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Top 10 Best books of Mikhail Bulgakov


Mikhail Afanasyevich Bulgakov refers to the outstanding writers of the 20th century, Peru which belong to the works that have become literary classics. Many of the works of the writer was not recognized during his lifetime and even gain popularity until after his death. Books Bulgakov, a list of which is presented below, allowed the writer to immortalize his name and become one of the most widely read authors in Russia.

10. The Adventures Of Chichikov

"The adventures of Chichikov" ─ a satirical novel by Bulgakov in which all Gogol's characters come to life and travel in Russia in the early 20th century. The protagonist of the piece Chichikov gets in the car and headed to the hotel where there was a century ago. The book focuses on the fraudulent antics of the main character in the modern Russia, which is still open. The work ends with what is reported: all the above was only a dream.

9. Day of our lives

"A day in the life" ─ a small-scale work of Bulgakov. The book passed the controversial atmosphere of the apartment number 50 in house 10, located on Sadovaya street. There for some time the writer lived with his wife of T. N. Paw. Later the same housing Bulgakov would describe in his novel "Master and Margarita", which received the reputation of a bad apartment.

8. The fatal eggs

"The fatal eggs" are fantastic works of Bulgakov. The plot of the book ─ zoologist Persikov, experiments which led to the fatal error. The country began a chicken plague, and to stabilize the situation, a zoologist develops a special emitter that allows much faster development of the embryo in the egg and emerge into the light. As an experiment, he's going to spend the experience on the eggs, not just birds but also crocodiles, ostriches and snakes. By mistake a large batch of eggs is directed not to Persikov, and the farm, where they begin to practice the use of emitters of a zoologist. A whole Horde of reptiles invaded the country and move to Moscow. The indignation of the people, who believes all guilty of peach, bursts into his apartment and kills the experimenter.

7. Diaboliad

"Diaboliad" ─ book by Mikhail Bulgakov, which includes the "little man" who becomes a victim of bureaucracy. The main character Korotkov is associating her with the devil's power. It is fired, after which the character goes mad and is thrown from the roof of a multistory building. For a long time the literary work was rejected, and the writer himself acknowledged that the story failed.

6. Heart of a dog

"Heart of a dog" ─ one of the best books Bulgakov, filmed in 1988. The events in the story unfold in the 20-ies of the last century. One of the main characters of the work, the Transfiguration Professor decided to conduct an experiment and transplant the pituitary gland of the deceased tramp dog Ball. The dog is reborn as a man by the name polygraph Polygraphovich Sharikov, who is very blunt, aggressive and likes to drink. From the master pituitary new character inherited only the worst traits. He is perfectly possible to adapt to the society, besides giving him the position of head of cleaning the streets of Moscow from stray animals. Transfiguration realizes that the experiment has failed and decides to return the ball to its original form.

5. The notes on the cuffs

"Notes on the cuffs" refers to the autobiographical works of Mikhail Bulgakov. The book the writer never appeared in the publication completely. Bulgakov almost in detail describes his life in the Caucasus, as well as your first months in Moscow. The main problem of the book lies in the uneasy relationship between Bulgakov and power. The story includes two parts and begins with a dialogue of the main character, suffering from typhoid and his friend. They talk about the need to create in the newspaper of the Department of arts, then headed to the main character. Subsequent events the book tells about the fate of the prototype of Bulgakov, his wanderings and commitment to their beloved.

4. Moliere

"Moliere" ─ a historical novel that is also a biography of the writer, written in an artistic form. The book was born after the death of Bulgakov. During the life of the publishing house refused to publish the novel due to the lack of a "Marxist ideas". The life of the protagonist, the author goes from birth. He writes that born one of the great geniuses. While that is unremarkable newborn, but in the future it is waiting for the glory of the best in his lifetime of Comedy.

3. Theatrical novel

"Theatrical novel" applies to unfinished works of Mikhail Bulgakov. The second title of the novel ─ "the dead man". The book is written in first person, which is the writer of a Sergei Leontyevich Maksudova. Despite the tragedy of the second of the name, the work was very fun. Feature of artistic work is that it was created without any sketches and draft. The Preface is on behalf of a certain publisher, who decided to fulfill the will of the late Maksudova and publish his novel. The publisher warns that all that is written is the fruit of a sick imagination of the deceased author.

2. The White Guard

"The white Guard" is rightly included in the list of the best books, written by Bulgakov. The novel describes the events of 1918, which took place in Ukraine during the Civil war. In the center of the work a family of Russian intellectuals, as well as their close friends and relatives. The military events were affected by social disaster. The book traces many of the biographical sketches. So, the main characters are the prototypes of the friends and relatives of the writer. Talking about this documentary accuracy described by Bulgakov events and actors In the novel clearly shows the process of destruction of the Russian intelligentsia. Initially, the author's ideas included writing a trilogy, but was released only one book of the three.

1. The master and Margarita

"The master and Margarita" ─ one of the main works of this outstanding writer of the 20th century. The book during his lifetime Bulgakov was not completed. Editing draft manuscripts left engaged in a subsequent spouse of the deceased. The novel consists of two storylines, one of which is associated with the Master who writes a novel about Pontius Pilate. The further the reader delves into the book, it becomes less visible the line between these two parts works great. Complete unification of the two story lines going on in the last chapters, when Woland (the Devil) comes to one of the disciples of Yeshua (Jesus). The book carries a deep philosophical meaning, where there are no clear distinctions between Good and Evil, Truth and Lies.

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