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Top 10 best comedies of all time


There is a category of films that are never boring and fun are viewed by the entire family. There is no doubt that "Love in the city", "Toy", "can Not be", "Hot heads", "Love and pigeons" ─ ribbons that are fun to watch a dozen times, but there are real gems of Comedy, to compete with which can only units. Presenting the TOP-10, which includes the best Comedy of all time.

10. What women want

10th place – is the picture "What women want" with Mel Gibson in the title role. The film is deservedly considered to be one of the best comedies in the history of American cinema. The Chicago hunks and lady killer Nick Marshall is in good standing in one of the leading advertising agencies, it is expected to increase. But fate confuses the card, and takes his place ... a woman. During the first job the new boss happens to him an accident ─ an electric shock, after which he gains the ability to hear women's thoughts. It turns out that he never knew women really. Will the main character find the answer to the question: "What do women want?", having this gift, as you use it and what will prevent him to realize his evil plan?

9. The diamond arm

9-th place among the best Comedy movies is "the diamond arm" by Leonid Gaidai. A constellation of Soviet actors starred in this film. The main character semen Semenovich Gorbunkov, played by Yuri Nikulin, in pursuit of smugglers, hiding in his plaster cast jewelry.

Many aphorisms have appeared thanks to this Comedy, they are used to this day in everyday life.

8. Home alone

8th position is the Comedy "home Alone", which attracted a record for the genre worth the rental Desk at 476.6 million dollars. The film's protagonist is 8-year-old Kevin, by coincidence, is left alone in his house for the Christmas holidays. At this time, the robbers trying to get into the home of his family. Precocious child puts around the house traps, arranging the bandits a decent reception.

A landmark was the scene of the struggle of Kevin from the wet bandits before Christmas. It clearly traced the biblical motives, and the Comedy can be interpreted as the Christmas story told in a modern way.

7. Good luck gentlemen

At the 7th place ranking of the best comedies in the world were the tape of Alexander Gray, "Gentlemen of fortune". One of the main characters, the head of the kindergarten, becomes a double criminal authority and arranges an escape from prison in order to help the police in search of the Golden helmet, unaware that he is on the verge of death.

Brilliant acting is admirable, even after 40 years after the release of the tape on the screens. And how many of aphorisms gave us the Comedy!

6. The taming of the shrew

6-th item of the list of the best comedies ─ "the taming of the shrew" with Adriano Celentano and Ornella Muti in the lead roles. The film centers on the story of 40-year-old rural bachelor of Elia, which is rough in nature and boorish behavior towards women. Rainy night in his house accidentally stopped Lisa Silvestri. A young girl, no matter what, trying to tame the brute.

5. Mask

5th place is the Comedy blockbuster "the Mask" Director Chuck Russell. Shy clerk Stanley Ipkis (Jim Carrey) falls into the hands of the mask of the God Loki, and in his life there are dramatic changes. He becomes a Mask ─ fearless man with a green face who the strength not only to win his girlfriend, but to become a real fighter for justice. That's just the mask need not to him alone!

4. Taxi

In 4th position is the world star of Comedy French film "Taxi" Gerard Pires. Fate brought freak racing taxi driver-the reckless driver Daniel and policeman-loser of Duty. To avoid jail, Daniel agrees to help the police in apprehending dangerous criminals on "Mercedes". To the end not clear, whether it is.

The combination of speed and specific French sense of humor keeps the viewer in a state of tension. It's no wonder all 4 parts of "Taxi" is recognized odnimi of the most successful films of France.

3. Prisoner of the Caucasus, or Shurik's new adventures

3rd place goes to the wonderful Soviet Comedy of all times "the Caucasian captive, or Shurik's new adventures" by Leonid Gaidai. The story played out in the Caucasus, where is the cute klutz Shura to collect folklore. As a result of deception gangsters, he becomes involved in the kidnapping "of the athlete, excellent student and a beauty" Nina. But realizing that made a mistake, the guy decides to snatch his beloved from the clutches of criminals, and the girl herself is not sitting idly by.

Originally the film was banned. Permission to gave Brezhnev after a casual viewing. Interestingly, the performer of the role of Nina, Natalia Varley, failed to name his heroine. In the Comedy Nina says the voice of Hope Rumyantseva.

2. Bruce Almighty

2nd place ranking at the world-famous American Comedy "Bruce Almighty", filmed by Director Tom Shediac in 2003. The role of the protagonist Bruce Nolan, played a wonderful comedian Jim Carrey.

Before us is the story of a reporter whose dreams of advancement and the work of the presenter. Habit to lament the fate leads to the fact that God makes it powerful and gives power. With the help of new forces Bruce to quickly restore order in his personal life, takes up the desired position. Over time, he realizes that to help everyone become happy is impossible, but for him personally, happiness lies in ordinary everyday pleasures.

During the filming of Jim Carrey saved the colleague on site Jennifer Anniston when it during a strong gust of wind began to fall camera crane. In Egypt, the Comedy "Bruce Almighty" was banned due to religious motives.

1. In jazz only girls

1st place TOP 10 best comedies of all time gets a stage Director and producer Billy Wilder "In a jazz only girls" the famous Marilyn Monroe in the lead roles. In the story of two young unemployed musician Joe and Jerry witness the massacre of Chicago mobsters. Smart guys dress up in women and are part of the jazz band under fictitious names Josephine and Daphne. Over time, Joe falls in love with the soloist of the orchestra of the darling, and Daphne-Jerry's millionaire Osgood. By coincidence, the hotel where they were staying, came with mafia goons. The finale of the Comedy promises to be interesting!

Gold reserves comedies constantly updated, but the tapes will always be samples for modern Directors and writers, the admiration of present and future generations, the classics ─ eternal.

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