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The biggest mushroom in the world


Mushrooms – a special form of life that combines the characteristics of plants and animals. Among them are its Champions for height and weight. Biologists think fungi giants is not an anomaly. Any mushroom can become a giant if it grows in favorable conditions. And oddly enough, most of the large fungi are edible, which somehow miraculously did not hit the basket, to the mushroom was not eaten by animals.

The list includes the biggest mushrooms in the world, which became known to the media.

10. Calvatia gigantea from Englandweight 2 kg

Opens largest mushroom Calvatia gigantea from England. Champion found a young girl gardener Terry Hodson-Walker, after the rainy season. The width of the hat giant was approximately 46 inches, and it weighed 2 kilograms. After the discovery, she decided to apply to the Guinness Book of records, in order to micromycet was officially recognized as the largest mushroom in the world. The scientific name of the discovered mushroom – Calvatia gigantea. It is a regular raincoat, which can be found in almost all over the world. This species can reach enormous sizes, but often falls victim to the forest animals that do not eat away rain cover.

9. Boletus from Russiaweight 2.4 kg

Another contender for the title of the largest mushroom in the world –boletus from Russia, discovered in the Tomsk region. Local mushroom Alex King in the forest near his village found a giant boletus. The diameter of the pileus, the giant was 36 inches, and leg height – 28 cm Weight record was 2 kg 400 grams! As noted by the TV channel "Russia", it is not some alien mutant from outer space, and the ordinary boletus, not even worm-eaten.

8. Lingzhi from Chinaweight 7.5 kg

Found a huge polypore lacquered, or as it is called in China – Lingzhi (Ganoderma lucidum) – weighs 7.5 kg, and its diameter is 107 cm Found in one of the provincial Chinese cities, Hajo. This fungus belongs to the genus Ganoderma, which has more than 2000 years in Chinese medicine. It is also called “mushroom of immortality“. It is believed that Ganoderma boosts immunity thanks to active compounds called polysaccharides, which can increase the activity of white blood cells. Inspiring size and weight of polypore allow him to take one of the lines of the rating of the largest mushrooms in the world.

7. Raincoat from the Russianweight 12 kg

The biggest mushroom in Russia is the rain cover found by the mushroom picker Vladislav Grabovski in the fall of 2011 in the Perm region. The diameter of the cap of the giant was 1 meter and 72 centimeters and a height of about two feet. Weight findings are exceed 12 pounds. Biologists do not consider this finding to be rare. The raincoats grew and large size, reaching 20 kg in weight. Raincoats are eaten when they are still young. As the giant was already late, he took him to study at the Department of botany of the University of Perm. This edible wonder was listed in the Guinness Book of records.

6. Mushrooms from Italyweight 14 kg

Italy also recorded a record. A huge mushroom weighing approximately 14 pounds, was found Francesco Quito, a resident of the province of Bari. Despite the fact that the mushroom was discovered near the village, Francesco could barely carry it on his shoulder, so he had to take the car. The fungus was unspoiled and edible. Had to call the neighbors to eat this giant.

5. Micromycet from Chinaweight 15 kg

In China's Yunnan province was discovered a giant micromycet weighing 15 pounds. The fungus not only was huge but also had an unusual shape. He looks like hundreds of small mushroom heads growing on one stalk! The diameter of the cap it has reached almost 1 meter. What species of mushroom body eccentric scientists have not yet identified.

4. Macrocybe Titans from USAweight 20 kg

If we talk about traditional macromycetes in the conventional sense, it is a leader in size can be called Macrocybe Titans, which grows in the Caribbean and the United States. In one of the southern Mexican States in 2007 was found a copy, the weight was 20 kg and a height of about 70 cm, However, this finding is not unique. In 2005 USA Mexican biologist, an expert on fungi Rene Andrade stumbled upon the same fungus that also grew up on a coffee plantation, and its weight was equal to the whole 28 pounds. Such large dimensions make this micromycet the object of attention of the scientific community.

3. Micromycet from Canadaweight 26 kg

Canadian macromycete also can compete in size. Resident of Canada Christian Therrien was discovered rain cover weight 26 pounds. The man found the mushroom while walking with his son in the woods. The Canadians were astonished by their find, and they admitted that they had never seen such large raincoats. Mushroom took home and had with him a photo shoot.

2. Fomitiporia ellipsoidea from Chinaweight 500 kg

Another fungus, is found and studied Chinese mycologists have grown to a height of 10.85 metres in width of the cap 82-88 cm Scientists believe that this outstanding representative of the mushroom Kingdom grew at least 20 years. The giant polypore with the world's largest fruit body was found on Hainan island in 2010, and is now studied and classified. The brown monster was a perennial woody mushroom with a specimen of Fomitiporia ellipsoidea. One of the authors of the opening, Yu Cheng Dai Institute of applied ecology (IAE), Chinese Academy of Sciences, says that solid copies of the same mushroom, he along with colleagues was first found in Fujian province in 2008. But still the reserve was not as great as a giant with Hainan. Interestingly, the authors were not looking for a record on purpose, but simply studied the diversity of mushrooms in the forests of the island. "None of us ever thought that the fungus can grow so huge, says Professor Grant. We did not recognize him immediately in the woods because it was too big." The amount of this fungus biologists estimated 409-525 thousand cm3 and a weight of approximately 500 pounds. Discovered by F. ellipsoidea grows under the ground, so it has long remained undetected and was able to grow to such impressive sizes.

1. Armillaria ostoyae from the U.S.weighs more than 600 kg

The first place ranking is the biggest mushroom in the world, which mycologists found in the relict forests of the United States. It is considered the largest living creature on the planet. Belongs to the giant family of Armillaria, who has long been known for its size. The best part of this living organism under the earth, on the surface you could clearly see a small mushrooms. The name of these macromycetes – Armillaria ostoyae or otherwise, they are called honey honey. One tint fits easily in the hand and not too remarkable. But it is the mycelium, which is a single organism, occupied in a national Park Oregon 880 Hectares! Its tentacles are located under the ground and entangle the territory, equal in size to 1665 football fields. The mycelium was grown in Oregon forests about 2500 years, destroying root systems of the trees in its path. Therefore, this micromycet and is the largest on the planet.

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