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What to cook for birthday child 10 years


All moms know that their child terrible sweet tooth. For this reason, the birthday child can not do without a sweet. From the wonderful menu, there should be no excessively salty and spicy dishes but sweet desserts will delight the birthday boy and his young guests. What to cook for birthday child 10 years question it neither a caring mother or grandmother. Because on this day I especially want to please the native little man and his friends. Below are 10 ideas of recipes for children that are considered to be the most successful in our opinion.

10. Canapés

Canapés — a great option that should be on a children's holiday table. Mini sandwiches colourful certainly delight the child and awaken the appetite. Conventional floss can be strung pieces of cheese, fruit or any other edible base. The main thing is to show imagination, ingenuity and all that you arrange. Usually these meals the kids really like and they are happy to send them in the mouth. In addition, canapés win-win situation, because young children are constantly in motion, and this appetizer allows you to eat on the go.

9. Cheese balls

Cheese balls is a worthy version of one of the dishes that can be on the holiday table of the child. For their preparation usually it is rice, cream, and cheese, preferably a hard type. On top of the prepared balls roll in breadcrumbs. To give a festive look to the dish biscuits you can roll in cocoa, cinnamon. Instead of cheese you can also use the cheese. The resulting delicacy is usually strung on skewers, to Tomboy was easier to take it on the run and snacking.

8. Pancakes

Pancakes are a favorite treat of all children without exception. So remember on the 10th anniversary of your child to cook this sweet dish. Pancakes are good because they can be filled with any filling and beautifully decorate. When choosing toppings, don't forget to take into account the preferences not only of the birthday boy and guests. It's better to make pancakes with several types of toppings to the holiday table could bring everyone, without exception, a pleasure. Stuff the pancakes can be jam, cheese, cheese, cabbage, chicken. The decoration on top will largely depend on the content. Jam or curd pancakes you can top lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar.

7. Apple pie

Apple pie is a great treat that we can prepare for a child's birthday. By the way, the apples can be replaced with any other fillings, which are more to the liking to the birthday boy. Someone may think that pies are more convenient option as there is less chance that the little guests will be stained in the stuffing. If you decide to cook the patties, again suggest you to use different fillings, as all children have different taste preferences and preferences.

6. Pizza

Pizza is perhaps the most favorite food of children. Treat your child and guests with delicious home-made pizza. It will not take much time but will bring much joy to the urchins. As toppings, choose not very salty foods. It is also not advisable to add hot spices as it may not be beneficial in a child's digestive system. If you do not fit the classic version of cheese, it can be replaced by a more eccentric, which is sure to appeal to any child. Try to cook on a festive table pizza with cottage cheese and fruit. This dish is not only delicious, but also more useful.

5. Ice cream

Ice cream will not leave anyone indifferent, who came to visit his friend for 10 years. Without this delicacy can not imagine my life not only children but also some adults. Homemade ice cream is much tastier and healthier. You can add pieces of fresh fruit, which will give the delicacy a special flavor. To cool the dish looked presentable, choose a beautiful cookie cutters for cooking, and garnish with fruit pieces or chocolate chips. If you are afraid that guests will not only stained, but will leave fingerprints all over the house, this option can be replaced by a milkshake.

4. Homemade candy

Home candy kids snapped up immediately after the main meal. These products apart from anything more useful than candy. In homemade candy, you can optionally add honey and nuts, which will bring the greatest utility and nutritional value. Well suited as a filling of boiled condensed milk or jam. To the candy did not melt in the hands, and the children are not smeared, you should make the product on the sticks. Replace sweets can be quite sweet sausages, which are very fond of almost every child.

3. Milkshakes

Milkshakes it is possible to prepare for the 10th anniversary of the child. These drinks will appeal to all without exception. Moreover, they are simple enough to cook. Purchase high-quality, fresh milk with high fat content, ice cream, chocolate and fruit. You enough to just throw food in a blender that will make delicious milkshakes in any flavor: strawberry, banana, chocolate. Younger guests will appreciate these delicious beverages.

2. Homemade lemonade

Homemade lemonade is another win-win drink for 10 years baby. Many of us remember the taste of lemonade during Soviet times. You can try to cook yourself at home. For its preparation you will need a sugar, any fruit of your choice, and soda. Before serve the drink, don't forget to pre-cool. A more useful version of the drink is the smoothie which can be prepared instead of a milkshake or lemonade.

1. Cake

None of the birthday, the more festive the table on the 10th anniversary of the child can not do without a cake. Treat your birthday boy and his friends a treat, cooked by yourself. Decorate holiday treats as you like, including fantasy. You can use the cream to write on it nicely and the name of the celebrant or the kind words of congratulations. The easier option is to decorate the cake top with berries. An easier recipe involves cooking treats without baking, but such a treat would be no less delicious, the main approach to cooking with the soul and then the birthday boy and his friends will appreciate your efforts on the day of birth.

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