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Astrologers have identified 10 of the most jealous signs of the zodiac


Possessiveness and jealousy inherent to humans. Meeting a soul mate, many don't want to share her attention with others, whether the potential for flirting, friends or even relatives.

Astrologers have noticed that the behaviour of certain individuals can determine the constellation under which they were born. Then there are the bouts of "Othello" is characteristic far not for each sign of the horoscope, and only some of passion really overflowing. Such attacks are characteristic for characters born under the planet Mars, Saturn or Jupiter. Other signs can live a storm of emotions inside, but outwardly not to mind and even try to trust your loved one. Perhaps the latter should learn endurance and wisdom.

Consider how the opponent react to certain horoscope signs.

10. Taurus

Rational and stubborn character always defends the point of view and their surroundings. He does not accept unplanned changes, so if someone would encroach on his partner's eyes immediately played "sparks" of jealousy. Taurus always chooses the loved one carefully and given enough time, so try to walk with someone else can cause quite righteous anger. That is to say that if a Taurus is jealous, the reason really is, or at least a hint of infidelity. By the way, to sort things out representatives of the sign will be quite a vigorous and uncompromising until they reach the desired result.

9. Aries

Another fire sign, who could not restrain their emotions for a long time. In public, the Rams can look confident and stable, but inside they will be bursting with conflicting emotions and, of course, the desire to play another drama. The rams are considered one of the most overbearing and jealous characters, ready to "ignite" the mere hint of flirting with another man. Aries are jealous, not only to potential rivals, but also friends and surrounded by halves. Often this is accompanied by strong arguments, which hotheaded Aries will soon regret. Sometimes representatives of the sign can afford a mistake – a far-fetched revenge for the infidelity of his own actual infidelity, what destroys the relationship in the Bud.

8. Leo

Fiery and proud Leo even can not think that with such splendor next may wind up rivals. He never takes seriously the interests or flirt ladles, because with him, perfect in all respects, second to none. On the other hand, a narcissistic Lion may get annoyed that his partner (fiancee) began to admire other entity, which is unacceptable. So the Lions, if jealous, no longer to the actual pastime outside of the company, and to the psychological attachment. The king will fall to such low feelings as jealousy, but if you lose the attention of the halves, then quickly change it to another admiring the subject. If fault is not so much the partner of a Lion, how many overtures and flirtations from, the owner can dramatically and relentlessly to demonstrate their rights, not holding back emotions.

7. Gemini

Gemini open air and windy, so don't allow yourself time flirt, I love attention to his person. At the same time they do not want such attention surrounded their chosen one (the chosen one). They are in the beginning of the relationship safely admit to your partner that is extremely jealous and do not like to be led by the nose. Therefore, at the slightest occasion, the representatives of the sign transform into Sherlock Holmes, looking for alleged evidence of betrayal. And even if they revealed evidence of treason, the cunning Twin will not show the view, but simply serves his revenge cold at the most inopportune moment.

6. Libra

The purpose of the sign – in all to find harmony and serenity. In relationships they always smooth the sharp corners and overlapping conflicts, find the grain of truth in any matter, seeking a fair solution. To accuse without evidence – it's not about them, as the desire to organize a "debriefing". If Libra miscalculated and chose a couple in unfaithful, to endure the flirting on the side and cheating on me for a long time will not be openly questioned the chosen one in the face. In addition, if the infidelity was superficial or accidental, the wise Libra can find it in yourself to forgive your partner and give him a chance to correct the error.

5. Scorpio

Also included in three of the most jealous signs on the planet. On them, and granted a poisonous tail to sting of loved ones and harass them day in and day out. Find a reason to complain to the man – Holy for Scorpio. If they don't find in your current real sins, for which you can catch, or dig up the past or nafantaziruete infidelity in the future. Scorpions – bright owners, and will always remember the time you spent with them, even by accident and in the company of members of the same sex. The desire to control every step and the half life is about Scorpio.

4. Virgo

A wise and gentle virgin used to control their emotions, even if the soul is absolutely not easy. Their feelings can be seen in the eyes or demeanor, even if the virgin did not utter a word of reproach. Unfortunately, the absence of emotions also bad for the sign, and for his elect. Virgin for a long period of time and saves the small resentment and frustration, make conclusions, and then unleashes all the anger a lump on your unsuspecting mate. And then to make excuses for all the huge number of errors becomes impossible. In a relationship with a Virgin it should be understood that although she did not respond, but certainly notice your all night marathons, flirting and hidden correspondence. Remember, cheating one trust this sign, you will not be able to recover it.

3. Fish

Flexible fish is not the most jealous and possessive sign of the horoscope. She always feels comfortable in a new situation and finds approaches to any person trying to get into his position. It often turns out that the Fish simply turn a blind eye to small prigresheniya and flirting halves for a common good purpose. But this does not mean that the representatives of the sign can not see anything – on the contrary, they are perfectly read emotions and intentions. If the Fish feel that you are seriously interested in another person, it just silently "wag tail" will sail back home, leaving you to deal with complexes. As for me, some loved one once the Fish is ready to donate, but only on new terms.

2. Capricorn

The stubborn Capricorn is also one of the three jealous signs. Testy representatives do not even think to hide her jealousy all around, want to control and subjugate all men. I wonder how they have developed self-deception – the Goats do not always admit even to himself that feel. Partner they can do words can't explain about mistrust, but to show coldness and indifference. Fits of jealousy, Capricorn quite fleeting and pass immediately after the threat has passed. However, the constant "threat" environments around half the representatives of the sign will not be tolerated. As for their own change – resourceful Capricorn is often susceptible to "sweet" outside of marriage and knows very well to cover his tracks.

1. Sagittarius

Once having shot the "arrow of Cupid" in the heart of a loved one, Sagittarius is ready to fully and unconditionally trust him. Even if he has some doubts or the prick of jealousy, it is not in a hurry to load their loved one. First of all, he will understand yourself and your psychological injuries, and then at least begin to claim. On the other hand, if you long to leave the Archer with his thoughts, he may well cheat and distort the situation, to find non-existent facts of betrayal and resentment. And then blindside the innocent mate of his sharp rupture of relations. If you noticed a change in his mood, it is better to sit down and discuss mutual claims, to report on the pastime outside the home, etc.

Reading the above information do not use in order to blame a loved one in the high jealousy. Each person is individual and has the right to a fair reaction, especially if the facts, as they say, "face".

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