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Top 10 Best coffee makers bean type


Using Rozhkova coffee makers can prepare yourself at home or office to a delicious and aromatic drink. The period of preparation with the help of such devices will not take much time than they first appreciated. The best coffee bean type rating which is given below, received the most positive reviews from users. The list includes models like the budget type and category Suite.

10. REDMOND RCM-1502

REDMOND RCM-1502 – the best budget model at a very affordable price. It is very compact and stylish in appearance. But the functionality of this device is limited. The coffee machine is a very small reservoir for 250 ml and small power. For home use is quite suitable, if the family has only one or two coffee lover. Poor functionality is due to the price of the device, which is about 4.5 thousand rubles.

9. Delonghi EC 155

Delonghi EC 155 – the representative of the rating in addition to the beautiful design has a good balance of price and quality, and is deservedly included in the top ten. Compact dimensions, decent features and affordable price are the main advantages of this model. Suitable to brew already ground beans, but the use of CalDAV not provided. Coffee maker 11 thousand rubles.

8. Gaggia Gran Style

Gaggia Gran Style – excellent coffee bean type, which is in the medium price range. Its advantage are compact size and stylish design. By using the Assembly you can prepare delicious cappuccino or espresso. The unit is slightly noisy, but this small minus overlaps a relatively low price and rich functionality. Can be used as a ground bean and pod. The fluid reservoir has a volume of just over 1.2 liters. Among the advantages, one can identify the indicators turn on and the water level in the tank. The price of the device is 12 thousand rubles.

7. Kenwood ES 020

Kenwood ES 020 – excellent, although not the most budget choice for coffee bean type. The case features the impeccable design and made of quality stainless steel. Lovers of cappuccino should be prepared that the drink will have to cook in manual mode, but it happens fairly quickly. Simultaneous spill from a couple of cups. Another advantage of this model is a rich range of colours, which makes the choice for the buyer more enjoyable and convenient. Users of Assembly note that it is virtually silent in operation, which is a clear advantage. Among the minuses is possible to allocate a small water tank designed to accommodate only a liter of liquid. Buy this model is 17 thousand rubles.

6. Polaris PCM 1516E

Polaris PCM 1516E – budget version of the coffee bean type with all necessary functions and beautiful design. Perfect for home and office. The reservoir fluids are very reasonable with a volume of 1.3 liters. By using the Assembly you can prepare cappuccino, but only in manual mode. In addition to its stylish appearance and functions, the machine has excellent build quality. The horn is made of metal and placed it on the handle of high quality plastic, which is not heated. Tank volume (1.2 l) can not boast of large size, but for small family it is quite enough for a small family. To buy device it's possible in only 9 thousand rubles.

5. VITEK VT-1514

VITEK VT-1514 is located in the middle of the list among the best. This coffee maker is, of course, refers to the range of the best. Ready-to-drinks are incredibly delicious, with its built-in functions in the device. The device has perhaps the best ratio of price and quality. The cappuccino unit is able to cook in fully automatic mode. Adjustment is available hot water. Here is quite an impressive tank, calculated on a half liter of water. The maker carries out spill a drink on a couple of cups that can be immediately and heat. You can adjust the portion of the drink. The cost of this unit is about 12-13 thousand rubles.

4. Delonghi EC 680 M/R/BK DEDICA

Delonghi EC 680 M/R/BK DEDICA took the honourable fourth place. Coffee refers to semi-automatic units. The advantages of the device are the stylish appearance, looks like a retro, as well as the miniature size, so the coffee machine will not take up much space in the working area. The device is ideal for ground coffee and CalDAV. The model has an impressive power and speed cooking. Most of the parts, including the housing, is made of quality metal. There is a possibility of the spill immediately by two cups, and also included this function, as they are heated. The price of this unit is in the range of 19 thousand rubles.

3. DeLonghi ECZ351

DeLonghi ECZ351 located on the honorable third place. This unit applies to professional coffee makers bean type. The choice of the buyer presents the tri-color colors. The design of the device is very attractive and presentable. Reservoir, designed for liquid, is almost half a liter, which is pretty good. The case is made of high-quality stainless steel. Can prepare two cups of the divine drink. Suitable for both ground coffee and CalDAV. Provided in the model and manual milk Frother, as well as heated cups. There is a very important function as an automatic out. To pay for such a device will have at least 19 thousand rubles.

2. Ascaso Dream Ground

Ascaso Dream Ground occupies the second place ranking. First what makes this unit so it is an eccentric design in retro style. The manufacturer offers a rich range of colors (over 10), which makes this model even more attractive to the buyer. The device has a metal body making it resistant to damage. Tank volume is designed for 1.6 liters of the drink. The device is capable of providing spill the two cups. There is such a useful function like preheating cups. The operation of the apparatus is performed in a semiautomatic mode. The cost model to date is 39 thousand rubles.

1. BORK C802

BORK C802 completes a rating of the best coffee bean type. The unit refers to the professional category of coffee makers of this type. With this device you can adjust the desired strength of the drink. There are also functions such as temperature controls, as well as portions. Before brewing coffee, it can be pre-moistened. The model has high power and speed cooking. In addition to the rich functionality of the device is stylish and at the same time concise design. For ease of use on the metal case there is a backlit display with accompanying control buttons. The absolute advantage of the device is the presence of a huge reservoir, the volume of which slightly less than two liters. This is perfect for a large family or office. Budget to this model is difficult to attribute, as the average cost on it in the range of 40 thousand rubles.

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