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Top 10 Best books about war


Military themes are a huge number of works. Many of them appear real people and real historic events. These books are imbued with special tragedy, and do not allow the reader to forget about the heroic exploits of the people on the front and faced death face to face. The best books about the war, a list of which is located below, has gained immense popularity among readers and became public domain.

10. The story of a real man

"The story of a real man" opens the list of the best military works. Author Boris Polevoy seen all the horrors of war during the whole period of battles during the second world war. The writer was a correspondent of the newspaper Pravda, so visited on many fronts. The story is based on real events that happened in the life of a Soviet pilot Alexei Maresyev. As a result of military actions the main character was badly injured because of what the pilot had to amputate both legs. Despite this, Alex did not lose heart and found the strength to return to the ranks of pilots and perform many heroic deeds.

9. To survive until dawn.

"Survive till dawn" is included in the list of the best books on military topics. Its author is the Belarusian writer Vasil Bykov, for which he was awarded the State prize of the USSR. The main character in the story acts as Lieutenant Igor Ivanovo. He will perform a difficult task: to blow up a German base with ammunition. Everything goes according to plan and the operation fails. However, the fighter doesn't give up. Being seriously wounded, he undermines himself, so that the enemy suffered losses.

8. In not listed

"Not listed" is one of the best books about the war, which is owned by Boris Vasilyev. The action of the book takes place in the beginning of the great Patriotic War and are directly related to the deposition of the Germans of the Brest fortress. Before the beginning of hostilities it gets the main character Nikolai Pluzhnikov. There he meets a girl named Myrrh, with which he tied an affair. Starts the stubborn opposition of the main character of the fascist army that would last for nine months. Pluzhnikov attempts to rescue his beloved, which turns out to be pregnant from this hell, but killing her. No matter that Nicholas continues to wage a desperate struggle against the German soldiers.

7. War has no female face

"War has no female face" book about war, written by Svetlana Aleksievich. Historical events during the second world war shown through the eyes of women. The author is trying to convey that the woman and the war completely incompatible. Woman are created to give life, and the war to take her. In the novel included stories of real frontovichek. For a long time, the book was not published because the author was accused of debunking the image of Soviet women-hero. With the release of the book has had a huge popularity especially among the female half of the readers.

6. Cursed and killed

"Cursed and killed" deserves the title of the best works about the war. The book is written by a former war veteran Viktor Astafyev, who went to the front as a volunteer. The author shares his own experiences and expresses own opinion against the war. He describes in detail historical events in those terrible years. Astafjevs shows the cruel and bloody reality without embellishment and hints that he sees absolutely no point in the war, which had affected millions of people.

5. The living and the dead

"The living and the dead" is one of the most important works about the war, written by a Russian writer Konstantin Simonov. The book is a romance-epic consisting of three parts. The first part is nothing like playing frontline personal diary of the author, who as a reporter visited on many fronts and saw the fighting live. In the book, the writer reproduces the events, starting with the beginning of the war until its completion. The author shows the tough struggle of the Russian people against the Nazis.

4. The dawns here are quiet

"The dawns here are quiet" Boris Vasilyev's book about the war, included in the list of the best. The plot is based on a real story related to the events of the great Patriotic War. Some soldiers perform heroic act stopped the enemy, who was going to blow up the Kirov railroad. During the operation all the men killed. To be saved only to the commander. To give the greatest tragedy, the author decided to replace male images to female. The prototype works also are real girls, with whom Vasiliev studied at the same school.

3. Hot snow

"Hot snow" the best novel about the war by Yuri Bondarev. The action in the novel takes place in Stalingrad in ' 42-M. the basis for the book the author put real events that took place during the great Patriotic War. The German group is trying to release the army of Paulus, surrounded on all sides. The main characters of the works into the two lieutenants, who commanded an artillery platoon. Between them there are far complicated relationship due to different views on life and characters. One of them by name drozdowski dreams of becoming a hero, but in the end it becomes another Lieutenant Kuznetsov. Most of the events the book describes the background of military action.

2. The battalions are asked to fire

"The battalions are asked to fire" − one of the best works of military subjects, written by Yuri Bondarev. The plot revolves around two battalions, which were to cross the Dnieper with the aim of diverting enemy forces. Commanders received the order to strengthen the bridgehead and to engage battle. After that the artillery had to be brought down fire on the enemy, but this did not happen. During the unfolding of events superior guide gives a new order, and two battalions remain in the trap of the enemy, doomed to certain death. All they have left, hoping that help would come and fight to the last.

1. On the Western front without changes

"On the Western front without changes" is included in the list of the best books about the war. The novel belongs to the famous German writer Erich Maria Remarque. This work about the brutal reality that faced the soldiers, who yesterday were carefree boys. The author describes the fate of the "lost generation", which was disfigured by war, are unable to adapt and to find employment in civilian life. The main hero of the anti-war novel is a young soldier named Powell Boyer on behalf of which is narrative. The work covers a four-year time period (1914-1918), when Germany was fighting against several countries, including Russia, America etc.

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