 835 with high performance. It differs from its predecessors more power, has a core graphics accelerator and Kryo 280. The model has the perfect combination of quality, performance and price. The cost of the most expensive version will cost 25,000 rubles, that is what sets the gadget to the back of the abovementioned representative of the rating.

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