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Private military companies in Russia


Private military companies in Russia (PMCs) is of the company performing its statutory tasks in high risk areas, particularly in zones of combat, where the actions of the company itself (its employees) have the character not attacking, but a deterrent, and allow the options of preventive measures.

On the territory of the Russian Federation there are about ten private military companies. Some of them have already suspended their activities, but based on them were created by other PMCs.

10. E. N. O. T. CORP

E.N.O.T. CORP — a private military company that provides military-Patriotic and humanitarian activities. It was created on the basis of the Association of military-Patriotic clubs RESERVE. Military take preventive measures against illegal migration, as well as conduct measures to curb organized crime and drug trafficking. Regular anatomy accompany the humanitarian cargo in the hottest point of the planet.

9. Cossacks

Cossacks — the private military company, consisting of Cossack units. PMCs takes place under the strict control of the Russian leadership through the Council for the Cossacks under the Russian President. The basis of support of the Cossacks based on the principles of Cossack culture and military life and history. The activities of Cossack units included civil and territorial defense, protection of public order, the protection of borders, combating terrorism, etc. the Staff of PMCs Cossacks participated in military operations in such hot spots of the globe, like Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Chechnya, etc.

8. PMC Wagner

PMC Wagner is one of the most secretive private military companies, which operates in the new Russia. The organization prefers not to advertise its activities. Its staff are retirees from various departments and veterans of local wars. PMC Wagner represents numerous professional structure that works for the Russian government. Squad Wagner takes part in the fighting in many hot spots of the planet. Wagnerite a probationary period of training, after which the military are qualified or eliminated.

7. The feraks

The feraks — private military companies in Russia providing full range of security services and armed guards on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. PMC personnel reserve consists of reserve officers serving in special units of various arms and combat experience in the hot spots of the world. Staff Feraks participated in the fighting that took place in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Kurdistan, etc.

6. Tiger Top Rent Security

Tiger Top Rent Security — private military companies in Russia, which was founded for operations in Iraq. Work she began in 2005, but after a year curtailed their activities. Former employees of the professional military, has created other independent PMCs. A short-lived organization had to perform tasks such as escort of convoys, protection of military facilities and personnel of oil companies and Russian diplomats, mission to Lebanon and Israel, in Palestine and Afghanistan. The organization has worked sniper (contrailers) the training of specialists, gunners, engineers, radio engineers, fighters rapid response in the city, etc. After the collapse of the Tiger Top Rent Security formed the Moran Security Groups, Feraks, a Redoubt of anti-terror and anti-terror-eagle.

5. Redoubt-Antiterror

Redoubt-Antiterror — private military company of Russia, which is a military trade Union organizations, which consists of professional soldiers, special forces, airborne, etc. All employees of private organizations have combat experience and are members of the special operations and operations of a peacekeeping nature. PMC was founded in 2008, its founders were the scouts and the veterans of the paratroopers. The organization has experience in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia and other hot spots. The range of basic services provided by the company include security activities, training of close protection teams, training of specialists for the provision of private security services, security SP according to the requirements of the UN, etc.

4. Moran Security Group

Moran Security Group — private military company of Russia, which provides a range of services in security, consulting, transportation and medical support and transport of goods. All the activities of the Moran Security Group is based on the legislation of the Russian Federation. Main functions — armed escort and convoy ships, the protection of various objects, logistics, intelligence, etc. Moran Security Group is the owner of the naval training center, which is located on the territory of St. Petersburg.

3. Antiterror-Orel

Antiterror-Orel — private military company, which operates since 1998. The organization was created by former members. Employees of PMCs are the military reserve, and veterans of the GRU, VYMPEL and the Navy. Antiterror-Orel deals with the protection of facilities, training of military personnel, and also carries out demining work.


MAR PMC — private military company in St. Petersburg, which operates in the territory of the Russian Federation. As stated by the IDA, it operates in strict accordance with the laws of the country where they provide services. PMCs provides services of the following nature: technical protection and exploration, military activities, protection of convoys, individuals, gas and oil pipelines, other facilities, escorting of cargoes, legal/legal support, etc.

1. RSB-Group

RSB Group (Russian System Security) is a private military company of Moscow, which has several directions. It has the division of both land and Maritime operations. Division of marine operations provides services armed protection, escort and protection of the civil courts, conducting security audit of oil and gas offshore platforms. The ground operations division provides armed protection of objects, conducting reconnaissance, and training, etc. the Creators of this PMC are reserve officers of the GRU and the FSB, military professionals, who have extensive command and combat experience. The activities of the RSB-Group is based on observance of the legislation of the Russian Federation. The staff of RSB-Group are not involved in armed conflicts as mercenaries and not engaged in the business organizations and groups that have any connection to terrorist organisations.

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