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The 10 best films from the filmography of Tom hardy


British actor and producer Tom hardy – one of the most popular stars of Hollywood cinema. Is the winner of the BAFTA (British Academy of film and television arts) and was also nominated for an Oscar. The popularity and love of the audience the actor won thanks to the film Stuart: Past life (2007), Bronson (2008), Warrior (2011),the Dark knight: the legend (2012) and many others. Filmography Tom hardy has more than 50 paintings in which he participated (sometimes in the title role) or acted as a producer. We selected 10 of them.

10. Bronson2008

In the film, hardy played the role of prisoner Charles Bronson. The real name of the criminal Michael Gordon Peterson. He was born in a prosperous, wealthy family, but despite this became a repeat offender. Most of his life he spent in solitary confinement. His criminal career began with the robbery of the post office. Then Bronson commits legal misconduct, which leads to the thirty years ' imprisonment. A rebel in the prison arranges a fight with the guards, which caused by long-term imprisonment in solitary confinement. In the lonely, gray walls of the prison, he wrote poems and paintings.

9. This means war2012

The plot revolves around a love triangle, where two friends Frank and their shared lover. They were the best CIA agents and best friends, yet between them stood up she Guys forget about the past friendship and begin to fight for the woman he loves. But at the end of history and Frank and understand that nothing is more precious than friendship and offer the girl to make a choice in favor of one of them.

8. The legend2015

In this film Tom hardy played the main role as twins Reggie and Ronnie Kray. The brothers Cray is a cult figure in the criminal underworld, which in the 60-ies of the last century, led one of the most famous gangs of the East End. In their submission, the city committed murder, assassination, theft, arson. Their victims were even such crime bosses as George Cornell and Jack Mcvitie. They own popular night at the club, which attracts Hollywood stars sometimes. Ronnie has psychopathic tendencies and is under the strict supervision of his twin brother.

7. Survivor2015

The main role of this movie played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom hardy. The picture is presented in 12 Oscar nominations. In the film hardy plays the ruthless killer, the villain of Fitzgerald and presented by a person who is devoid of all moral principles. The hunters are attacked by a bear and seriously hurt the glass. Fitzgerald and her partner, cast die friend in the harsh natural conditions and saved themselves. Lust for life empowers wounded to survive. The only one that now wants the glass to get to the Fitzgerald and for all to avenge him.

6. Mad Max: fury Road2015

Max – a former police officer held captive by powerful factions. It is used as a blood donor. Once the group is attacked by rebels led by warlord-woman Furioso. Max joins the rebels and run with them. They are pursued by the tyrant, who seized the Citadel, nicknamed man: the immortan Joe. The picture was nominated for an Oscar as Best film.

5. The dark knight: the legend2012

Eight years pass as Batman left the city. The hero was forced into hiding, taking the blame for the death of district attorney Harvey dent. Will return it forces the emergence of Bane, turning monstrous activity in Gotham, cutting it off from all over the world. And only Batman can stop the Almighty villain.

4. Warrior2011

Tommy Riordan is a former marine, is coming home. He turns for help to his father, who prepared him for the biggest tournament on fights without rules. Meanwhile, his brother Brendan decides to return to sport and participate in the same tournament. Past brothers carries a lot of recriminations and resentment. Now they will meet together in the ring, and each of them determined to win.

3. Wuthering heights2009

The story of the film begins with Mr. Earnshaw had sheltered in his house a homeless boy named Heathcliff. Daughter Cathy Earnshaw found in the person of the brother-friend. And his son Hindley disliked receiver family soaked and fierce hatred to him. Children grow up, Hindley is sent to school, and grown-up friends even more closer together and feelings erupt between them. But the lovers ' happiness will prevent prudent Hindley, who separates them. Time passes, and Heathcliff returns to revenge step-brother and return to Katie.

2. Brothers in arms2001

The events in this serial film takes place during the Second World War. In training camp, military training a group of volunteers. Every day is filled with severe trials. In case of disobedience to a soldier faces massacre. Patriotic recruits stand mount for one another and to endure all difficulties. They are ready to sacrifice their lives for our neighbor. Soon they will participate in operations Market garden and the battle Estonskoe that will bring a lot of fight losses.

1. The beginning ofthe year 2010

In this film Tom hardy played the role of a professional thief Eames, who is a member of the Cobb group and can create any image. Cobb is the leader of a team of spies and is able to extract from the unconscious man secret valuable information. Special gift turns it into a valuable the offender, and on the other hand denies everything that was dear to him. In his latest case he's going to redeem himself, and instead of stealing ideas together with your team to introduce it in consciousness of the person. In 2011 the picture was nominated for an Oscar as Best picture and took in ratings from the leading movie websites leading line.

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