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Top 10 best food for cats super premium


A distinctive feature of the best cat food is super premium is their undoubted benefits, as they have a unique optimally balanced composition, in which the presence of natural meat products, vitamins, minerals necessary for growth and full development of your pet.

Cats unlike dogs are 100% carnivores, they need, if not the mice and birds, then at least a healthy alternative. That's why conscientious veterinarians do not tire of repeating: feed your pet correctly – no curds, bananas and a cheap dry food. When choosing food, the rating of the brand is not important, look for an independent analysis of the feed. Criteria and comparison tools should be clear and objective. As an example, an online analyzer feed http://feedsmart.ru

According to the survey the team was able to rank the best premium food from different manufacturers.

10. Bozita (Sweden)

In retail the product is available dry feed and natural food. Swedish premium food opens the top ten, but, nevertheless, popular. Part in addition to the natural meat components are vitamin fillers, proteins, taurine, ballast substances. It is considered a hypoallergenic food, because it does not contain flavor enhancers, colorings and flavorings.

9. Acana (Canada)

Among the cat food is super premium is considered fully balanced diet. The uniqueness of the composition lies in the presence of meat ingredients, vegetables, fruits, cranberries, seaweed, polyunsaturated fats, and proteins. The regular power feed of the manufacturer strengthens the health of cats, increases energy, promotes rapid growth and proper development.

8. Arden Grange (England)

A wide range of English manufacturer includes dry food for cats, super premium, a composition which contains only natural products and suitable for Pets of different breeds, ages and temperament. The products are of high nutritional value and easy digestibility, so the saturation of pet is quite a small amount of feed.

7. NERO GOLD super premium (Netherlands)

A wide range of products Dutch manufacturer presents the therapeutic cat food super premium. The products are positioned as the ideal balanced diet for normal Pets, and for cats with digestive disorders with allergic diseases and with weakened immune systems. The composition includes proteins, vitamins, minerals. In the list of products includes meals with meat chicken, Turkey, venison, lamb, fish. The products are manufactured in the form of dry food, canned food, meat cocktails.

6. Orijen Cat (Canada)

Of all the cat food super premium only canadian products are of unique composition, which includes only organic products. The perfect complement can be considered proteins, vitamins, fatty acids, micro and macronutrients. Without exception, the products of this series are complemented by pietravalle who like mustaches favorites. Presents a wide range of feeds for Pets of different breeds and age categories.

5. Franks Pro Gold (Holland)

Developed by Dutch experts food enjoys unquestionable popularity among the cat food super premium. A wide assortment of food for common animals, pregnant cats and kittens as well as Pets tend to be overweight.

The composition of the feed included meat, poultry, fish, lamb, chicken liver, and veggies, fish oil, and other useful items. Feed intake Franks Pro Gold helps to strengthen bones, cartilage and joints, and strengthens the immune system of the pet.

4. NOW Natural holistic (Canada)

The following line among the cat food is super premium is powered by canadian manufacturers. Range of natural diet products is a diet of meat products with vegetables. Food suitable for both healthy animals and kittens, weak and pregnant cats.

Sales are feed with meat duck, chicken, Turkey, trout and salmon. Enriched with fresh vegetables, they are a perfect balanced diet to provide the daily requirement of cat body essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

3. Pro Plan (USA)

In comparison with cat food premium product company Purina is a perfectly balanced food for baleen Pets. It is highly digestible, so if you use a small amount of feed pet quickly eats. Among the wide range of these products can pick up food for the pet of any age. The main feed ingredients are slices of meat, vegetables, rice, cereals, vitamins, minerals. The company's specialists have developed a special therapeutic food for cats with weakened immune systems, and digestive disorders.

2. Royal Canin British (England)

Second place in the ranking of premium cat food is food from the British manufacturer. This product consists of natural ingredients, including pieces of meat or chicken, animal fat, necessary proteins and vitamins.

Regular eating this food allows you to preserve the muscle mass of your pet, and strengthen bones and joints. In addition to the dry dog food manufacturers began producing food for pregnant women, the sick and handicapped cats and milk for kittens the first two months of life.

1. Almo Nature (Italy)

The leader of tens is considered a luxury food from the Italian manufacturer Almo Nature. It is universal, as is suitable mustachioed four-legged of all ages and breeds. Pregnant cats and kittens too weak to receive benefit and pleasure from the unusual taste.

Almo Nature cat food is high (50-70%) content of meat. The product line includes dry and wet food and canned food. Gourmet made meals with meat chicken, Turkey, duck, rabbit, beef, and fish and seafood. Recently, the company began to produce and vitamins for adults cats and kittens.

All of these feeds belong to the category of easily digestible and have an affordable price, the only choice is for the pet owner.

Selection criteria of high quality food for cats

The modern market offers a wide range of cat food, and sometimes it's very difficult to opt for any particular products. Therefore, before buying you should pay attention to the information stated on the packaging:

  • the composition of the feed, which depends on the quality and price of the product;
  • the meat content of any kind will not less than 26%;
  • the presence of other sources of protein compounds (by-products, fish);
  • in the presence of specific components in the form of bone meal, preservatives, colors, flavors – their percentage.
  • The presence on the packaging of abbreviations AAFCO suggests that the food is extremely balanced, has a high nutritional value, and approved by the Association for the control of product quality in America.

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