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10 movies like "Fight club"


American film "Fight club" one of the most well-known films of Director David Fincher. The film was based on the book by Chuck Palahniuk. In the 1990s he caused a great public resonance. In the newspaper the New York Times published an article where Dennis lim has called the cult film of the time. It was played by such stars as Edward Norton, brad pitt. And, although the author later said that "Fight club" is a serious film made by unserious people, viewers believe that the picture is one of the best, not inferior to the novel.

For those who want to watch films like "Fight club", pay attention to the following picture. Most likely, many of them you already watched, but if something is missed, you will have the opportunity to fill this gap.

10. Shutter island2009

It is an American Thriller, the main role in which played Leonardo DiCaprio. Directed by the legendary Martin Scorsese. The film tells the story of how two Federal Marshal sent to the island where they keep the criminally insane. By the way, the original title of the film "Shutter Island", which translates as the island of the Tent. The word "shutter" means a locked or closed. They need to figure out where the missing a dangerous criminal, a murderer, escapes from the hospital. During the investigation starts strong hurricane. Patients, taking advantage of the situation, begin to rebel.

9. Mind games2001

An unusual film about a young genius John Nash, played by Russell Crowe. By the way, he received the "Golden globe" for this role. And the film was able to win four Oscars. Interestingly, the picture was taken in the book by S. Nazar, who told her about the life of a real person, John Forbes Nash. The film tells the story of how a brilliant young scientist becomes ill with paranoid schizophrenia. Disease jeopardizes his future, relationship with family and friends.

8. Remember2000

It's the American detective, directed by Christopher Nolan, with guy Pearson in the lead role. This painting was included in the list of 250 best movies, compiled by the Internet Movie Database. The film's protagonist Leonard Shelby wants to find the killer of his wife. But it is not so easy to do, because he suffers from anterograde amnesia, ie remembers all no longer than 15 minutes. So he has to leave herself notes, reminders, photos. He has assistants, but can we trust them?

7. The game1997

A psychological Thriller by the legendary David Fincher with Michael Douglas in the lead role. The film's protagonist – a successful businessman Nicholas van Orton. He had enough, life is not happy. Father Nicholas had once committed suicide at the age of 48 years. As many years have passed and the main character. On his birthday he receives from his brother weird. Is a certificate from a firm offering its clients to play the Game. From this day begins a series of adventures.

6. Seven1995

Another film by David Fincher, starring roles in which she played brad pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow, Morgan Freeman. The picture tells the story of two detectives leading the investigation. There was a series of murders. Was seen one feature. Each death involved with another mortal sin. After the release of the film "Seven" became one of the favorite films of millions of viewers, did not disappoint and critics. They noted Director's work, praised the performance of the actors. It's an exciting picture with a surprise ending.

5. The sixth sense1999

Mystic film of the Director M. night Shyamalan with Bruce Willis in the lead role. In 2000, won 6 awards Oscars, including the award for best film. Won prize of the British Academy for 2000, best film, plus several awards. This is a story about a child psychologist and the psychiatrist Malcolm Crowe, who tries to help his 9-year-old patient, Kolulu Siero. The boy has an unusual ability: he sees ghosts.

4. 12 monkeys1995

It's a fantastic movie, dystopia directed by Terry Gilliam. The main role in the film played by Bruce Willis and Madeline Stowe. It has brad pitt, he received for this role "the Gold globe". In the picture many other prizes and awards, including two Oscar nominations. 2035. On Earth a rampant virus which destroyed almost the entire population of the planet. Convict James Cole must travel back in time to prevent the beginning of the epidemic.

3. Region of darkness2011

The Thriller, directed by Neil Berger. It starred Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. The film is about a writer, Eddie Mora, who agrees to take the pills NZT, which increases the efficiency of the brain. This medicine changes his life. Full of loser he turns into a rich, successful person with infinite possibilities. But there are new problems.

2. Dirt2013

It's a black Comedy, which was filmed by English Director Jon S. Baird, with James McAvoy in the title role. He played Bruce Roberson, a detective working in the detective police of Edinburgh. The main character wants to raise as his fellow competitors. To hold this position, Bruce needs to successfully conduct an investigation to find the murderer of a Japanese student in an underpass. But he instead decides to humiliate and expose opponents, intriguing, consume alcohol and drugs. Also he has constant hallucinations, which Bruce regularly visits the doctor. The film is based on the book by Irvine Welsh "Shit". The author himself admits that his Bruce no positive traits. It's hard to sympathize with, but the film turned out grandiose. In 2013, the film received many awards, and James McAvoy was named best British actor of the year.

1. Mulholland Drive2001

This psychological Thriller has received 33 awards. David Lynch, who directed this picture, was named best Director at the Cannes film festival. He also wrote the script of the film. Initially it was a pilot episode of the television series for the television network ABC. But the customer rejected finished material. Then the Director dosnyal a number of scenes and made the movie, loved by not only the audience but also the critics. The main lead was Naomi watts. She plays Betty Elms, aspiring actress went in Los Angeles. In her aunt's apartment she meets a girl who has lost her memory. Betty tries to figure out what kind of trouble was her new friend.

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