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Elite premium handsets


Superior smartphone to date is equipped with the best fillings, presented in the form of a powerful processor, large operational and permanent memory, as well as the characteristics of the battery and display. Such devices are a maximum of a thousand dollars. Another thing is the premium handsets. Elite premium handsets are much more expensive. And we are not talking about a couple thousand dollars difference — the account goes on millions.

10. Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone300 thousand dollars

Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone. It's not the most expensive, but still an elite phone. He came out long ago and at the time created quite a noise. He refers to generation of the devices were on the move even before smartphones. However its release still continues under the order. The cost is three hundred thousand dollars. In functionality and appearance about the device such not think. But the price is justified. Indeed, in the joystick device encrusted with real black diamonds. On the rear panel of the same black diamond features a beautiful engraving of the logo of Sony Ericsson. As for system parameters, the device operates on the OS from Microsoft. The phone is controlled by the buttons and the screen is made of polycarbonate glass.

9. Vertu Boucheron Cobra310 thousand dollars

Vertu Boucheron Cobra. The device was the most popular phone of the era of black-and-white screens. Cost this device at the time 310 thousand dollars. The meaning of the cost was in the serpent, which was decorated with a front panel of the device. The snake was made of gold, and his entire body was encrusted with sapphires. Eyes cute snake was made of emeralds. Overall, the phone its worth the money. However, few people used it for its intended purpose, because the snake on the front panel is very much disturbed to attach the phone to your ear and hold it in my hands. Not to mention the dial and use other functions on the device. All of these phones was released 8. So at the moment it is exclusive and collectable phone.

8. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot is $ 1 million

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot. It was another flagship premium among the phones of the era of push-button devices. Around it created a lot of noise, as the price was a record at that time stood at one million dollars. The name of the device clearly highlighted this, because in most casinos in Las Vegas jackpot was exactly a million. Such cost is justified by use in the creation of the body of a rare black diamond. And it here very much. Almost the whole body is represented in the form of strips of the usual yellow gold and black diamond. And to create a back cover developers used the wood of the bicentennial tree. Besides the keyboard is completely made up of sapphires.

7. Diamond Crypto Smartphone300 thousand dollars

Diamond Crypto Smartphone. This push-button the smartphone was created in the Moscow jewelry firm in cooperation with American developers. The main innovation of this phone in its time was the ability to encrypt data on messages, calls and user data on a 256-digit code. However, the cost of the phone is one million three hundred thousand dollars not unique at the time properties, and from 956-carat platinum, which made the whole body. Besides, to be considered a premium phone Diamond Crypto Smartphone allows up to 50 diamonds that adorned the device.

6. GoldVish Le Million $ 1 million

GoldVish Le Million. This phone is premium, you could buy in packages of three types of gold (white, yellow and pink) 18 CT. But the price is a million dollars and a place in the Guinness book of records phone received not only because of the gold case. The apparatus inlaid with diamonds. Later the price rose to one million three hundred thousand dollars. Swiss designer, known for its jewelry works, the back cover of the machine covered in crocodile skin. Fame phone also brought its unusual shape, something like the handle of a dagger, or a banana. In Russia this phone is sold even online retailers smartphones.

5. IPhone 3G King's Buttonis 2 million 410 thousand dollars

IPhone 3G King's Button. When creating this phone premium designer went the furthest and made the casing from an alloy of all three types of gold (yellow, rose, white). The phone was created in 2008 by Australian jeweller, having at that time a 10-year experience in this field. The smartphones of this manufacturer and so are very popular, and here a sparkling big and small diamonds dream of fans of "Apple". Home button IPhone 3G King's Button is replaced by a huge diamond, and the display 138 is framed with tiny stones. Price, of course, relevant: two million four hundred ten thousand dollars.

4. Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G3 million 200 thousand dollars

Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G. In the Wake of the IPhone 3G King's Button in 2009 saw the release of another phone premium Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G. Unlike its predecessor, the housing of the smartphone is made from a solid piece of gold of 22 carats. Further, according to a well-known scheme is the "Home" button a huge gemstone and encrusted with 136 diamonds display frame. The price of this masterpiece made three million two hundred thousand dollars. The price can be increased at the expense of ordering special packaging made of solid granite weighing seven kilograms, and the interior is made of fleecy leather.

3. IPhone 4 Diamond Rose $ 8 million

IPhone 4 Diamond Rose. The jeweler that worked on this smartphone, did not significantly change the appearance of the phone, that was recognizable manufacturer. But despite this, the smartphone immediately got into the Guinness book of records as the most expensive phone premium. In a phone encrusted with 500 diamonds, total weight of which reached one hundred carats. 53 diamonds adorn the logo of the Apple company, the rest are placed in the outer frame of the phone. The smartphone is estimated at eight million dollars, the primary value of which is a pink diamond weighing 7.4 carats. Despite the exorbitant price, and all copies were sold out.

2. iPhone 5 Black Diamond $ 12 million

iPhone 5 Diamond Black. The more popular the iPhone became, the more attention jewelers he honored. The smartphone is the fifth series of this manufacturer has also become one of the premium phones. At this time the creators were definitely aimed at record, and in the end price of the device $ 15 million 300 thousand rubles. The bulk of the cost is a rare black diamond, which is itself separately is worth 12 million U.S. dollars. It is attached to a single button. In addition to his case a 53 600 medium and small gems.

1. Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone $ 40 million

Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6. This device is an absolute record for the price of premium handsets. The price of it is astronomical and is 95.5 million dollars. Such a huge price was due to a huge pink diamond on the back panel of the device. He alone is worth more than forty million. In addition, the entire housing is made of 18 carat gold. But it is expensive not only the device itself. Only some three hundred thousand, of course, dollars you can buy him headphones.

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