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The country's leaders in oil production over the past year


A day the world's largest oil producers recovered from deposits of about 100 million barrels of mineral. Leading oil powers recognized Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United States. They provide the world market by 39% in black gold.

In the TOP 10 included the country's leaders in oil production over the last year.

10. Venezuela's 2.5 million barrels per day

Venezuela opens ten largest world oil producers. The economy as a whole depends on the sales of fossil raw materials. Venezuelan exports 96% composed of crude oil. Per day the country produces about 2.5 million barrels. Global share of production for export is 3.65%. World oil reserves Venezuela holds the first position: there's about 46 billion tons of raw materials.

9. UAE2.7 million barrels per day

UAE are in the top ten oil leaders. Their export share in the world market consists of 3.81%. The main deposits of useful raw materials are concentrated directly in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and make up 95%, remaining 5% Emirates Dubai and Sharjah. Every day, the country produces about 2.7 million barrels. The total reserves of oil in the Emirates has 13 billion tons of unused raw materials. The largest consumers of the product of the United Arab Emirates are Japan, Thailand, India, Republic of Korea, Singapore and China.

8. Kuwait2.8 million barrels per day

Kuwait has 9% of world oil reserves of around 14 billion tons. Because of this, the state has become one of the largest miners. The share of 3.90% of the total supply of black gold on the world market. During the day, the country produces about 2.8 million barrels of raw materials. The largest Deposit of oil is considered a Great Burgan, retrieve the half of the production. The rest of the product provide a field South Minagish and Umm Gudair, North Raudhatain and Sabriyah. The resulting petroleum products the country sells to UAE, Syria, Morocco, Jordan and China.

7. Iraq is3 million barrels per day

Iraq is one of the most solid producer of natural raw materials in a world that is starting to gain momentum lately. And this is no coincidence, because the economy of the country depends on oil exports. The General part of the state revenues from the sale of oil is approximately 90%. A day is extracted from deposits in the order of 3 million barrels and above. Part of the extracted raw materials to Iraq of the total global market share is to 4.24% today. Oil reserves in the country has 20 billion tons.

6. IranCountry Iran

Iran is one of the biggest oil powers in the world, which has huge reserves of crude fossil. Most of the raw materials is extracted from the Persian Gulf basin. According to researchers, content of the known deposits of black gold will last approximately 90 years. Common oil reserves, which amount to 21 billion ton, the country is in third place. Daily Iran derives from oil basins more than 3 million barrels. The total production of the country in the segment of the world market is 4.25%. The main consumers of Iranian product are China, Japan, Turkey, India and South Korea. Almost half of the income the government provides export of petroleum products.

5. Canada3 million barrels per day

Canada is one of the leading producers and exporters of oil. The amount of raw materials per day is more than 3 million barrels. The largest Deposit of the mineral is one of the provinces of Canada – Alberta. The country is the main supplier of black gold in USA, which marketed more than 90% of the crude product. Total global share of production of the exporter is 4.54%. The state has inexhaustible reserves of natural raw materials and is in the top three richest countries in oil reserves, which are estimated at 28 billion tons.

4. China4 million barrels per day

China (PRC) is one of the largest oil producers. The proportion of the world total production of raw materials is 5.71%. Daily with the help of drilling rigs remove more than 4 million barrels from the depths of the earth. The country is not only the largest exporter but also one of the leaders in the consumption of raw materials due to the large number of people. The state has the largest reserves of oil, which is 2.5 billion tons. One of the largest oil importers of China is Russia.

3. USA9 million barrels per day

USA (11,80%) opens the three global giants in oil production. The United States do not only exports, but also imports of raw materials. A huge number of drills every day recovered to 9 million barrels of fossil. As a percentage of the annual production capacity is of 11.80%, compared to other world oil producers. In the country there are three main States that produce the product – it's California, Alaska and Texas. In the country is reserved strategic reserve black raw materials for use in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

2. Saudi Arabia10 million barrels per day

Saudi Arabia – one of the world's largest producer of black gold. The whole economy of the Middle East rests on the export of oil that it supplies to States East Asia and the United States. Part of the external income of Saudi Arabia from the sale of the precious raw material is about 90%. Oil fields in the country are under the control of the company Saudi Aramco. Global share of fossil in the country is 13 and 23%. Daily ongoing work to bring 10 million barrels per day. Proven mineral reserves of the country have 36, 7 billion ton.

1. Russiamore than 10 million barrels per day

Russia is a proud leader in the production of oil in the world. It is not surprising, as Russia is the richest country in the reserves not only of black gold but also other minerals. It is literally a storehouse of natural gas, nonferrous metals and coal. The oil is extracted not only for export but also for production of fuel material. The total amount of proved reserves has more than 14 billion tone. Daily is extracted from deposits in excess of 10 million barrels per day and this amount is constantly growing. As a percentage of world oil production, the share of Russia is of 13.92%.

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