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Movies and TV shows similar to "Very strange things"


Serial is the brainchild of brothers Duffer, which under his auspices has released Netflix, made a lot of noise in the first season. Audiences worldwide fell in love with the mysterious, with a slight touch of gloom to the atmosphere, and of course the charming girl Audie in the performance of young talents Millie Bobby brown. The second season of "strange cases" only cemented the success of the show, so the third season, which will be released in the summer of 2019, is expecting more than one million fans. To months before its release has been going on for so long, we offer you the top ten films and TV series, similar in spirit to the "Very strange things".

10. Super 82011

American fiction, shot George. John. Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg. Already this is enough in order to entice potential moviegoers, however, the picture attracts not only big names of the creators. The plot tells about the events in the small town of Lillian, Ohio. Here a bunch of teenagers decides to make an Amateur zombie movie, and in the process they become the witnesses of the accident on the train tracks. At first glance this is a typical accident, but some of the circumstances of the accident, coupled with the mysterious disappearances convince the guys that around there is something wrong. The law of the genre, their suspicions are true. Creepy and sinister, not allowing it to break away from the screen when viewing.

9. It2017

Adaptation of the novel by Stephen king from Director andrés, Moscetti, which became the highest grossing horror movie in the entire history of American distribution. The story revolves around seven children, which is terrorized by a mysterious creature, feeding on their fears, disappointments and pain. Clown Pennywise will turn their lives upside the head and force you to relive the moments of horror that can be felt even from the screen.

8. Secret materials 1993

The first season, released in the already distant 1993, in a literal sense "turned the game" by setting new limits of the genre. All that is removed on the topic of sci-fi now, one way or another imbued with the spirit of "Secret materials". Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, the role which was played by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, are investigating the incident, on the verge of human understanding. Mulder unreservedly believes in the existence of alien and supernatural forces, while Scully on the contrary, strongly denies this. In the course of the work they have to deal with the investigation of such events, which gradually destroys any skepticism. But the truth is.. the Truth is out there.

7. Alien1982

The film was shot and produced by Steven Spielberg, and one of the key roles is played by a very young drew Barrymore. Her character along with a brother and sister meet an alien who had not managed to leave the planet with his team. It is harmless, sweet and good-natured, so easy to find a common language with children. Thanks to the kindness that permeated the film, it just as easily finds way to the heart of the viewer, for which deservedly has received 4 awards "Oscar".

6. Fringe 2008-2013

In the world of this series are happening miracles, but the cause is not magic, but science. To slightly mad scientist Walter Bishop, nothing is impossible: to revive the dead? Will do. To read thoughts? Can be arranged. To move to a parallel Universe? Well, buckle up and fly! Helping to investigate the intelligence services, he and his team solves any task, no matter how complicated and impossible they may seem.

5. Darkness2017

This is the first series that Netflix took off in Germany, and judging by his success — obviously not the last. The events unfold in 2019, when, in the little town of Winden disappears with two children. It completely changes the measured life of four families, exposing their skeletons in the closet. The action takes place not only in our time, but the flashbacks brings us to the 1953 and 1986, where they live, the same characters, but played by different actors. A complicated story with a small cliffhanger at the end of the season — just what the doctor ordered.

4. The Goonies1985

The story of a group of children who decided to save his small town in Oregon from destruction. Their goal was to find ancient treasures, which according to legend, in these places buried in the XVII century pirate named one-eyed Willie. The story, written by Steven Spielberg later turned into a script by Chris Columbus, for whom this was one of the first major works in the movies.

3. Dreamcatcher2003

Another adaptation of the work of Steven Spielberg with a great custom: Timothy Olyphant, Damian Lewis, Thomas Jane and Jason Lee. They play four friends who received a reward for his courage supernatural forces with which they have to confront the evil gathering over them. This adult, sometimes harsh movie, as evidenced by a rating of R. Despite the commercial failure (with a budget of $68 million, the film grossed worldwide total of $75 million), among fans of horror "dream Catcher" is very popular.

2. Summer 842017

The film tells the story of four teenagers who in his 15 years decided to do a dangerous, but interesting: the search for a serial killer. Maniac keeps at Bay the whole neighborhood, but feeling the support of each other, boys do not hesitate going on the trail, which unexpectedly leads them to the house of the local police. It is respected by all the townspeople an officer, but suddenly under the mask of a crime fighter evil lurks?

1. Special midnight release2016

The main character is named Roy (played by Michael Shannon) learns that his son is not an ordinary child and he has supernatural powers. This is also know members of the sect and government agents, and now everyone wants to get ability boy in their hands. Father and son have to go through many trials on the way to salvation, but as it turns out — it was worth it. The picture deservedly earned the love of the audience and has a 84% "fresh" on the website Rotten Tomatoes.

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