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Astrologers have called 10 of the most greedy signs of the zodiac


Remember, who are you Zodiac sign? And how many points do you evaluate your own generosity? If you think that these two issues have no connection, then great wrong. At least, so say the astrologers. We believe that a horoscope is a Convention, and the first thing you should focus on the financial position of the person, whether it is Cancer or Virgo. Therefore, we prepared an article about the most greedy of the signs of the Zodiac – this is not a serious opinion, but rather comic rating with deliberate exaggeration. But we are confident that each of you in the course of reading a little to learn ourselves. And not just once.

10. Leo

There is a common opinion that the Lions are very generous. In General, refute this theory is difficult, but there is a catch. Representatives of the zodiacal king of beasts love to bestow gifts themselves, their families, friends and those who they just like. That's actually a circle and is closed. Those who are not included here, can not count on the generosity of the lion not only did not give his last shirt to a stranger he hardly even throw a few coins to a beggar. However, the situation is easy to change, if you managed to cheer the Lion or do something nice for him. Believe me, in this situation the next time about you'll never forget, and you will definitely get the Lion's compliment.

9. Libra

As a rule, the Weights justify your Zodiac sign, but any balance over when it comes to spending money. The Scales radically different attitude to other people's money and their own financial means. These people are ready to pull a large amount, a good party in a big way and to buy even a house in the Maldives. The main thing that it was paid not out of their pocket. Weights observed among a lot of fans to borrow, and often not in extreme need. Also they do not really hovers the degree of relationship — you can borrow from anyone. But that deserves another, Scales are not always aware of. Your money these people spend is extremely sensitive.

8. Fish

If most of today's heroes are more or less clear, in the case of Fish all Oh how ambiguous. For the generosity and skuperdyaystve these people responsible mood. If the day was a success, and everything is fine, the Fish cease to count money and can pull a tidy sum, if only the fun would never end. However, if the representative of this sign stood on the wrong foot, generosity from him for sure don't wait to ask this day about the purchase of something will be more expensive. The Fish love the specifics. To obtain from such person a treasured gift, you need to accurately articulate his desire, and then for the final result you can not worry.

7. Aries

The Rams also unconventional approach to the material costs. First, such people are a priori not used to lose money, the majority of the costs being considered and then implemented. Secondly, in order for someone to invest, Aries must be sure that the recipient of most of these costs may subsequently respond with the same gesture or give him something profitable. Such a person Aries will always borrow money or just give it as a gift. In other words, members of this sign spend prudently and in the future. In General, there's nothing wrong and to call the Rams outright meanie language does not turn. However, to rely on the occasional gift from people barely necessary.

6. Gemini

But the generosity of Twins depends on the situation. More precisely, from someone in this very situation is present. The fact that these people love to operate in public. While this can sometimes reach up to the present absurdity — eye to eye Twin will mean, but as soon as the case will be transferred to the society, a man wakes to the unprecedented generosity. Therefore, if you want to borrow some money from a representative of this sign, contact us with your request when people. The same applies to gifts. If to remind the Twins about the impending holiday for a family dinner, then the chances of success far more than just whisper in his ear.

5. Scorpio

The behavior of the Scorpions depends on their financial situation in one way or another. A man ready to make a purchase not expensive without a second thought about how to subsequently a good boast of the attachment to friends. Scorpions it is very important that their spending was appreciated. That is why these people can spend a lot on you, but on the tacit condition that you certainly with a good will respond to the act of the Scorpion, preferably more than once. However, when the representatives of this sign come financial difficulties, they literally dissolve and are lost from the horizon. Scorpio simply can not afford to be in a society without money.

4. Cancer

The generosity of Cancers concentrated on his own person, as well as on your home. In General, outside of large material waste practically not occur. These people have a mandatory home there is expensive furniture and expensive appliances. In addition, if given a choice, Crabs will always prefer practicality. Ask such a person to give him a birthday expensive perfume or intelligent vacuum cleaner, and you can not even doubt in the response. Cancer twenty times think, how much to invest in a wedding envelope to a friend, but it does not lead the eyebrow and, after a cool TV and simply hold the card at the checkout.

3. Taurus

The generosity of the Bulls is relative and variable. The fact that the representatives of this sign love when they spent the money (which sometimes do not even hide it). Often among the Bulls is the place Alfonso and kept women. It would seem that everything is clear, but no. Indeed, in the case of financial problems Taurus will lend you a helping hand that will cost a few bills. But rest assured, as soon as reasonably practicable the same man without any shame not only eat at your expense, but will make a hint of an expensive purchase for themselves. It is clear that it is best not to borrow money, but do it the Taurus it is quite undesirable.

2. Virgin

Another sign of the Zodiac, whose representatives are not in a hurry with big waste. At least, it is certainly not those people who are ready to make a crazy purchase and without hesitation to grab the camera for 20 000 rubles. On the contrary, Virgo is prudent. As for gifts, then this case is just one of the series, when a modest gift is accompanied by a lush speech, distracting from the value of the hand. However, these people are quite pliable and, if necessary, enter the position. But if you borrowed, do not forget about the response, because you will demand as soon as Virgo will come financial difficulties.

1. Capricorn

Well, the personification of skuperdyaystvo traditionally considered to be Capricorns. That they are willing to spend hours to seek out the 3 percent discount. It is for them coins is not a small thing. They first monitor all the shares today and then go to the store. Finally, it Capricorns can go hang if they find out that you bought something cheaper. Great gifts from these people do not have to wait even close relatives. Capricorns do not even hide their greed, giving her dignity. However, there is a thing in which the Capricorn will invest with pleasure. This status in society.

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