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Filmography Javier Bardem. Top 10 best films


Javier Bardem is one of the most well-known Spanish actors. The main reason for such popularity is its ability to transform in a completely diverse roles. In almost every movie he amazes his fans with a complete transformation into a new character, which is a little similar to the previous one. As a result, the filmography Javier Bardem has dozens of paintings, and he personally collected many awards in various film festivals. We have collected the TOP 10 paintings in which, in our opinion, Bardem as deeply revealed their characters.

10. Raul in "Ham, ham", 1992

This dark Comedy was the beginning of a star career of Javier and his future wife, Penelope Cruz. This tape is a kind of survey of male chauvinism and eroticism, but it is not devoid of sensual romantic experiences.

Bardem in the film plays the role of Raoul – hot macho man who tries to seduce a normal girl, working at the factory (Penelope Cruz). Raul is a lingerie model and is involved in the Spanish Rodeo, but his career constantly hampered his turbulent love Affairs.

Despite the fact that the role of Raoul was minor, it was the first famous work of the actor, and Javier Barden is very afraid that the role of a sex symbol will be a red thread through his entire filmography. Fortunately, his fears did not materialize.

9. David in the "flesh"1997

Following their outstanding work in the filmography of Haviera Bardem was the role of the erotic drama, filmed Pedro Almodovara. As in "Ham, ham" painting is dedicated to the erotic attraction between people, but it has a deep philosophical subtext and vivid allusions conducting an Association between the human body and a piece of fresh meat.

David is a COP, confined to a wheelchair as a result of street skirmishes. He has a caring wife (Francesca Neri), who has a secret affair with the man who shot her husband. Both feel in the marriage as in a trap, and the minor chord of the tape is a bed scene, revealing the helplessness of David and infinite tenderness his wife.

Javier carefully prepared for this role, as she allowed him to part with a reputation for cinematic macho and prove to the public that he can be a serious dramatic actor.

8. Juan Antonio in "Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona"2008

The story is about the journey of two American tourists in Barcelona where they meet up with a hot Spanish lover Juan Antonio, who feels attracted to both of them.

The situation is complicated by the fact that it still has complicated feelings of love for his ex-wife Maria Elena (Penelope Cruz). All members of this romantic Quartet of experiencing different fears, passions and hopes which are associated with a single question: "What is love?".

During the development of the plot of the film the viewer realizes that the next macho filmography Javier Bardem is an immature person who desperately needs protection and support.

7. Reinaldo arenas in "Until the night"2000

This tape revealed the talent of Barden to the world and allowed him to become the first Spanish actor who was nominated for an Oscar.

The plot is based on the biography of Reinaldo arenas, a Cuban writer who was a homosexual. For their sexual preference, this man was subjected to persecution from the Castro regime, and even served a two-year jail term. Javier Bardem managed to complete his filmography masterful performance as a young, talented men at the same time attracted, a sensitive perception of the world, acute despair and exultation.

6. Benito Gonzalez in the "Golden Eggs"1993

This tape relate to the period the filmography of Javier Bardem, when he was the acknowledged Spanish sex symbol.

Benito Gonzalez – ambitious engineer, possessed of the ideas of building a giant skyscraper that is explicitly associated with phallic symbol. His uncontrollable sexual desires often cause it to do strange things and the audience is in the middle of the picture is beginning to understand that this behavior must lead to disaster.

A feature of this role, Bardem is the fact that sexuality, which was the subject of many of his works in the "Golden Egg" develops into a pathology, broke the life of the character.

5. Santa in "Sunny Mondays"2002

In the dramatic Comedy directed by Fernando Leon de Aranoa follows the adventures of a group of friends who all fired together with a shipyard. The film touches the heart strings of many viewers, as with a similar situation faced almost every.

Bardem plays the role of the informal leader of this small company, which tells all about his dreams to leave the country and start a new life. But his friends are not even aware that Santa has already resigned itself to its own fate. This role in the filmography Javier Bardem is the most socially acute, as it forces the audience to think about their place in a capitalist society.

4. Uxbal in "biutiful"2010

Another major role in the filmography of Javier Bardem, who tells about a depressed migrant cancer patients. The main problem of the picture is the attempt of the protagonist to find a guardian for his children who will soon have to lose a father.

The picture is overflowing with darkness, yet the character of Bardem finds his life to a place of love and beauty, who are forced to coexist with horror and despair.

Despite the fact that the picture is rather Arthouse, it was well received by the mass audience, primarily due Studio game Javier, who is fully able to convey the emotions of his character.

3. Silva in "007: coordinates "Sciwora""2012

The Director of the next film about James bond chose Bardem for the role of chief villain for the reason that great the Spaniard is able to fully give yourself to the role and play it, and become its own character at the time of filming.

The image of a former agent of MI6 who has a strange tendencies and compulsive consuming by revenge was added to zamechaniya Javier, who proposed some valuable ideas for its appearance.

Javier Bardem added to his filmography with another unexpected role and proved to myself and to the world that he is one of the most diverse actors of our time, which equally well can play not only in romantic comedies and serious dramas, but in the grossing blockbusters.

2. Ramon Sampedro in "the Sea inside"2004

"The sea inside" is the second autobiographical picture in the filmography of Javier Barden tells the story of 30-year struggle with his own body paralyzed ramón Sampedro. Hard fate of this man is unique in the circumstances that he has long fought in court for the legalization of euthanasia and in the end was able to realize his dream.

Bardem, who almost throughout the tape expresses the emotions of his character only through speech and facial expressions, was able to convey the phenomenal experience and the inner world of Ramona that allows the viewer to fully understand the depth of his despair.

Unfortunately, amazing acting Barden wasn't even nominated for an Oscar, but she brought him another award of the Spanish film Academy for best actor of the first plan.

1. Anton chigur in the "Old men"2007

The Coen brothers have their own unique style that has enabled Barden to once again live a life completely unique character.

Anton chigur professing the existential belief that life is a succession of coincidences and completely devoid of meaning, is the epitome of obsession own purpose.

Character Spanish masters of the acting business is recognized as one of the most terrifying villains of modern cinema, making Anton chigur pearl filmography of Javier Barden. Many critics recognized this role in the career of Javier. The only drawback is the small amount of screen time allotted to that embodiment of evil that makes many fans of the Barden to review the tape again and again.

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