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The most powerful nuclear bomb in the world


Nuclear weapons – the most terrible and magnificent invention of mankind. The destructive force of nuclear wave so big that it can wipe from the face of the earth, not only everything living, but even the most robust of structures and buildings. Only one nuclear stockpiles in Russia is enough to completely destroy our planet. And no wonder, since the country possesses the richest reserves of the nuclear weapons, after the United States. Soviet gruel, or the Tsar Bomba, tested in 1961 became the most powerful nuclear weapon of all time.

The TOP 10 includes the most powerful nuclear bomb in the world. Many of them were used for test purposes, but it also brought irreparable damage to the environment. Others have become weapons in the settlement of military conflicts.

10. Little boythe Power of 18 kilotons

Little boy (Baby) – first nuclear bomb, which was used for test purposes. It helped end the war between Japan and the United States. Little boy with a capacity of 18 kilotons caused the deaths of 140 thousand residents of Hiroshima. The device with a length of 3 meters and a diameter of 70 cm created the nuclear column height of more than 6 kilometers. The kid and followed him the Fat man has brought considerable damage to two Japanese cities, which to this day remain unsettled.

9. Fat ManPower 21 kiloton

Fat Man (Fat man) – the second nuclear bomb, which the US used against Japan. Victims of nuclear weapons were residents of the city of Nagasaki. The explosion of power 21килотонна, killed 80 thousand people immediately, and another 35 thousand died from radiation. This is the most powerful weapon in the history of mankind, which was used for military purposes.

8. TrinityPower 21 kiloton

Trinity (the Thing) – the first bomb, marking the beginning of nuclear weapons testing. The shock wave of the explosion was a 21 kiloton and rose up a cloud of 11 miles. The first in the history of mankind a nuclear explosion has made scientists a stunning impression. White smoke with a diameter of almost two kilometers rapidly rose up and formed the shape of a mushroom.

7. BakerPower 21 kiloton

Baker (Baker) is one of the three atomic bombs that participated in operation Crossroads (Crossroads) in 1946. The tests were carried out to identify the effects of atomic weapons on naval vessels and experimental animals. At a depth of 27 meters was produced by the blast yield of 23 kilotons, which is pushed to the surface about two million tons of water and formed a column more than half a kilometer in height. Baker brought with it a the world's first nuclear disaster. Radioactive Bikini island, where the trial took place was not habitable and was considered a desert until 2010.

6. RayPower 955 kilotons

Ray – the most powerful atomic bomb tested by France in 1971. A shell with a capacity of 955 kilotons of TNT was blown up on the Atoll of Mururoa, which is the range of nuclear explosions. There tested more than 200 rounds of nuclear weapons until 1998.

5. Castle Romeo11 Power megatons

Castle Romeo – one of the most powerful explosions produced by the United States. The operation was accepted on March 27, 1954. The explosion was carried out on a barge in the open ocean, as it apprehended that the bomb can destroy nearby island. The power of the explosion amounted to 11 megatons instead of the expected 4 megatons. This is because as thermonuclear fuel was used cheap material.

4. Device MikePower 12 megatons

Device Mike (Ivy Mike) was not initially provided no value and was used as an experimental bomb. The height of the nuclear cloud was estimated at 37 km, and the diameter of the cap cloud was about 161 km. the Power of a nuclear wave tank was estimated at 12 megatons TNT equivalent. The power of the projectile was enough to erase from the earth small Islands Elugelab where the test was carried out. In their place was left only a crater with a diameter of 2 kilometers and a depth of 50 meters. Contaminated debris from reefs scattered at 50 km from the epicenter.

3. Castle Yankee Power 13.5 megatons

Castle Yankee – the second power of a nuclear blast, produced by the American testers. It was expected that the initial capacity will be no more than 10 megatons of TNT. As it turned out, a nuclear explosion had great strength and was estimated at 13.5 megatons. The feet of a mushroom cloud was 40 miles, and the hat was 16 km away. a cloud of Radiation just four days reached Mexico city, which is located in 11 000 km from the site of the operation.

2. Castle Bravothe Power of 15 megatons

Castle Bravo (Shrimp TX-21) – the most powerful nuclear bomb ever tested in the United States. The operation was carried out in March 1954 and has suffered with irreversible consequences. A blast yield of 15 megatons was the cause of the strongest radiation contamination. Irradiation got hundreds of people living on the Marshall Islands. The stem of a mushroom cloud was over 40 miles, and the diameter of the cap was estimated at 100 km. the explosion was the cause of the formation on the seabed of the vast funnel component 2 km in diameter. The consequences resulting from the test, have imposed restrictions on operations with nuclear shells.

1. The Tsar bomb,the Power of 58 megatons

The Tsar bomb (AN602) – the powerful Soviet nuclear bomb in the world for all time. The eight-metre rocket with a diameter of two meters was applied as a test in 1961 on Novaya Zemlya archipelago. It was originally planned that AN602 will have a capacity of 100 megatons, but fearing the global destructive power of weapons, agreed that the force of the explosion will not exceed 58 megatons. At altitude 4 km, the Tsar bomb was activated and gave a stunning results. Diameter fire cloud reached about 10 km from the Nuclear post was about 67 km in height, and the diameter of the cap of the column reached 97 km. Even being on a distance of 400 km from the epicenter of the explosion was extremely dangerous to life. A powerful sound wave extending almost one thousand kilometers. On the island, where he passed the test, no traces of life and any buildings, absolutely everything is brought to the surface of the earth. Seismic wave of the explosion three times circled the entire planet, and every inhabitant of the planet could feel the power of nuclear weapons. After this test, more than one hundred countries signed an agreement on the cessation of this type of operations as in the atmosphere, under water and on land.

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