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Top 10 children's films about dogs


Dogs are one of the most affectionate, loyal and kind creatures on Earth. Not surprisingly, the films with the participation of these Pets are popular with audiences of all ages, especially children. In this article we have presented for you children's movies about dogs. Each painting is notable for its sparkling humor and memorable moments that will delight even the most callous viewer. Some of the movies based on real events, so their view is even more exciting.

10. My best friend Shylock1996

The movie reveals the top children's movies about dogs, talks about the puppy named Shylock, who could not stand the life with the old master and ran away from him. The dog accidentally met a teenage boy Marty. Guy guessed that the dog ran away. But doesn't want to return it back to the animal again experienced pain and suffered the rudeness. Father Marty against the decision of the boy to keep Shylock. And here and the owner showed up. Guy has much experience, so the dog stayed with him.

9. My dog Skip2000

The film, which occupies the 9th place of the list of children's films about dogs, takes place in 1942 in the state of Mississippi. The little boy named will has no friends because of his shyness and isolation. His only friend is a baseball player Dink Jenkins. Will wants to imitate the baseball player and to be like him. But Dink was taken into the army, and the boy is left completely alone. Parents, seeing the suffering of the boy, give him a birthday little dog, Skip. The guy had no idea how his life will change puppy. He has best friends, a girl and kudos from citizens and parents. Thanks skip, will learns what true friendship and grows slowly.

8. Little Bobby2005

The owner of Skyterra Bobby died. And here the dog slowly walks during the funeral procession to the Church to say goodbye with the owner, John gray. He was buried, but Bob did not want to move away from the grave of his only friend. He lived in a cemetery until, until he died. Residents of the city even built a small dog house. All of America came to a small town Greyfriar to your eyes to look at the model of devotion to the master, who became Bobby.

One of the most touching children's film about dogs, which is comparable to the "Hachiko".

7. Zeus and Roxanne1997

Terry Barnett lives in a small provincial town on the shores of the ocean. He has a son and a puppy named Zeus. The dog does not like neighbor Terry because Zeus he was still a prankster. Not anything to do with animals, she calls him flea-bitten and vents anger on the owners. Mary has two daughters and has been studying the habits of the dolphins.

Once, Zeus accidentally gets on the ship Mary, where she throws him at the mercy of sharks. But the dog saves Dolphin named Roxanne. Animals instantly become friends, and their Union brings together two warring families.

The most unusual children's film about dogs. Popular among audiences of all ages for generations.

6. Air Bud1997

Norman works as a clown. But his jokes very few people cheer. From failure a man rescues his dog buddy, a pair of which Norman speaks. A man angry that all the applause always rips the dog, so he often beat him. But one day, buddy runs away from Norman and accidentally meets a young boy Josh. Two future friends have met on the basketball court, where Josh goes to train., hoping that he will notice and will be in the school team in basketball. But surprise the boy knew no bounds, when he learned that buddy can throw balls into the basket. Joint training bring success to man and animal. Josh take a team, and buddy becomes the team mascot. About a talented dog learns the entire city, including the former owner, Buddy. It requires to return the dog back...

One of the Best children's movies about dogs 90-ies. Perfect for watching with the whole family.

5. The shaggy dog2006

Dave Douglas, running the district attorney is investigating the case related to a laboratory, conducting experiments on animals. In the process of investigation he is accidentally exposed to radiation, which alters his genes. Dave mutates. Now occasionally he turns into a dog that is impeding his career and personal life. But on the other hand, he begins to better know himself and his family. Thinking about his life, Dave decides to become an exemplary family man and father. But before that he needs to stop the insidious plans of the Corporation, whose invention turned him into a dog.

The film, which occupies the middle of the top children's movies about dogs, is one of the best family comedies.

4. The ugly Dachshund1966

Fran all the excitement and confusion. Its fee-champion danke is pregnant, and she wants one of the puppies born became the champion. An appointment at the vet, her husband suggest that the fee has brought up a dog breed "great Dane", whose mother died. The man decides to take his dog Brutus to himself. Time passes, the dog grows. But now thinks she's a Dachshund, though, and too big. Fran had made fun of the dog. And when it happened again, Jim decides to prove to his wife that Brutus is capable of more and that he's not ugly Dachshund!

The film, occupying the 4th place of the top children's movies about dogs will appeal to viewers of all ages. Picture about how to be a winner, even if everyone is against you.

3. The road home1992

The owners of two dogs and cats have to go away for a while. So they give their Pets to a friend who lives on a ranch. Animals love their masters, so, after a while they began to worry, not happened if in trouble with them. After some thought, they decide to get home on their own. And for this they have to travel hundreds of miles through mountains and deserts.
Children's film about dogs, about how interesting and exciting can be a way home.

2. 101 Dalmatians1996

Cruella De Vil decides to commit a crime: she wants to steal exactly 101 Dalmatians to the night before Christmas in order to shave off their shoes on your new fur products. But the woman does not know with whom she will have to deal with. After all, the family loves their Dalmatians, and they are not used to sitting idly by while his pet was in danger.

The most atmospheric is the Christmas movie about a dog, enchanted the children for generations.

1. White BIM Black ear1976

One of the most touching and best children's film about dogs, about how the hard life of a pet without a master. White BIM immediately determines what a man mean and low, and what is noble and good. He's like an x-ray shines through the souls of men, suffering unbearable conditions and trying to find something bright in each person.

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