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Top 10 best dishes of Uzbek cuisine


Incredibly tasty, vibrant dishes of Uzbek cuisine is known to many from childhood. Pilaf, lagman, manta rays, only a small part of the richest dishes of Uzbek cuisine. Over the millennia it has absorbed many elements of the cultures of neighboring countries. It is possible to find echoes of the Kazakh, Tatar, Russian, Mongolian, Uyghur, Iranian, Tajik, Kyrgyz and other cuisines. Every borrowed the dish of the Uzbeks made the changes, preparing in their own way. Uzbek cuisine often combines many components and require special skill to prepare. Another feature of Uzbek cuisine is that one dish can have multiple cooking options. A striking example is the pilaf. A dish that has long outgrown the framework of national and has become a brand, cook all different, and everyone thinks their recipe is the only true.

10. Dolma beef

Opens the list of the best dishes of Uzbek cuisine dolma beef (tacos). The taste is not inferior to the Caucasian dolma. For preparation will need: the flesh of beef, round rice, beef fat, onions, pickled grape leaves, garlic, cilantro, spices to taste. In the preparation of dolma is no big deal. Of beef, fat and onion need to make the stuffing, add the washed rice, salt, spices, garlic and herbs. Wrap the beef in grape leaves. Lay the dolmades in layers in a cauldron or a large pot, cover with water so that it just covered up for her. After boiling the dolma is cooked for 40 minutes on low heat. Served this tasty dish with greens and sour cream.

9. Samsa

Samsa — one of the most popular dishes of Uzbek cuisine. The secret of cooking a tender and juicy samsa simple — you do not skimp on the amount of fat and try to slice the meat as fine as possible. Like many other dishes of Uzbek cuisine, the samosa has a variety of cooking options: with meat, potatoes, pumpkin, cabbage, mushrooms, herbs, nuts, raisins.

To prepare samosas with a filling of meat required: mince lamb, flour, onion, eggs, butter, cumin, pepper, salt, sesame. Prepare the stuffing and dough. On the unrolled dough pellets need to put the minced meat and form a triangle. Samsa out onto a oiled baking sheet. Beaten egg oiling each triangle and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Bake samosas at a temperature 200ºС 40 minutes.

8. Pilaf

One of the best dishes of Uzbek cuisine — plov. Traditional Uzbek plov with only seven basic ingredients: meat, fat, onions, carrots, rice, water and salt. Everything else is optional. The meat for the pilaf can use: lamb, beef, poultry meat, horse meat. Sometimes risotto can be prepared without the meat, replacing it with dried apricots, raisins, mushrooms. If it is not possible to use lamb tail fat is replaced with vegetable oil. Best pic for real Uzbek plov is devzira. It is an ancient variety, grown in the Fergana valley. Another important component, without which a good risotto to cook — cast iron cauldron.

7. Lagman

Lagman — one of the most popular dishes of Uzbek cuisine. In Central Asia the dish is served as and the first and second dishes. It is made of special noodle (Laghman in the present it must be handmade), meat and gravy of vegetables – vajji. For the preparation of Laghman need: lamb or beef, tomatoes, onions, carrots, herbs, spices, salt, and eggs and flour to make noodles.

6. Mastava

Mastava — not as famous as lagman, but no less delicious soup. This Uzbek dish made of vegetables and two types of meat. First, in a pot fry the meat, then to it add the onions, carrots, tomatoes. When meat is tender, in a large kettle, pour water and add to soup, rice and potatoes. Generated from minced small meatballs sent to the soup last. Give the mastava to cook for 10-15 minutes and soup is ready. Do not forget to use in the process of cooking spices and herbs: parsley, cumin, Basil, black pepper.

5. White soup

White soup, or a chrva is one of the best dishes of Uzbek cuisine, which is prepared without Browning the ingredients. This is the base variant of the famous soup, as it was prepared thousands of years ago. The recipe can be complicated by adding other components. Especially good white soup in the winter, because it is perfectly warm person. The dish is prepared from lamb or beef, sheep fat, onions.

4. Dimlyama with tomatoes

The most delicious dishes of Uzbek cuisine refers dimlyama with tomatoes. In the cauldron you need to heat the mutton fat and quickly fry the pieces of meat. Then add chopped onion rings, add spices and simmer on the fire. With the same amount of fresh tomatoes to cut off the tops, lay in the meat and simmer on low heat for about two hours. To submit dimlama need with the delicious sauce, formed after cooking in the cauldron.

3. Salad Tashkent

Salad "Tashkent" — is very delicious but little-known Uzbek dish. There are several options of cooking. For the classic "Tashkent" you will need: radish (you can substitute radish), eggs, meat, onions.

Boil eggs until cooked. Radish slice it into large strips. Boiled meat is also cut into strips. Diced onion and pan-fried in vegetable oil. Radish, meat and onion mix, add spices, homemade mayonnaise or clotted cream. The resulting mixture is spread on a dish slide, prepare the salad with slices of meat and eggs, sprinkle with herbs and pour mayonnaise.

2. Manta

Manti is one of the most popular dishes of Central Asian countries. There are many options for cooking dumplings: with meat, pumpkin, potatoes, cabbage, chickpeas and other toppings. Preparing this delicious dish of Uzbek cuisine for a couple that allows you to keep the nutritional value of all ingredients.

1. Chuchvara

One of the best dishes of Uzbek cuisine is chuchvara. It is a soup with small dumplings. Chuchvara served with susimail. The composition of the soup also includes tomato paste, black pepper, onion, and bell pepper. Thanks for chuchvara only cook minced meat. Dumplings are trying to do as little as possible in size. As a filling you can use not only meat, but the greens with fat bacon and boiled eggs.

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