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Top 10 Best books by Victor Pelevin


Victor Olegovich Pelevin is a modern Russian writer, who was given numerous literary awards. He is the author of many cult novels, including "Chapaev and Emptiness", "OMON RA" and etc. the Best Books of Pelevin, a list of which is located below was written by a writer over the last ten years, and has had incredible success with readers.

10. iPhuck 10

iPhuck 10 – book recently released, opens the list of books Pelevin. The protagonist of the piece is the robotic COP named Porfiry Petrovich. He is investigating the crimes, which subsequently writes novels. Due to this, the Department provided additional funds. In addition to writing talent, the robot is able to infiltrate into any technological devices such as tablet, webcam, etc Porfiry Petrovich met with a single critic, which is not necessary for market analysis. For these purposes it is the perfect robot COP who agrees to a new job.

9. Lamp of Methuselah, or Extreme battle security officers with the masons

"Lamp of Methuselah, or Extreme battle security officers with the masons" is one of the most important books in the works of Viktor Olegovich Pelevin. In the novel, the writer covers three millennia of history of the Russian state. In the center of the book is family Mozhaisk, which are at the origin of nobles. Work with a deep meaning talk about service all three generations of the noble family.

8. The love for three zuckermann

"The love for three zuckermann" is a pretty famous work of Pelevin included in the list of the best. Not all people think about the meaning of his own life, analyse your actions and think about the advantages and disadvantages of scientific progress. Most settle for those that are regular consumers. The work touched upon very important issues relating to terrorism, Internet addiction, popular uprisings, etc. the plot revolves around a strange character named See with their own rules, which he should nepricakovano. He's one of those observers, which looks at how humanity is quietly destroying itself, but can not do anything, despite the fact that has tremendous power.

7. Batman Apollo

"Batman Apollo" is the sequel to one of the most popular books of Viktor Olegovich called Empire V. the Storyline works associated with vampires. One of the main characters of the book is a young vampire, not having much experience in crooping Affairs. He always gets in some unpleasant situations. Literally the whole novel is built on the fantastic notes. The reader will plunge into the world of illusions, Buddhism, and political developments with a hint of irony. The writer openly draws caricatures of famous people, who are easily recognizable in the work.

6. S. N. U. F. F.

"S. N. U. F. F." is a list of the best works written by Victor Olegovich Pelevin. The book refers to this genre, as a utopian novel. This is one of the most popular works of contemporary writer. The plot revolves around a pilot and at the same time, the artist named Damilola Karpov. Fate magically brings the main character, Kaa, which for the sake of achieving their own desires begins a dangerous affair. The work has social and political implications and is a reflection of relations between the Russian government and the West. The novel literally abounds with neologisms and Church expressions.

5. Earl T

"Count T" is one of the best works of Pelevin included in the list of national literary award "Big book". The main character of the novel is a graph T which is a martial arts master. He escapes from the estate and sent to the desert called Optina. Why the main character does it, nobody knows. On his way there Ariel, offering the box to write a story about it. So doesn't want to be a regular character, and wants to become a Creator of yourself. What will come of this plan graph, it is possible to learn while reading the novel Pelevin.

4. Space Friedman

"Space Friedman" − a small volume, the product of a satirist. In a parody of the story tells how one of the scientists made an incredible discovery. He argues that the psychological level of rich and poor people is different. To verify this, scientists are conducting many experiments as on the wealthy and on himself. In the study, it turns out that there is an effect of attraction of money money. But that's not all. If savings is very large, it is a kind of black hole, which gets the owner of the money.

3. Assassin

"Assassin" is one of the best books of Victor Olegovich Pelevin. The main character of the work is Ali, who was from early childhood brought up, as a brutal killer. As a teenager he had already caused fear in their own teachers. Skills military skills Ali has studied very perfectly and used of in practice. It raised not only a ruthless warrior, but also a killing machine that must love death. A grown man with such an upbringing it is very difficult to manage. To keep him in reins, the course is religion and drug doping.

2. Hall of the singing caryatids

"The hall of singing caryatids" refers to the satirical works of Viktor Olegovich. The story is included in one of the famous collections of the writer. The main story face book is a young lady named Elena. She goes to work at a secret brothel for the rich. In the presence of the guests of the brothel along with other girls is supposed to depict a sculpture of a Caryatid. To immobilize the bodies they are administered a special injection-based drug derived from females of the mantid. Soon used medications give side effects that are very dangerous to others.

1. Decrement

"Nekromant" included in the list of Pelevin's books, written over the last decade. The work deals with a single General traffic, which builds a political career. The main character was close to mind, but he very much wanted power and lots of money. He decides that to help to achieve the goal capable of witchcraft. But science is black magic, were given General very difficult, like everything else. For offerings to the cult main character decided to use his subordinates. Their cremated bodies was used as an environmental additive in speed bumps on the road.

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