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Top 10 best children's films of the USSR


Genre children's cinema was very popular in the USSR. Every other movie coming out on the big screens of cinemas of the Soviet Union, was filmed for the children. With the collapse of the powerful country, this genre began to forget. Currently filmmakers only occasionally shoot movies for kids, trusting modern children's paintings foreign production. Agree, the last few generations grew up with "Harry Potter" and "Star wars."

In the Soviet Union were shot dozens of good family films. So let's remember the children's films of the USSR the list of the best.

10. Welcome, or no trespassing1964

The picture that opens the top best children's films is a full-length debut, the brilliant Soviet Director Elena Klimova. The film tells the story of a boy who is unjustly expelled from the camp, and he secretly stayed there. His friends have to protect the guy from the evil administration.

Children and adults had seen the film. If for young spectators it was a picture of friendship and camaraderie, the adults were easily gladiali in the story is a satire on the Soviet double standards and bureaucracy. Perhaps the tape would not come out in wide release. Soviet censors would not allow the viewing of such a provocative picture. But "good" for the movie was given by Nikita Khrushchev himself. By the way, the head of the CPSU Central Committee was removed from office a few days after the premiere of the film.

9. Stuffed1983

Rolan Bykov known as the greatest comedic actor and Director, but it put the Soviet poignant drama for children "the Scarecrow". The picture of the girl who took someone else's betrayal and became an outcast who is bullied, to have the choice to not gained popularity among the audience. On the contrary, the film was condemned for cruelty that children can display.

Opponents of the picture, occupying the 9th place in the list of the best children's films of the USSR said that the Soviet Union did not have such bullying their peers over their peers, and the film provokes the public. But they had nothing to oppose to the author of the book "Scarecrow", which was filmed painting, that he wrote his creation on the basis of what happened to his granddaughter's events.

8. The elusive Avengers. Trilogy1966

If you thought that the trilogy started shooting in Hollywood, I dare to disappoint you. Long before "Lord of the rings" and "Matrix" Edmond Keosayan made three films about children fighting in the Civil war.
If the painting "Ivan's childhood" was filmed about children for adults: characterized by gloom and cruelty. In this trilogy all the way around. Morals here is much less than the crazy and funny adventures that happened to the guys.

In the Hollywood tradition, the third part of "Elusive", which occupies the 8th place of the top best children's films, turned out much worse than the first two.

7. Guest from the future1985

The words of the song "Beautiful far" is familiar to all inhabitants of Russia, whose age exceeded 20. Despite the gaining momentum of the internal processes within the country, which led to the collapse of the Communist ideology, the picture is one of the best children's films, instantly received cult status. Actress Natalia Guseva has become the most desirable girl of the Soviet Union. And the role of the robot Evgeny Gerasimov, thanks to its brilliant performance, won a seat in the City Duma.
But the main winners were screenwriter and author of the original Kir Bulychev and film Director Pavel Arsenov, well-known fairy tale "the King stag".

6. You can not dream1980

In the Soviet movie first love showed up in a joking manner, like, it's not real feelings, but only echoes of experiences. But in the film "You can not dream" all the way around. The film tells the story of high school students who are in love with each other. The plot of the film, occupying the 6th place of the top best children's pictures were taken from the book by Galina Shcherbakova "Roman and Julia," which she wrote, inspired by the story of Romeo and Juliet. To avoid analogies with Shakespeare, the filmmakers changed the names of the main characters. For example, Julia became Katya.
16-year-old schoolgirl played 23-year-old Tatyana Aksyuta. But the senior actually played a high school student. According to experts, Nikita Mikhailovsky coped with his role at the professional level, not shared by many actors of the era.

5. The adventures of electronics1979

Mini-series about the friendship of a boy and a robot occupies the middle of the list of the best children's films of the USSR. Stunning soulfulness the story of Electronics is loved by all viewers of the Soviet Union. And the theme song "Winged swing" instantly POPs into my head at the mention of the names Syroezhkin. Interestingly, the film is set in Moscow but filmed "electronics" in Odessa. It's not like the audience, who knew very well the capital.

4. Moscow-Cassiopeia1973

In Soviet films of the astronauts were portrayed as superheroes without fear and without reproach. And it was not surprising, because after the war, the heroes of the country were the representatives of this profession. Only Tarkovsky in "Solaris" dare to imagine a astronaut person with their fears and weaknesses. The rest of it was forbidden. But the Director, Richard Viktorov brilliantly out of this situation and sent him to conquer the space children. In the picture, occupying the 4th place of the list of the best children's films of the USSR, there is a place for jokes and scientific observations, fears and feats. It was the Soviet response to the American "Star trek", where, sometimes, the adult characters behave like children. Here is the opposite.

3. The adventures of Pinocchio1975

Every American viewer watched at least once a cartoon of Pinocchio, shot by the great Walt disney. In our country, about a wooden boy, too, but it differs from its American counterpart. The two-part musical about Pinocchio, who took the bronze medal best children's films, is familiar to every resident of the Soviet Union. And the song "BU-RA-ti-but" instantly became child hit. Interestingly, the role of Basilio cat and Fox Alice was played by Rolan Bykov and Elena Sanayeva, as husband and wife. And turtle Tortilla was supposed to play Faina Ranevskaya, but it didn't happen. The woman was afraid for their health, because the shooting took place in the distant Belarusian Republic.

2. The Kingdom of crooked mirrors1963

The film Alexander Rowe and steeped in Communist pathos. So it looks now with such sensations as before. But still, the filmmaker has made a colourful movie with great actors.

The film, who took the silver rating of the best Soviet children's paintings, takes place in a world of distorting mirrors where everything is distorted, represented the opposite. Slim is shown here well-fed, evil-good, high-low. Girl Olya gets in this world where he is faced with his double, embodying all its worst qualities. Looking at myself and analyzing my own shortcomings, she, with her stand-in, saves the inhabitants of the Kingdom from the evil aristocrats.

1. The adventures of Petrov and Vasechkina, ordinary and improbable1983

Path to the big screen for Petrov and Vasechkina was unusual. These characters mark sandrich originally invented to jumble. Guys so the audience liked that it was decided to launch a feature film about the adventures of students. Two-part Comedy immediately received success with mass audiences. A year later came the continuation of painting, the leader of the ranking of the best children's films of the USSR, "Vacation of Petrov and Vasechkina".

Music from the films enjoyed no less popularity than the films.

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