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Erich Maria Remarque: the 10 best works


Erich Maria Remarque, the famous German writer, whose works too if you have not read, heard something about them just every. Most of the works Remarque tells the story about the war, so I need to tune in a serious mood, often turning into tragic. On the pages of the novels of Erich Maria presented the fate of ordinary people. Often the prototype of the main or secondary character is the writer himself, incidentally, a member of the First world war. Your attention today we provide a list of the 10 best books of Erich Maria Remarque.

10. Arch

For the first time this book was published in 1945 in the United States, while the homeland of the great writer's work was published a year later. The readers of the USSR was able to see the novel only in 1959 in the journal "Foreign literature". "Arch of triumph" tells us about the period of life in France, the German immigrant by the name of Ravic and his beloved Joan. The action unfolds in the late 30-ies of the last century. The war separates a few of the main characters forever – Joan receives a mortal wound, and Ravic falls into the clutches of the police, because living in Paris illegally. By the way, the prototype of Joan is Marlene Dietrich, with whom he cohabited remark just in France.

9. Black obelisk

The first edition of the "Black obelisk" was released in 1956. In the novel involve events that are unfolding in Germany in the early 20's, the period when fascism in the country was just beginning to gain momentum. As for the plot, the "Black obelisk" also radiates positive rays. The protagonist of the book acts Ludwig Bodmer, he is involved in the firm involved in the sale of tombstones. To get a free lunch, Ludwig worked in a psychiatric hospital, where he played the organ. By the way, the remark at the time was doing exactly the same, so the hero is a direct reference to the writer's life. The fate of the mentally ill Ludwig connects with Genevieve, and they even fall in love. However, to build relationships of characters does not work – the girl begins to see and doesn't remember anything from a past life.

8. The spark of life

Almost the only work of our ranking, where does not appear the writer through the fictional characters. However, on the pages of the novel there is a character whose prototype was the sister of Erich Maria Elfriede. She, in fact, dedicated to the "spark of life". The basis of the novel went the tragic events in the life of elfride. In 1943, a woman was arrested for anti-Nazi agitation. The court immediately recognized Alfredo guilty and elected as a preventive measure, the death penalty. The judge, incidentally, in passing sentence, referred to the Remark. The verdict was given in December 1943, however, the writer found out about his sister's death only after the war.

7. Time to live and a time to die

The novel "a Time to live and a time to die", published in 1954, is anti-war. The action takes place in Nazi Germany 1944 year, where one platoon is fighting the main character of the novel – soldier Ernst Graeber. After executing the order to shoot partisans Ernst gets 20-day vacation, during which returns to his hometown. There He sees a ruin, almost all the houses are partially destroyed. The hero meets a girl named Elizabeth, between flashes sense, and they expect to meet at the end of the war. However, to happen it's not going – at the end of the novel He is shot by one of the suspects in partisan activities.

6. Gem

About this product the world learned after 28 years after death Note. Only in 1998, "Gem" was published, although written novel was one of the first. The fact that the debut book by Erich Maria "Shelter of dreams" flopped in sales, and the writer decided not to give wide publicity to their next job. Named novel the name of the main heroine – a girl Gem. She travels the world in search of his love. Gem managed to visit in Vietnam, Paris and Singapore, however, find her beloved and could not. Remark in this work talks about how a woman can be independent from many factors, but depend on the male part of the world.

5. Love your neighbor

Work on writing the novel "Love thy neighbor" remark ended in 1939, when the work was in the magazine "Colliers". A separate edition of the book was published in 1941. The events of the novel unfold in Europe, barely departed from the First world war. In Germany, the authorities increasingly sneaks the Nazi party, leading to removal from the country, a huge number of Jews. They become immigrants, their presence in other countries also does not cause anything positive. To obtain a residence permit is almost impossible, and the right to work can not even dream of. Despite a very difficult situation, people do not get disappointed and continue to love life – this is the main idea of the novel.

4. The night in Lisbon

This novel is one of the latest works of Note and the last published during the writer's lifetime. A separate edition of the book "the Night in Lisbon" was held in 1962. The novel tells the reader about the episode from the life of a refugee, who, along with his companion named Ruth wants to get a U.S. visa and the tickets for the boat. Once the hero meets a stranger who agrees to provide a pair of treasured kvitochki in return that will be heard throughout the night. The stranger tells the story of his own life, which is a tragedy, not only personal, but also a tragedy for the whole of Europe, had already drowned in fascism.

3. On the way back

We know that most of the books Remarque tells the story about the war. It is not surprising, because the writer's life came from both world wars. However, in the novel "On the way back," Erich Maria leaves the theater of operations, placing the reader in the first years of peace. Main theme of the work is the life of the soldiers of the past war. What became of their native homes, from the family who is still alive and where he is now... And the most important question – how now to live by himself, for a long time verissima the fires of the boiler under the name of war? On the pages of the novel presents all answers in the form of a narrative about the destinies of different people who fought for one idea.

2. Shadows in Paradise

In fact, "Shadows in Paradise" is a shortened version of the novel "promised Land", but these works are distinguished. In a reduced format published latest creation Remark was only after his death in 1971 (sponsored by the writer's widow). As for the plot works, the eyes of the reader here are the fate of people trapped by the war in hundreds of kilometers from home. In particular, vividly describes the period of their life in the US, when staying there seemed to be a Paradise on Earth. However, not everyone was able to cope with psychological trauma caused by the war.

1. The promised land

The novel "the promised Land" in its full version was introduced to the world in 1998. Officially recognized work incomplete. As mentioned above, the work of Remarque tells us about the fate of refugees. These people are completely different, but they have one common hope someday to be back in her home. The war left an indelible mark in everyone's life – some drink too much, others commit suicide, others become forever confined and alone people. Amid the tragedy in the novel develops the story of the genuine love and true friendship. It is considered that the prototype of the history became a real relationship Remark with Natalie Paley.

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